Are you a water sports freak? Then we are sure that you will love these suggestions to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof cases and covers as it will give your smartphone the complete protection. Apart from solving your worry about water safety for your phone, these cases will also protect it from dirt, dust, and shocks as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using any of these best Samsung Screen Protectors, the front of these waterproof cases will always keep the original touch sensitivity and also the liveliness of pictures. All in all these waterproof cases can give you one-stop solutions.

10 Best Waterproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8

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#1. Temdan

The Temdan waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like just another protective case, but actually, it is a special waterproof case. What makes this waterproof case more interesting is that it also comes along with a sturdy kickstand, so when you are not in water, you can enjoy videos and movies with hands-free comfort.

Features of Temdan Waterproof Case

  • This 2-in-1 protective case can protect your smartphone not only 10 feet under the water but also while you are busy in outdoor activities as well.
  • One of the safest waterproof case around because it has passed test more than 1000 tests of more than one hour’s usage.
  • Super slim body adds minimal bulk to your smartphone and covers the entire body of the phone allowing you easy and safe use.
  • The front cover has an inbuilt screen protector which has a crystal clarity and can also prevent scratches without compromising the touch sensitivity.

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#2. Mangix

This Mangix waterproof case made for Samsung Galaxy S8 will not only guard the smartphone from water, but also from snow and dirt as well. It is IP68 certified waterproof case which means that it has passed thousands of stringent tests before getting approval. What’s more, you can select your waterproof case from plenty of color options offered by Mangix.

Features of Mangix Waterproof Case

  • Exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy S8, so each button, control and port like mute, power, volume and touch ID will work correctly.
  • Tested for the waterproof compatibility for two hours under the water and it will protect your smartphone from water and rain.
  • Use your smartphone while it is inside this protective case when you are underwater, swimming or diving.
  • The shockproof design is also tested from 6.5 feet, and that will save your phone from shock and drop and even against heavy dust, snow and dirt.

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#3. Skygoushop

This is a new brand, but it is offering a great waterproof case carved just for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Like many other waterproof cases, this waterproof case from Skygoushop also protects your smartphone from snow, dust and many other harmful elements, apart from the water itself as well.

Features of Skygoupshop Waterproof Case

  • The case covers the smartphone entirely hence there is no chance of rain, dirt or snow entering in this instance and harming your phone.
  • This strong protective case can also protect your phone from steep drops as it has cleared a rigorous drop test from 6.6 feet.
  • Don’t mind taking your smartphone covered with this waterproof case till 6.6 feet under the water and that too for one hour.
  • Select from five vibrant and attractive color choices like Black, Blue, Pink, Red, and White and make your smartphone look different than others.

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#4. Meritcase

Designed precisely for Samsung Galaxy S8 and that is why this waterproof case from meritcase includes plenty of merits with it. You will see that the phone is fully covered when it is in this case, and there is no chance that even a single drop of the water can enter it. So, feel safe and check its other advantages.

Features of meritcase Waterproof Case

  • This waterproof case has exceeded the IP68 standard, and the smartphone wrapped inside this case can remain safe even under 33 feet water for two hours!
  • The unique screen protector prevents any scratches on the screen without leaving the original sensitivity and clarity of pictures and videos.
  • The back of this case is made from TPU, and thus it can absorb any shock or drop which may occur even from 33 feet height.
  • Ultra- light and slim body provides layers of protection and adds a small weight to your smartphone which should not bother you at all.

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#5. Perstar

You can easily distinguish your smartphone if it is covered by this Perstar waterproof case. There is a digit ‘8’ embossed on the back of this case which not only part of its design but it also makes it look different and much more attractive as well. If you want to buy a waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8 which is sturdy and also good looking, then take a look at this case.

Features of Perstar Waterproof Case

  • Apart from being waterproof, this case can definitely keep your smartphone from dirt, dust and even snow, so take your phone anywhere without any fear.
  • The Perstar waterproof case also handles the unexpected shocks and drops with ease so that you will get the best protection against such harmful elements as well.
  • Made from the top-quality material and design to match the contemporary fashion and it is also easy to handle and also easy to install and remove.
  • Has IP-68 Protection Ratings which means that it can keep the smartphone safe under 6.6 feet water for at least 30 minutes.

