The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now official, and just like every new Note release, the brand brings some fantastic functionality targeting few goals to put its latest flagship phone on top the smartphone stack. The Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung brand somewhat look like the Samsung Galaxy S8 that also shares some functionality from old Galaxy Note devices.

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But you might wonder that what makes this Galaxy Note 8 different from the other earlier launched devices? What are the latest features that set the Galaxy Note 8 apart from all the other Samsung Note and smartphones like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus? Based on the look, you might find the device and its functionality similar, but this is completely wrong because few features make Galaxy Note 8 smartphone shine. Here is the best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 FeaturesBest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features

#1. Edge-to-Edge AMOLED display with Better Resolution

Edge-to-Edge AMOLED display with Batter ResolutionSamsung has made this huge smartphone with a 6.3-inch big edge-to-edge display with Super AMOLED panel and 1440 x 2960 of resolution. One of the recent phone Samsung Galaxy S8+ has 6.2 inches display, and this new phone has 0.1 inches extra sizes of the screen. The company also claims more productivity with the larger screen size.

#2. Expanded RAM with Expandable Internal Storage

Expanded RAM with Expandable Internal StorageThere are few smartphones in the market which have extra RAM on the device, and OnePlus 5 is one of them which has 8GB of RAM. Unlike an earlier version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, this Note 8 comes with 6GB of RAM along with 64GB/128GB/256GB of internal space that can expandable by Micro-SD Card up to 256GB. This time Samsung has fixed the standards, and like their previous flagship phones, S8 and S8+ are not offering options to pick the RAM size. The user has one option, and that is 6 GB RAM with three different storage capacity phones.

#3. Live Message

Live MessageLive Messaging is the excellent feature that you can enjoy with the S Pen that lets you send handwritten notes and messages. This feature on Note 8 takes the Live messaging to the next level compared to Note7. It let the user create a life GIFs while drawing or writing on the screen with S Pen. So, it lets you be creative and help to create your messages in a lot more fun way.

#4. App Pair

App PairThe new time-saving feature is an App Paid function on Note8. App Pair allows users to pair two apps together and launch both of them at the same time in Multiwindow along with a single hit of the shortcut icon. For instance, if you always need note app to be open along with the email app, then you can create user App Pair feature to launch and use both app at the same time. A dedicated menu in the edge of the screen helps to set up and use App Pair function on Galaxy Note 8.

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#5. Desktop Experience of Phone With DeX

Desktop Experience of Phone With DeXThis smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8, supports Samsung Dex which makes it stand out of the crowd. This is one of the great solutions to transform your smartphone into a PC/desktop by giving you the secure but excellent desktop-like experience. This is not done yet. You can even run multiple apps and play a game on big screen with the help of the PC Dock for the Note8.

#6. Dual-Lens Setup

Dual-Lens SetupThe dual camera system is the essential upgrade in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It features three times more optical zoom, 12 MP wide-angle CIS promoting 2PD and 13 MP telephoto CIS. Just like an Oppo F3 and F3 Plus phone, Samsung has introduced two different photo capturing modes at the same time. Two separate cam on the phone helps to capture 2 different images. One with a wide-angle and another one with the zoom version of the image.

#7. Live Focus Adjustment

Live Focus AdjustmentThis phone offers world’s first dual camera that equipped with the optical image stabilization on each camera. With this feature the brand has introduced Live Focus functionality that lets you capture the DSLR-level of pictures with Bokeh, this means you can blur the background and the focus more on the object in the foreground.

#8. Bixby Voice Assistant

Bixby Voice AssistantThe Samsung Galaxy Note 8 introduces one of the most and excellent functionality that is Bixby Voice Assistant. This is one of the most challengers to the Siri Apple’s voice assistant, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa as well. Here is a quick guide to Setup Bixby On Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8.

#9. Iris Scanner

Galaxy Note 8 Iris ScannerIt is even packed with Iris Scanner so in any case if you forgot your password or the fingerprint scanner is not responding then this functionality comes handy. It works on facial recognition for the biometric security.


The Samsung gone unveiled all of this functionality with its Galaxy Note 8 globally from the September month at a quite huge price of $930, and in India, the brand can sell this smartphone at Rs. 59,561. However, in India, this smartphone is expected to hit the market in the second week of the September.