Samsung Galaxy S8 has a boundary-breaking design, so its users don’t want to hide the original beauty of Phablet. But, the safety is also the major concern. Considering this, we have gathered the list of best Samsung Galaxy S8 clear cases to showcase the charm of the device without compromising protection.

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You may also like to see our previous list of best Galaxy S8 cases and screen protectors. This exclusive list of clear cases is designed to fit on your Galaxy S8’s beautiful body perfectly. These slim clear cases are the perfect combination of durability and style. Despite being stylish, they are also made to keep your device protected from drops, scratches, and other damages. Let’s move to the list!

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Clear Cases

#1. Supcase

The first clear case for Samsung Galaxy S8 we are presenting is from Supcase, and it can add significant value to your smartphone’s look because it has got a colorful border. You can even decide which color border you wish to apply for your smartphone through four color options like purple, black, navy and pink.

supcase galaxy s8 clear caseFeatures:

  • It is made of High-grade polycarbonate and TPU for maximum protection.
  • It is entirely resistant to scratches.
  • Slim and stylish and hence fits your phone extremely well.
  • The raised bezel keeps screen and lens off surfaces

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#2. Samsung

Yes, the next case we are furnishing is coming right from the horse’s mouth! When a manufacturer of a smartphone itself is ready with its protective case, then you got to believe that the manufacturer has taken extra care while making that case which ultimately gives a long lasting protection to your smartphone.

samsung galaxy s8 ultra slim clear caseFeatures:

  • Get the guarantee of excellence for this clear case from the original manufacturer.
  • A perfect combination of style and durability.
  • Extra layers at the corners and back for extra protection.
  • Adds no bulk to your phone, smooth on your fingers.
  • Four color options to choose from.

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#3. Love Ying

Love Ying is giving us a clear case which has an exclusive design for Samsung Galaxy S8, so it perfectly Fit on your smartphone. Unlike the other clear cases which are made out of polycarbonate and TPU combination, this clear case has a different combo of TPU gel rubber and silicone.

love ying galaxy s8 silicon clear caseFeatures:

  • Because TPU gel and silicon are combined, there is an extra flexibility provided in this clear case.
  • With this clear case, your Samsung Galaxy S8 is fully protected against dirt and dust.
  • Cuts are precise, so you won’t have any trouble accessing all the buttons and ports.
  • The edges are higher which makes the phone totally scratch proof.
  • Its super slim design perfectly fits your device without adding bulk.

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#4. Ringke

Ringke is a brand which everyone respects and when Ringke brings a clear case for Samsung Galaxy S8 then it should have something great to offer right? Yes, we have guessed it right. This clear case certainly has some of the fascinating features which will convince you to buy it.

ringke galaxy s8 clear caseFeatures:

  • Designed in such a way that it will protect the phone and highlight the beauty of it.
  • The dual layers of PC and TPU will give ultimate protection.
  • Laser cut design makes it a clear case for your smartphone.
  • Clear bumpers on the all four corners of the phone will give protection from bumps and high impacts.
  • This Ringke clear case has passed the MIL-STD-810G – 516.6 military drop test.
  • The Active Touch Technology allows easy and natural access to all the necessary ports.
  • Lifted bezels will protect both the screen and camera from scratches.

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#5. i-Blason

Another respected brand is here to present its clear case for your Samsung flagship smartphone. The i-Blason clear case is sleek and has a perfect fit design which means that it is easy to install and remove this case from your phone and it adds no bulk to it as well.

i-blason s8 clear caseFeatures:

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  • Transparent back adds more beauty to your smartphone.
  • The 3H scratch resistant material makes this case a perfect choice for daily usage.
  • Bumpers ensure that no harm is done from any drop or falls.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 only and hence it is easy to access all the ports and buttons.
  • It’s raised bezel keep your device’s screen and camera lens protected from surface contact.

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#6. GeekZone

If you look at this GeekZone clear case for the first time, you would ask yourself a question that whether this case can be called a clear case at all? You are not wrong at all because of its floral design but it is still a clear case for Samsung Galaxy S8, and that is why it is part of this list as well.

geekzone best clear case for galaxy s8Features:

  • The clear case makes sure that it fights with daily wear and tear without any problem
  • The bumper body also will enhance the looks of your smartphone.
  • Flexible TPU will allow smoother installation and feel good on your fingers while holding it.
  • Its ultra-clear transparency reveals and showcases the original beauty of the phone.

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#7. Spigen

There is hardly any person who frequently buys smartphone accessories online, doesn’t know about the brand called Spigen. Pick any accessory, and you will find that Spigen is ready with its own version of it. Over here we are going to select a clear case which is one of the best cases of Samsung Galaxy S8 from Spigen.

spigen samsung galaxy s8 clear caseFeatures:

  • Liquid crystal technology used will provide premium clarity and slim protection.
  • The TPU build your smartphone lightweight always.
  • Reinforced buttons will give a quick response always.
  • Transparent back keeps the original looks of your phone going.
  • The dotted pattern holds it smudge free.
  • Available in three color options, crystal clear, matte black and shine clear.

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#8. Trianium

The Trianium clear case for Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to be quite popular amongst the buyers on Amazon as it has got a good number of rankings there. This also means that we can trust this product and can give the protection of our high-end smartphone to it.

trianium galaxy s8 clear caseFeatures:

  • This hybrid transparent case is a scratch resistant.
  • The integrated ergonomic shock absorbing bumper will give extra leverage to secure the phone from shocks or bumps.
  • The back panel of the case is also hard which means there is an additional protection against unwanted drops.
  • Its specialized coating provides long-lasting protection to your device from scratches and bumps.
  • Its ultra-clear transparent body shows the original charm of your Galaxy S8.

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#9. Case Army

Meet world’s thinnest ultra-flexible clear case from Case Army. Because it is so thin, it will be super fit for your smartphone, and it will definitely not add any bulk to it as well. If we go through this case, we can say that this is a classic clear case made for Samsung Galaxy S8.

case army best samsung galaxy s8 clear caseFeatures:

  • The plastic rubber skin used in this case will reduce the chance of signal loss.
  • Constructed from smooth, treated rubber that resists dirt and stains easily.
  • The high degree of transparency doesn’t change the original look of your smartphone.
  • Shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti-scratch.

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#10. Comsoon

This is another classic clear case which is made by Comsoon for Samsung Galaxy S8. It has visibly raised bezels which mean that your smartphone’s screen is protected even when you put your smartphone upside down. With these raised bezels, the all-important camera is also well protected.

comsoon clear case for galaxy s8Features:

  • Extremely lightweight and thus adds no bulk to your smartphone.
  • Made from the highest quality anti-yellowing materials which will keep the original look going for very long.
  • Highly durable material makes sure that the case itself has a longer life.
  • The extra bumper protection at all four corners provides drop protection.
  • Its precise cut-outs allow access to all buttons and ports easily.
  • Get perfect and firm grip while holding the smartphone.

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Your favorite?

Hope we made your selection of choosing the best Samsung Galaxy S8 clear cases more comfortable with the above suggestions. Once you decide which clear case will suit your needs and purchase it from the options given here, do let us know about it in the comments section here or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.