Choosing a right protective and the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 case cover is not easy.

There are plenty of options to pick the case. The case must have a different style, high quality, long-lasting materials, and the affordable price. To combine all these and picking up the best case for Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 create the confusion between quality, a pricing, and styles.

To avoid this confusion, I have created a list of Galaxy Tab S3 Cases and Cover. These cases are the Best fit for the Galaxy Tab 9.7 inches screen.

Now, let do not wait more and check out these awesome Samsung Galaxy Tablet S3 Cases and Covers.

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Cases and Covers

Galaxy Tab S3
Cases & Covers
Ivso Ultra Lightweight Slim Cover Case
Lioeo Kids Friendly Case
Procase Stand Folio Case Cover
Vostrostone Semi-transparent Smart Cover Case
Pasonomi Lightweight PU Leather Folio Case
Hotcool Auto Wake/Sleep Folding Case
Belk Flip Stand Case Cover
Www Cover with Card Slots, Note Holder, and Quality Hand Strap
Sikye Sikye Slim Stand Leather Cover Case
Fyy Premium PU Leather Case Stand Cover

#1. IVSO Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Ultra Lightweight Slim Cover Case

First thing first, lets us start this list of suggestions with one of the known brand IVSO on which you can trust. This galaxy s3 tablet case looks great, and it gives you five different color options as well.

The color options are red, black, blue, green, and white.

If we just go by the looks, we can easily conclude: This case is the best fit for 9.7 inches sizes s3 galaxy tab.

Features of IVSO Case Cover

  • The premium quality of PU leather.
  • Clubbed with microfiber interior will add comfort to your Galaxy Tab S3 9.7.
  • The additional layer of protection.
  • This case protects Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab from shocks, scratches, and dust.
  • Made from lightweight material.
  • Not so bulky and easy to carry.
  • Scientific design, which will let you have comfortable viewing all the time.
  • Precise cuts for easy access to all the buttons and ports of the Tablet.

#2. Lioeo Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Kids Friendly Case

We all want that kids don’t break any gadget they play with. The same thought I have, while picking up this Lioeo Galaxy Tab S3 Case for Kids.

This case is specially designed for kids and off-course for those parents, who give a tab to their children to play games, to learn some good stuff, to watch a video and lot more.

But what if your child drops your galaxy tab? It may get broken, right?

Do not worry. This Lioeo’s is specially designed to protect Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from any damage while kids play with it.

Features of Lioeo Case Cover

  • The case made from dense, heavy duty EVA foam.
  • Lioeo’s case protects from high-end drops and shocks.
  • Light Weight, so it is easy for the kid to move around.
  • Dual purpose carrying handles to carry and stand Galaxy Tab S3.
  • This case provides great viewing and typing support.
  • Precise cuts make sure an easy access to all the buttons and ports.
  • A wide range of bright and lively colors
  • Added advantage, the design of a case with liked by kids.

#3. ProCase Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Stand Folio Case Cover

An exclusively designed case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from ProCase.

It takes care of almost all your needs without making any fuss.

You can get multiple viewing angles whenever you want to and also get a document or card pocket inside it which makes it even better.

The design and the colors offered are classic and it best suits with the professionals.

Features of ProCase Cover

  • The construction of this case is solid.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will remain safe even from falls and drops.
  • The design is exclusive.
  • Get easy access to all features like cameras, ports, speaker, and buttons.
  • The main component of this case is leather.
  • ProCase is offering stylus pen with this case which you can put in the inbuilt elastic pen holder.

#4. Vostrostone Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Semi-transparent Smart Cover Case

One more protective case exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

The weight of this case is very light, and it is semi-transparent as well, which means that it is easy to carry and almost keeps the original look of your Tab going.

Features of Vostrostone Case Cover

  • The foldable front flip.
  • Perfect viewing angles.
  • Lightweight.
  • Premium quality PU leather.
  • Microfiber interior gives double protection.
  • Precise cuts will provide easy access to all the controls and features.

#5. PASONOMI Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Lightweight PU Leather Folio Case

PASONOMI is one of the known brands when it comes to gadget protective case.When you pick this case, you will feel that it is a folio case, but it is a protective case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

This company has specially designed case cover for Galaxy S3 Tab. They have made sure that the user of this case feel comfortable and can carry his/her Tab easily.

