There is something magical to capture every single moment going on in the world around you in just a single shot, even better with Samsung Gear 360. Along with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, Samsung also launched the updated version of the first 360-degree camera with 4k resolution and Live-Streaming functionality. To lift up the performance of any device, there are always some accessories play an important role.

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If you are thinking about picking up the Gear 360, you may want to check out some of best Samsung Gear 360 Accessories to enhance the performance of the device. Let’s find out what Gear 360 accessories you may want to attach with your device.

Best Samsung Gear 360 AccessoriesBest Samsung Gear 360 Accessories

Here are some of the best Accessories for Gear 360

#1. Samsung Gear 360 Value Pack Kit

Samsung Gear 360 Value Pack KitSamsung Starter Kit Stand for Gear 360 includes a longer tripod, Bluetooth Remote Control, Quick Release Mount, and Quick Release buckle. The longer tripod kit stand can capture unforgettable moments with from higher perspectives. It includes Bluetooth remote control to capture on-the-go moments easily. You can easily manage your Gear 360 device with one hand by the remote control and keep your device safe while doing other activities. It also includes a flat and curved mount to capture the flat surface such as wall or ceiling, you can also attach to the helmet and car dash.

Price: $87.94
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#2. Holaca Silicone Protective Lens Cover

Holaca Gear 360 Silicone Protective Lens CoverHolaca Lens Cover is one of the best protective case and lens cover for Samsung Gear 360. There is always need a cover to protect your camera lens. So the Holaca Lens Cover can provide great protection for the Gear 360 lens when you are not using it. It is made from high-quality silicon which offers the soft touch. You can easily install and remove the cover whenever you want. The case and lens cover are durable and strong enough, so it provides long-lasting protection from scratches and drops.

Price: $10.99
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#3. Hermitshell Protective Case

Hermitshell Protective Case for Gear 360

Hermitshell Protective Case is made of hard EVA material to protect your device from bumps, dents, and drops. It is specially designed for Samsung Gear 360. If you are a traveling addict and want to take the Gear 360 along you then this must be the right choice for you. The case is also known as Hermitshell Hard Travel Storage Carrying Case Bag. The case is now only available in black color.

Price: $14.99
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#4. GoXTREME Premium Hard Shell Travel and Storage Case

GoXTREME Gear 360 Premium Hard Shell Travel and Storage CaseThe GoXTREME Premium Gear 360 Storage Case is made of a dense and injection composite plastic to protect your Gear 360 camera from drops, dings and blunts forces. It is specially designed for Sports Action Cameras and accessories so they can easily use it while traveling. This case is perfect for on-the-go traveling and storage. It has two padlocks to lifeguard your device every time. It also has Customizable Foam interior to designed separate compartment of your camera.

Price: $24.99
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#5. EEEKit Ultra-Portable Mini Tripod

EEEKit Ultra-Portable Mini Tripod for Gear 360The EEEKit Mini Tripod is one of the essential accessories for your Gear 360 camera to capture a stationary shot. It is a compact, lightweight, and ultra-portable table top tripod with telescope tube. You can also attach to the monopod for higher elevation and better views. The multi-purpose removable telescope cube provides multiple angle view by adding height. The rubber coated legs anti-slip feet aid grip offers stability while capturing an image. The strong flexible legs let you easily adjust the camera and capture better photos and videos.

Price: $12.97
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#6. Kuxiu Dual Battery Charging Port Charger Dock for Gear 360

Kuxiu Dual Battery Charging Port Charger Dock for Gear 360It is not possible that you are always at the right place to charge you device, sometimes when you are out of town then you need a good battery charging port to power up your device. So if you have a Samsung Gear 360 and looking for a great battery charger dock? Then Kuxiu Dual Battery charger is the best option for you. It can charge you 360 faster and the automatic constant current control system protects your battery from overcharge, overvoltage, and short circuit. It is integrated with smart LED indicator to show the remaining power.

Price: $15.99
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#7. Holaca 360 Cam Selfie Set for Samsung Gear 360

Holaca 360 Cam Selfie Set for Samsung Gear 360If you want to capture an amazing selfie with your Samsung Gear 360, you are in luck. Now you can click selfie on your Gear 360 with a Holaca Selfie Set. This set is one of the comprehensive selections of accessories for 360 and it covers you every selfie requirements. The Quick Release Mount and Base provide easy adjustability to your camera. It integrated with a flat and surface mount to use it in several capturing environment.

Price: $17.99
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#8. Holaca Silicone Protective Skin case for Gear 360

Holaca Silicone Protective Skin case for Gear 360The Holaca Protective Skin is mad of silicon material that provides good stability and shrinkage to your Gear 360 camera. The silicon material is non-toxic and a not hazardous to the environment. Its soft silicon is lightweight so you won’t need to take the extra weight. It is the perfect protective case for your Gear 360 camera to cover the lens of the camera. The high-quality silicone is soft to touch and easy to install and remove. The case is also durable and washable so it offers long-lasting protection for the camera and lens, it also works better to protect from scratches and drops.

Price: $14.99
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We hope that you have got the perfect accessory for you Samsung Gear 360 camera. If you have some Gear 360 accessory in your mind, then feel free to tell us through the comments.