There is always a worry when we go to the gym or jogging or running that how can we remain in touch continuously? Even if your smartphone is covered with the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases, you still need to have the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands to protect your smartphone from sweat further.

So, here we are with the best armbands available made just for your Samsung smartphone. These armbands are flexible, comfortable and of course sweat proof. With extra features like key and card pockets, it will take care of your needs when you are working out hard.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Armbands

Tune Belt

#1. JD

JD has a mastery in producing some of the incredible armbands for various smartphones, and now it has come up with a brand new armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. So next time when you go for that morning run in the park or to a gym near for exercise do not forget to place your smartphone inside this armband.

Features of JD Armband

  • Made from a premium quality material, so there is no chance of this armband falling apart when in use.
  • Adjustable strap fastens your phone onto your arm with adequate safety.
  • The touch screen makes easy for you to operate the smartphone even when it is inside the armband.
  • Easy to access the earphone so you can enjoy the music while working out.
  • A special key holder slot where you can even carry some important accessories as well.

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#2. JOTO

The look of this armband made for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will only make you feel that your smartphone will remain safe even when you are going through hard workouts at the gym. It is made from premium lightweight neoprene, so it will not hold any bulk to stop you doing your extreme workouts.

Features of JOTO Armband

  • Compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus so no other smartphone can fit in this armband.
  • The premium neoprene used in this armband is sweat proof.
  • There is an inbuilt key holder, ID, credit card, cash holder to give you extra comfort.
  • Clear and protective screen window for full function of your phone.
  • Adjustable and strong elastic Velcro to fit any size of arm comfortably.

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PASONOMI provides excellent protective gears for many of the current smartphones around. This time they are bringing a special armband for Samsung Galaxy S8. This armband is special because it is an anti-shock protective hard shell armband which is very uncommon for this category.

Features of PASONOMI Armband

  • Fits perfectly to your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and hence it is very easy to operate.
  • It is a rugged armor armband, and thus it gives the toughest protection.
  • Extremely flexible so that different size arms can be fit and the strap is easy to remove as well.
  • The reflective pattern provides nighttime jogging and running protection.

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#4. iMangoo

This is an attractive looking armband from iMangoo because it provides brilliant front and that is why you can easily access all the functions on your smartphone’s screen and not only that this design actually keeps the original looks of your smartphone going. Let us know more about this armband.

Features of iMangoo Armband

  • The size of 7.4″ x 4.3″ gives comfortable atmosphere for your smartphone.
  • Get the best touchscreen experience when you are working out or running.
  • Easy to answer calls, managing playlist or activate stopwatch without removing the armband.
  • The premium material is skin friendly hence you won’t experience any rashes on your exposed arm after using this armband for a longer period.

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Another great looking but fully featured armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is here. Although JEMACHE is not that known brand on Amazon, but if we go through the material used in this armband and the design it is offering, we thought it is worth looking at this product which might suit your need.

Features of JAMACHE Armband

  • JAMACHE has chosen a breathable neoprene to give you complete comfort.
  • The material used is odor-free and extremely lightweight, which allows you great flexibility while working out.
  • The HD transparent front cover will provide ultra-high screen sensitivity.
  • There is a reflective strip printed on the armband so that you can remain visible at the night time also.
  • You can even set your smartphone’s volume when it is inside the armband by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

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PORTHOLIC is providing a great looking and also fully featured armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Although it is a universal armband, but it gives complete flexibility to you when you are exercising and want to use the various functions of your smartphone. Here are some of its main features.

Features of PORTHOLIC Armband

  • The screen sensitivity of your smartphone won’t get compromised as the front cover is made from HD transparent PVC.
  • The skin friendly Lycra and neoprene will keep the soft feeling going during your extreme workout.
  • The armband is also lightweight and feels good wearing experience.
  • It is stretchable and washable with clean water, and an extra fabric layer makes the armband sweat resistant all the time.

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#7. Jarv

A unique sport running and exercising armband is here which is manufactured by Jarv. The special feature of this armband made for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is that it has a neoprene reflector fixed on it so if you like to run at night, early morning or when the light is not right, this reflector should protect you.

Features of Jarv Armband

  • Made from extremely durable material which might feel lightweight while wearing but it will last really long.
  • It can adjust any arm size between 9 to 17 inches.
  • Easily access all the functions of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone.
  • The individual fitting of the protective pouch allows you to read the display easier compared to few other armbands around.

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A unique armband from SUPTMAX for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is made out of a clear scratch resistant material, and hence your smartphone’s screen is extremely safe from scratches, dirt, and dust when it is inside the pouch of this attractive armband.

Features of SUPTMAX Armband

  • Highly sensitive face cover makes it easy for you to access all the touchscreen functions of your smartphone.
  • The material is ultra-thin, soft light and also waterproof because of the Lycra used and that makes it flexible as well.
  • The night reflective feature allows increased visibility during low light or night conditions.
    Select from wide range of color choices like Rose Red, Green, Black and Blue.

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#9. MoKo

We have seen MoKo providing some extraordinary protective cases for many smartphones in the past and now its turn to check MoKo’s armband made for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone. With this extremely sturdy armband, MoKo lives up to its brand image which promises to protect your smartphone when you exercise.

Features of MoKo Armband

  • Keep the immense sweating occurring during an extreme workout in mind and hence your smartphone is fully safe from sweat.
  • The best material used which is also lightweight and that gives you comfort while wearing it.
  • Here is an inbuilt key holder so now no worries about where to keep car keys while you are exercising in the gym.
  • MoKo also offers lifetime warranty along with three different color choices.

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#10. Tune Belt

This is another universal armband in the sense that it can be used by men, women and also teenagers. What makes this Tune Belt armband made from Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is that it is one of the most talked about armbands on Amazon and plenty of its users are giving it a positive review along with high rankings.

Features of Tune Belt Armband

  • A great mate while you are running, jogging or involved in gym workouts.
  • The exceptional Velcro allows the perfect fitting to any size of the arm and hence it is comfortable to wear.
  • The sweat resistant design of the armband wicks away any moisture, and the entrance is designed without any openings as well.

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So, these are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus armbands for you. We are sure you would like to purchase any one of the above as they are super fit for your smartphone’s needs.