Samsung’s next-gen smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus hit the market. A lot of people have got the latest Samsung smartphone on their hands. After spending a few weeks with the new model of the South Korean Manufacturer, we are here with some handy tips and trick of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+.

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Samsung’s latest devices thrilled everyone with it the beautiful design that we haven’t seen yet. Both new devices are running Android 7.0 Nought with the most recent edition of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on the top of the device. Some of the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus features are clear, but there are still some Galaxy S8 or S8 + hidden features that Many of us are not aware. Fortunately, here is the list of some coolest Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus tips and tricks that you should know about.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Tips and Tricks10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

#1. Customize Navigation Buttons

Samsung has finally grown his hand and moved on-screen navigation button. It means that you can now customize it as per your preference. Now you can change the Android layout of back home overview by going to Settings → Display → Navigation Bar, here you can modify the background color of the navigation bar.

#2. Enable fingerprint/face/iris security

The fingerprint sensor, face recognition, and iris scanner are most amazing things that Samsung has added in its next-gen device. You can enable it by heading into Settings → Lock screen and security → screen lock type. You will have to set an alternative PIN or passcode at the same time to add more security to your device.

#3. Adjust icon size in the home and app screen grid

If you want your smartphone’s home looks systematic, then you can change icon size in the home and app screen grip by pressing down from on the Home screen panel. Tap on Home screen settings and then customize the Home Screen Grid. You can select the size from 4×5, 4×6 and 5×5. And you can also change the App Screen Grid to 4×6 or 5×6.

#4. Customize the always on display

If you are using the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, you must be aware that device’s display is always on in a lower mode. It shows time, date, app notifications, and media control on display. So you can customize the display by heading into Settings → Lock Screen and Security → Always on display. Here you can also adjust the clock layout, the color, and background image. You can also set time if you want that feature to turn off after some time.

#5. Enable/Disable or Adjust the Edge Panel

The edge panel on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ device is one of the cool function. The good thing is that you can customize it easily. You can Enable/Disable it in Settings app> Display → Edge screen → Edge panel → choose on or off. If you have enabled it, then you have an option to make it usable on the right or left.

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You can do it by opening the Edge screen and tapping on the gear icon. There, open “More Options” menu by tapping on the three dots icon. Now tap on “Handle setting” and change the position, you also adjust the size, transparency, and vibration over there.

#6. Customize the Bixby button

The ‘Bixby’ feature in the latest Samsung flagship device is not that smart to us it. It works like Google Now, but not that good. There is few handful applications like bxActions, and Bixby Button Remapper are available on Google Play Store those allow you to configure the Bixby button.

If you do not want the Bixby button on your Home screen, then you can enter editing mode by long pressing and empty space, then turn off the switch above the Bixby panel.

#7. Remove icon frames

There are lots preinstalled and third-party apps installed on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus device. They all have their own white circle frames. I know it doesn’t look cool. But you can get rid of that frames around all apps by heading to Settings → Display → icon frames and change it to ‘icon only.’ Now you can see all your apps without frames.

#8. Remove the app drawer

You can remove app drawer and show all your app on the Home screen of the device. You can easily do it by long pressing on the Home screen and then tapping on Home screen settings → Home screen layout.

Now you will get two options-Home and app screen and Home screen only. Right here, you just need to select the Home screen only to show all your app on Home screen.

#9. Select display calibration mode

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ both have hottest design ever. It has some display calibration mode. Adaption mode is the default calibration mode in the device. It includes the custom color slider which changes the color as per your use.

We all know that Galaxy S8 were complaining about the too red display color so that you can change the color with the slider. There are also three more mode-AMOLED photos, AMOLED Cinema and Basic. The Basic mode provides the most precise color to the sRGB.

#10. Use Snap Window to Multitasks

Galaxy S8 and S8 plus running Android 7.0 Nought, so it uses the Android multi-window system. But the great thing is Samsung has added little plus point in the form of Snap Windows.

You can find the Snap button right next to the split screen button on the app card in multitasking edge. When you tap on that it lets you define a section your app that will leave on at the upper part of the device and you can use the lower part of the device to another purpose.

You can use this Snap Windows function to streaming video at the time you want to use another app. it also takes less space, and it keeps the function continue even it loses focus.

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