If you are planning to pick this case, then I am sure you will feel that it is a folio case, but it is a protective case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Features of PASONOMI Case Cover

  • Slim Profile Case Cover for S3 Tab.
  • Easy to carry.
  • The material is a hardback with premium quality PU leather.
  • Strong enough to protect the Tab from damage.
  • The inner of the case is microfiber.
  • Keep the screen and body of the Tab scratch-free.
  • The case is also dirt and dust proof.
  • The inbuilt folio style stands to watch videos and for better typing experience.

#6. HOTCOOL Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Auto Wake/Sleep Folding Case

When you give a look at this case from HOTCOOL, you will know why the product is named in such a way. The design of this case is “hot”, and the overall product is really “cool”.

Although the case is available in black color only it looks so great that if you are a professional, then it will only add value to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Features of HOOTCOOL Case Cover

  • Outside of this case is made from PU leather.
  • It is solid against high-end drops.
  • The soft microsuede interior will prevent screen of Tab from scratches.
  • This cover is thin, and hence it adds nothing to the actual weight of Galaxy Tab S3.
  • The case is also good looking and stylish with a guaranteed all around protection.
  • Give the highest quality protection to your gadget against daily wear and tear.

#7. BELK Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Flip Stand Case Cover

An entire tailor-made case for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is here.This case’s base material is PU leather, and it has some of the best finishing and a vibrant texture which makes it look great. Not only that there are six different colors, but you can also choose from which adds more to its beauty.

This case’s base material is PU leather, and it has some of the best finishing and a vibrant texture. The case is good in looks, and I am sure it be a fashion icon of your style as well.

You can pick this best Galaxy Tab S3 case from six different colors and textures.

Features of BELK Case Cover

  • Made premium smooth PU leather.
  • Long lasting material.
  • The case protects Tab’s full body.
  • With the use of this case, Tab is free from any scratch, dust or dirt.
  • This case gives full access to headphone jack, charging ports and all other functional buttons and ports without removing it.
  • With so many colors on offer and also contemporary design, you can carry this stylish case anywhere, doesn’t matter whether the user is a male or female.

#8. WWW Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Cover with Card Slots

In this list of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 cases, there are few covers have a base material of PU leather.

This case too has the same material, but it has a different design altogether. The simple stripe right in the middle of the case makes it look aristocratic, doesn’t matter which color out of five choices you pick up.

Features of Www Case Cover

  • The best feature of this case is that it automatically wakes or puts your device into sleep mode when the lid is opened or closed.
  • The case is slim and lightweight and thus adds no bulk to your device.
  • The precise cuts give easy access to all ports and controls.

#9. Sikye Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Sikye Slim Stand Leather Cover Case

One more protective case which has a unique design for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

But what makes it different than the rest Galaxy Tablet S3 cases?

It is attractive colors.

All seven colors which Sikye are offering are very dark, and I feel that they took care that such colors attract both males and females equally.

If I talk more about the material, then it is a combination of PU leather and plastic. This combination allows easy cleaning especially inside of the case which won’t allow any scratch on the screen.

Features of Sikye Case Cover

  • The special and inbuilt magnet lock which will give extra protection to Galaxy S3 Tab from falling.
  • Folding the front cover will give two different standing positions
  • Ease to watch videos and playing games.
  • The flexible exterior of PU leather provides perfect protection against shock, dust, scratch and other damages.
  • The cutouts are so precise that you need not remove this case to access any of its ports, sensors, buttons or speakers.
  • For excellent protection from accidental bumps and falls, this case seems to be perfect on all counts.

#10. FYY Galaxy Tab S3 Case – Premium PU Leather Case Stand Cover

Another great looking protective case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 which can become very popular among the professionals due to its unique design.

There are seven different colors from which you can pick your case. The combination of PU leather and soft microfiber interior will provide a firm grip and durability.

Features of Fyy Case Cover

  • Inside this case, there are card slots where you can carry your business card, credit cards and Cash.
  • The inbuilt magnetic strip will provide auto sleep and wake feature to Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.
  • A Tab will wake up automatically when you open the flip and sleep when you close it.
  • The design is exquisite.
  • Perfect for professionals.
  • Very light in plus weight.
  • Carry it anywhere you want to.