The recent buzz of Samsung releasing two new smartphones Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will die down soon as it starts shipping those two models and users start receiving them.

But, what will remain is the concern to protect the curvy front of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. So, here I am with the list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen protectors which we choose exclusively for you to protect the device.

Not only the guarantee towards protection of your smartphone, but you will also get the choices about HD screen protector, full covered screen protector, tempered glass, and many options to pick the best screen protector for your Galaxy S8 Plus.

I made sure that you get the choice between various types of material used in the screen protectors. And of course, I took care of price and also the quality of these protectors to make your thought to select and buy it quickly.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector or Tempered Glass

Screen Protector Features
Mothca Full Coverage Ultra Thin Film
Peyou Ultra High Definition
Supershieldz 3D Curved Glass
Lk Full Cover Tempered Glass
Muifa Ultra Clear
Mp-Mall Maximum Protection From Drops
Jdbruian Hd Anti-Scratch Anti-Bubble Film
Tauri Highly Durable And Scratch Resistant
Dmax Armor Scratch Resistant
Deltashield 99.9% Ultra-Clear Hd

#1. Mothca – Full Coverage Ultra Thin Film

Presenting an exclusive screen protector made just for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

You will get three screen protectors in one pack, and you need to pay for just one!

Isn’t it an attractive offer for you?

This screen protector covers the entire front of Galaxy S8 Plus phone. Hence, your smartphone will get a complete protection.

Features of Mothca – Screen Protector

  • Surprisingly this screen protector is neither made from PET film and nor from tempered glass.
  • It is an exclusive product of MOTHCA which is clear, smooth and highly sensitive.
  • Get easy installation and removal from this screen protector.
  • The screen protector offers bubble free installation.
  • In some cases, if you leave the bubble it will heal itself after some time.
  • MOTHCA also offers lifetime replacement warranty with this screen protector.

#2. Peyou – Ultra High Definition

The screen protector from Peyou has the premium quality film. It means that the display of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will always get high protection from scratches and other harming substances.

The protector has a special design so that you can install it easily.

Features of Peyou – Screen Protector

  • Laser cutting screen protector.
  • Easy access to all the major openings.
  • The ultra-thin material will provide real touch feel.
  • Get edge-to-edge protection for Samsung S8 Plus.
  • The scratch resistant coating provides secure freedom from dirt, dust, and scratches.
  • UV protection will keep the film getting yellow in due course.

#3. Supershieldz – 3D Curved Glass

Here I am with the first tempered glass screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

This Galaxy S8 Plus tempered glass is made with the standard 9H thickness. This will give your Galaxy S8 Plus’s screen a complete protection and no edgy substance can make any scratch on it.

Features of Supershieldz – Screen Protector

  • The bubble free adhesive will make sure to get easy installation.
  • After removing the film you don’t get any residue left behind.
  • The thickness of the film is just 0.3mm.
  • Get the super touch.
  • High quality pictures.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating will protect the screen from sweat, oil residues, and also from fingerprint impressions.

#4. LK – Full Cover Tempered Glass

Get two numbers of screen protector from one of the known brands for accessories, LK.

The company also gives you lifetime replacement warranty. Hence, you can use this product without any worry at all.

The screen protector of Galaxy S8 Plus covers the entire front of your smartphone to provide you complete security solution from scratches.

Features of Lk – Screen Protector

  • A superior 9H tempered glass is the main component of this product.
  • Highly scratch resistant and is also shatter proof.
  • Excellent protection from high-impact drops and falls.
  • The oleophobic coating is for preventing any oily substance or dirt or fingerprints, harming the screen.
  • Easy to clean the protector, all you need is a lint free smooth cloth and just wipe off the screen.
  • Get high definition picture quality from this protector as it is very thin.
  • Touch sensitive and fast responding performance with this screen protector as well.
  • It is very easy to apply this film and also easy if you wish to remove it as well.

#5. Muifa – Ultra Clear

If you want to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen protector which is exclusively designed for that phone and it covers the front of the phone, then this screen protector from MuiFa is made just for you.

This protector is made from ballistic glass which has the top quality 9H hardness, so you have the assurance of getting full protection from scratch, dirt or dust.

