Although most of the great smartphone manufacturers claim that their smartphones are waterproof, but you can certainly can’t take the risk without being doubly sure. That is why we are presenting a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge waterproof cases. These cases will make you feel secure whenever you are near to water.

Not only water these cases will make sure that your smartphone doesn’t get any harm from any type of liquid. So when you are even partying you can rest assured that it will remain safe from those hard or soft drink splashes as well.

These best waterproof cases for Galaxy S7 Edge are great with those unmatched selfies you wish to take under the water inside your water pool. Not only that you can now take your Galaxy S7 Edge in rain as well. Most of these cases are snow proof as well, so you will get double protection.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Cases

#1. iThrough

Need no worries about the material because this case is made from a top quality and durable plastic and TPU. Now your Galaxy S7 Edge is safe from water, shock, dust dirt, grease, scratches and also heavy drops. So get all in one protection from this case.

With this case, you can take photos in the water because it covers the front and back of your valued smartphone completely and the cover is crystal clear.

So, we can easily say that this case allows every feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and yet maintains a high level of protection. We advise to test this case first before you start using it.

Features of iThrough Case

  • Made from Top Quality and Durable Plastic and TPU
  • Safe from Water, Shock, dust dirt, grease, scratches and heavy Drops.
  • This Case Cover is Crystal Clear.

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#2. Ghostek

Before we get into the features of this waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge we must tell you that this case is one of the highest rated cases on Amazon, so you can understand the level of trust it carries with it. Now, let us know more about this case.

Features of Ghostek Case

  • This case covers the entire smartphone, and thus it remains waterproof, ice proof and steam proof all the time.
  • The material used in this case is highly durable aluminum.
  • Apart from the high-quality material this case also has alloy bumpers which will keep your high-value smartphone safe from high-end bumps and drops.
  • The touch sensitivity of your phone will remain the same even you when you wrap it inside the case, and it is touch ID compatible as well.
  • Get five different and attractive color choices like black, gold, pink, red and silver.

#3. punkcase

This is another famous case on Amazon and let us tell you it looks cool with its five vibrant colors like light green, black, light blue, pink, purple and red. So if you wish to look different in the mass then why don’t you try this waterproof case?

Features of punkcase Case

  • This case designed in such a way that it can protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from each harmful elements.
  • The case has the IP-68 certificate which means that it is waterproof up to 6.6 feet water level.
  • Apart from the water, this case protects your smartphone from dust, dirt and even snow.
  • The military grade ruggedness will make sure that your smartphone will remain secure even from hard falls.
  • The innovative design will protect your smartphone, but it will also allow you to access all the ports and functions.
  • The ultra-slim fit design adds no bulk to your gadget.

#4. Ai-case

What makes this waterproof case from Ai-case is that it is crystal clear and hence it will keep the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge going all the time. Apart from this quality, it covers the entire body of your smartphone to give complete protection against water and so many other harmful factors.

Features of Ai-case Case

  • The swimming lovers must feel happy because this case specially designed for them only.
  • Because it covers entire body ports like charging or the ON/OFF switch and volume control switch will not work.
  • Apart from protection from water, this case gives freedom from frost, dust, sand, snow and shocks.

#5. Ace Teah

This waterproof case from Ace Teah for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the highest number of customer reviews on Amazon, which speaks volumes about this product. If we compare this case to most of the cases we are providing here.

This case is very friendly because it not only protects your smartphone from the water. The material used in this case is very high quality and environmentally friendly. The same material helps the case to retain the soft touch experience of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you wish to take underground pictures while carrying the phone inside this case, then we advise you first to put your phone in camera mode and then place it inside the case, so when you go underwater, the touch will give you direct access to the camera functions.

Features of Ace Teah Case

  • This Case is Conventional waterproof case design, which is pouch like impression
  • Carry your ID, Credit Card, Some Cash or even MP3 player and keys as well.
  • This Case is IPX8 Certified, which means it is heat, cold, and pressure resistant and the waterproof element will allow you to go up to the depth of 15 meters.

#6. Vcloo

Before we move forward, we would like to advise you on two most important things about this case. First of all this case covers the entire body and then it is fully sealed, so you will not be able to access the side button of your phone. Secondly, we advise you to first check this case’s compatibility as a waterproof case by putting something else and once you are satisfied then only put your smartphone inside.

Features of Vcloo Case

  • The highly durable plastic and silicon material used in this case are perfect to keep your smartphone safe from water.
  • The ultra crystal clear nature on both front and back of this case will allow you to take great pictures underneath the water.
  • The design is compact and portable which will let you have a convenient carrying.
  • Get the extra protection from dirt, dust, grease, and scratches and heavy drops from this case.


This another good looking and having good old pouch style designed case. Your smartphone is protected even till 100 feet or 30 meters in water. The ultra-thin but highly durable material will make sure that you will get the perfect touch experience even when you are inside water.

Features of OCASE Case

  • For all those fans of underwater photography or videography, this case is like blessings as it allows you the ease of taking photos and videos under the water.
  • This case is perfect to carry at the beach, bathtub, fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, skiing and all other underwater activities.
  • The exquisite design of this case allows the convenience of carrying your smartphone anywhere you want to.

#8. Tomplus

Tomplus is a known name for providing high-quality protective cases for smart gadgets, and now it is bringing a great waterproof case for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You have five color choices with this case, and these options are black, red, silver, white, and yellow. This case covers the entire body of your smartphone, and it has a strong and full seal to give your phone the best protection from water.

Features of Tomplus Case

  • There is an invisible but inbuilt scratch protector which will keep your smartphone’s screen and body scratchproof.
  • The design of this case is such that you will get easy access to all your buttons and controls.
  • The slim and sleek design of this case gives you a comfortable carry, and it also adds no bulk to your smartphone.
  • Apart from protection against water your phone is protected against snow, ice, dust and dirt as well.
  • You can carry your smartphone protected in this case till 6.6 ft or 2m under the water and nothing will happen to your phone.

#9. Caka

Presenting another highly popular waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This Caka waterproof case covers the entire smartphone of yours which makes it not only a waterproof case but also snowproof, shockproof, and dirtproof as well. Now, let us know more about this excellent case.

Features of Caka Case

  • This case has the IP68 standard which means it is highly protective against water.
  • The case is fully sealed, and you can carry it till the 6.6 ft depth in water.
  • An uncompromising touch sensitivity will make sure that you get the real touch even when your phone is in the case, and you can scroll up and down with ease.
  • There are non-permeable membranes to protect your phone’s microphone and speaker cover vents, and you can still hear that crystal clear sound.
  • The anti-frost, anti-dust, sand-proof, waterproof and shock-proof nature of this case
  • A perfect case for you when you are going for surfing, fishing, swimming, climbing, skiing, hiking, drifting and camping.

So, this is the exclusive list for the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge waterproof cases. We made sure that you get plenty of choices and also the best material used in this waterproof cases. Not only that we deliberately picked up those cases which are more popular than the most of the other such cases among the users.

Hope, you liked our collection of these Waterproof cases. Do drop your views on these products here in the comments section.

Before we leave, we would also like to suggest you some of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases, so that you can prolong your smartphone’s battery life.