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#6. MoKo

Now let us turn back to the good old pouch designed waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8, presented by a renowned brand MoKo. It is very heartening to see that many users of this waterproof case have given their positive opinions along with high rankings to it and hence we can trust this product for sure.

Features of MoKo Waterproof Case

  • This is a universal case so if you have more smartphones at home apart from Samsung Galaxy S8; also you can use this case to protect them from the water.
  • Extra space is given to carry your credit or debit card, ID, cash, key, coins, etc. when you are swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling or doing any water related activities.
  • Get extremely sensible touchscreen experience even when your phone is locked inside this waterproof case, and thus you can use all its functionalities like photography, videography or checking emails, text easily.
  • This waterproof case can protect the Samsung Galaxy S8 till 98 feet under the water for at least 30 minutes.

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#7. Leewa

When you have a first look at this Leewa waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8, you might mistake it as a clear case, but actually, this case is produced to protect your smartphone from the water. Because the material used in this case is clear in nature, it keeps the original look of your smartphone going.

Features of Leewa Waterproof case

  • The waterproof case from Leewa is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S8, and hence it will not obstruct the front and rear cameras of it.
  • This protective case has passed the IPX-8 quality test, and thus your smartphone is safe not only from water but dust, sand, and dirt as well.
  • Get the 360-degree protection as it protects the core openings of the phones which include volume controls, power button and of course the headphone jack.
  • Unique open and lock design will keep your smartphone safe inside the case, and you have a worry-free surfing, swimming, fishing, skiing, climbing, rafting, hiking, and camping.

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#8. Wimaha

This Wimaha waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8 is also a clear looking case, and thus you will always have the original look of your smartphone. This protective and waterproof case is also extremely lightweight, and hence it will not add much bulk to your phone’s weight, and you can carry it easily.

Features of Wimaha Waterproof Case

  • This waterproof case exceeds IP68 standards, and you can even dip up to 2 meters without worrying anything about your smartphone.
  • The Wimaha waterproof case is designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 only, and hence it has precise cutouts, tactile buttons and also Iris recognition Touch ID for the quick response.
  • The material used in this case is shock resistant PC which will give toughest possible protection against any drops, crashes or bumps.
  • Wimaha also offers a lifetime hassle-free warranty so that you can buy this waterproof case with confidence and trust.

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#9. Ubeesize

No matter whether you are under the water, or in dusty or out there when it’s snowing, if your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is protected inside this Ubeesize waterproof case then you have absolute no need to worry about your smartphone as it is perfectly protected inside the case.

Features of UBeesize Waterproof Case

  • When boxed, your smartphone will get the complete sealed protection, and hence you can submerge as deep as 6.6 feet with your smartphone when it is covered with this case.
  • All buttons and controls lie touch ID, volume button, power key, camera and charging port are easily accessible.
  • The snap design with two front and back covers makes it easy for you to install and remove this case.
  • The touch sensitivity will remain the same with inbuilt screen cover of this case, and it will also give you a clear display always without any air bubbles.

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#10. Ace Teah

Finishing this list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof case with another old-fashioned pouch styled waterproof case, and this time it is from a known brand Ace Teah. Over 1400 satisfied customers have given their positive reviews and rankings for this waterproof case.

Features of Ace Teah Waterproof Case

  • Select your waterproof case from many color choices offered by Ace Teah which are attractive and also vibrant.
  • The dual swivel lock and sealable closure clip design will give you a friendly experience when diving, swimming, and other outdoor activities.
  • You can also carry your ID, credit or debit cards, cash, MP3 player, keys without any fear as this pouch is extremely water resistant.
  • You will not find any difference either in the touch sensitivity or also in the crystal clear picture quality when your phone is packed inside this case.

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Sure, you will like these suggestions to buy best Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof cases. Do give your feedback here in the comments section.