It is very easy to install and remove this protector but minds you, the protector fits with soft cases only and not with any heavy duty case.

Features of Muifa – Screen Protector

  • The ultra-thin 0.3mm thickness.
  • Reliable and resilient.
  • Full compatibility with your smartphone’s touch sensitivity.
  • Protect high fall or drop.
  • The oleophobic coating will make sure that the screen doesn’t get dirty from any oily substance or fingerprint and it remains easy to clean as well.

#6. Mp-Mall – Maximum Protection From Drops

Another tough screen protector from a renowned smartphone accessory provider MP-Mall.

This screen protector looks different than most of the protectors we provided here.

It has a black outline, and that will give your smartphone an entirely different look altogether.

Features of MP-Mall – Screen Protector

  • Get two number of screen protectors in one pack.
  • Full cover for the front of the phone.
  • Get maximum protection from drops, scratches, and scrapes.
  • Polished tempered Glass.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will get glow after installing Mp-Mall tempered glass.
  • 9H hardness.
  • 99.99% HD transparency.
  • Best for original screen brightness.
  • It sticks to your phone’s screen without leaving any gap or bubble.
  • With this tempered glass, the touch sensitivity of Galaxy S8 Plus remains unaffected.
  • MP-Mall is also offering a lifetime warranty on this product.
#7. Jdbruian – Hd Anti-Scratch Anti-Bubble Film

The corners of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are curvy.

It is critical that the screen protector you chose covers them adequately. But this screen protector for Galasy S8 Plus has precise cuts. These cuts includes curvy corners, and thus you can apply it without any fear of it peeling off.

Features of Jdbruian – Screen Protector

As any other premium quality screen protector.
Offers easy and bubble free installation and residue free removal.The bubble will heal itself after some time, if it leaved at time of installing.

The premium shock-proof material will make sure that any high-end impact or fall do not affect the screen of your smartphone at all.

This HD military-grade film is also UV resistant

It will not get yellow as the time goes.

The anti-fingerprint coating will not only keep the fingerprints away but will also not let dirt, dust or oily residue sticking on the screen.

The film will always maintain clear and enhanced viewing experience.

Get the real touch feeling because this film is ultra-thin.

Made from environment-friendly material this screen protector is perfect for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

#8. Tauri – Highly Durable And Scratch Resistant

This is a screen protector which also covers the entire front of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus including its curvy corners.

You can be assured of getting full protection against scratches always.

What’s more you need to pay for only one film by getting two and that too with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Features of Tauri – Screen Protector

  • The protective film is a product of ballistic glass which will protect Galaxy S8 Plus phone from scratches and also high impact drops as well.
  • The surface of the film has the 9H hardness which means no edgy substance can do any harm to your phone.
  • The screen protecting film is polished to make your phone look brighter, and you will also get 99.99% HD clarity and real touch accuracy.
#9. Dmax Armor – Scratch Resistant

Dmax Armor is known to make some super tough screen protectors across the smartphone brands.

This screen protector is no different at all. Although the protector remains robust against scratches, it is very easy to install it and that too with bubble-free comfort.

Features of Dmax Armor – Screen Protector

  • The 9H toughness of this protector which is the highest means your phone gets excellent protection from scratches and high impact drops.
  • Always get an original touch and also 99.99% HD clarity with this screen protector.
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating ensures fingerprint free protection and also easy to clean.
  • The company provides a kit with this protector loaded with some key instruments like dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free cloth along with installation instructions.

#10. Deltashield – 99.9% Ultra-Clear Hd

DeltaShield is providing an excellent solution to your worries about protecting the entire front of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone.

This easy to install smart film will give you complete coverage of the smartphone and thus it will remain scratch free always.

There will be no bubble when you install this film and even if you leave it by mistake the self-healing technology will make sure that it heals on its own after some time.

Features of Deltashield – Screen Protector

  • Film is so thin.
  • Get the HD quality pictures.
  • Get the original touch feel always.
  • This is a military-grade film, and it is also UV light resistant.
  • Keep the dirt and dust away with this extremely durable film which won’t allow any harmful substance.