Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is an incredible Smartphone with a long battery life. Users are always looking for options to get their device instantly charged and always ready. The Smartphone is so amazing that you never know when your battery might ditch you in the middle of the game you are playing or while watching your favorite movie.

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In that case, you are always looking for an instant charging option or sort of some power back up. This is where the innovation of battery cases plays its role as a charge back up.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases

All you need to do is to just put your battery case on, and your Smartphone will be charged in no time. We present you a list of 10 best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases that will be your best companion in the time of need.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases

#1. iPower Factory Battery Case

iPower Factory battery cases

This ultra-slim and light in a weight battery case have an impressive design with 5200mAh powerful battery. The moment you put the case on, it can provide instant battery life to your Smartphone up to 3 hours.

The portable battery case comes with an amazing design that not only charges your phone but also provides protection from scratches and drops. The foldable stand makes charging easy, and hard shell cover is very durable.

It has a built-in LED battery level indicator to show the charging status. The case is great value for money with such amazing features.

Price: $21.59
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#2. Mophie Battery Case

mophie battery case

The case is a complete pack by Mophie that serves as phone protective case as well as a charging one. The powerful 3300mAh battery case can provide over 60% extra battery to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as soon as it is used.

If connected to your computer, the case will first charge your Smartphone and then sync while recharging itself.

This is possible through its Priority+ charge technology. The case also gives high impact resistance in case of accidental drops. The rubberized edges enhance protection while giving you a better grip.

Price: $99.95
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#3. Samsung Battery Case

Samsung Battery Case

Samsung Wirelesses Charging Pack houses 3100mAh battery and wireless charging pad in one cover. It can facilitate multiple charging sessions by automatically conserving the battery when the phone is charged to 100%.

The case has a slim design and gives you a good grip while holding the phone. The design is thoughtful, and all ports and buttons are accessible.

Price: $89.99 ($49.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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#4. Mason Battery Case

Mason Battery Case

It is a powerful case by Mason that is built to deliver high charging performance to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. The case has a premium built and is very durable. It gives overall protection to your device regarding everyday wear and tears as well as in the case of battery back-up.

The case is fully resistant to over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuiting and over-current. The design of the case is slim and soft and rubbery case feels nice while holding.

Price: $21.99 ($18.94 on Amazon while writing this)
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#5. Maxdara Battery Case

Maxdara Battery Case

There will be no need to carry multiple power back-up options if you have this 5200mAh portable backup charger case. It comes equipped with premium quality polymer batteries that deliver high performance. It doubles up your Smartphone’s battery instantly without overcharging or any discharge.

You can charge as well as sync your device at the same time while charging up. The charger case has a slim, portable design and provides intelligent protection to your device.

Price: $25.99
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We hope you liked our exclusive selection of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery cases and covers. They will bring out the best performance of your device and keep it supercharged and brim with power.

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