If you have been spending most of your time in your car, then you need the best Car Mount for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to keep your phablet safe and ready to use.

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You can choose one of the perfect car mounts for your smartphone from this list of top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Mounts. These all are luxuries and tiny car mounts perfectly fit in your car and your phone as well. These are handy and clever holder to keep your device close at your hands while driving.

Are you in a rush? Let’s go hands-free with these best Galaxy Note 8 car mounts.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Mounts10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Mounts

#1. Spigen Premium Car Mount

Spigen is popular phone accessories maker based in the US that makes a case, screen capture, and other accessories for the popular device. This Spigen’s car mount is very strong and provides a secure hold while driving. It’s extra strong magnet hold offers great stability. You can fit it perfectly in most straight air vents and adjust in every orientation, vertical and horizontal angle to better viewing. It includes 2 rectangular metal plates with 3m adhesive and the protective film to safeguard your phone against scratches and other unusual damages. Its metal plates allow you to charge your device wirelessly without removing the device from the car mount.

Price: $12.99
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#2. Spigen Kuel Car Mount

If you are looking for the slimmest car mount for Galaxy Note 8, then this Spigen’s Kuel car mount is the option. This car magnetic car mounts securely hold your device without adhesive residue. Its 360-degree rotating function offers relevant viewing experience as per your choice. It includes magnetic mount, rectangular metal plate, circular metal, and protective film. Before placing the metal place, use one of a protective film and then place on the metal plate over the film to prevent any damage. Its metal plate will also let you wirelessly charge your device.

Price: $7.99
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#3. Neotrix

This is one of the best car mounts for Galaxy Note 8 which offers best magnetic holder as well as wireless charging compatibility. Just say goodbye to cables and put your phone in charging easily and safely with better stability. It’s strong 14pcs permanent magnetic coating provides best holding power without interfacing with your phone. The 360-degree rotating ball provides best viewing angles. The Blue Glow flash turns on when you connect your phone and keep on while charging. The built-in high-quality charging chipset protects your device from scratches and fall.

Price: $26.99
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#4. Veckle

It is one of the convenient car mounts to quickly place your phone in the phone holder via pressing the release button to extend both grip arms without hardly pulling and jamming quickly. It’s strong spring, and silicon cushion on clamp prevent scratching and slipping. It’s Foldable Bottom Holder holds your phone safely and keeps safe from falling regardless of the road bump. With the help of one press switch, you can simply install the car holder with just one hand.

Price: $10.99
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#5. Spigen Kuel OneTap

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This Spigen Kuel car mount is the ultimate phone holder for your driving need. It’s OneTap technology instantly locks your smartphone in place with one touch. It’s Suction Cup with integrated adhesive gel pad offers flexibility and safest lock. It has adjustable telescopic arm accommodates with the length of 9.2inch to keep your phone close. It also has gel adhesive and scratch-resistant pads to protect your device from scratches and other damages. Its built-in low profile steer offers convenient view while driving.

Price: $18.99
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#6. Veckle

Veckle car mount offers the strongest hold with its 4 powerful magnetic car cradle keep your device in place regardless of road vibration or bumps. You can easily put your Galaxy Note 8 in car mount with or without phone case. The silicon padding on the clips can firmly adjust on the blade without scratching your car. Its 360-degree rotating swivel allows you to hold your device in a position you want. The closure magnetic field does not harm your device and keep your phone safe.

Price: $9.99
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#7. Pleson

Whether you want to a perfect car holder or wireless car charger for your Galaxy Note 8, you can get both features in this Pleson car mount. This car mount charger is equipped both the function of wireless car charger and phone holder. It is a coolest wireless car charger with the type-c port that can charge your phone with 1.4 times faster charging speed and save you precise time as well as energy.

It has 360-degree rotating ball offers flexible viewing angles while driving. It provides ultimate safety for your smartphone with its built-in over-voltage, under-voltage, surge protection, temperature control and short-circuit prevention functions.

Price: $29.99
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#8. Getron


This is a one-click designed universal car mount for Note 8 with washables strong sticky gel pad. Its new generation suction cup with strong sticky gel and rinse the gel pad with water to adhere windshield and let it dry if it falls off. It new holder arms with silicon safeguards yours from unexpected drops. It has a bigger hole on the tray to let you charge your phone hassle-free. Its 360-degree rotating ball offers perfect viewing angle including horizontal and vertical. Please avoid the direct exposure to the sun as this may affect the function of the car mount.

Price: $11.99
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#9. Maxboost

This is one of the best hands-free car mount holders for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to makes it easy and safe to hands-free experience while using your phone’s GPS service while driving. Its 360-degree swivel design allows you to easily use your device in the horizontal and vertical viewing experience. Its 4 powerful magnetic built into the mount head to protect your phone while driving. It reinforced dual-sized claw perfectly fit in every air vent. Its rubberized exterior provides better grip and keeps your car’s air vent scratch-free.

Price: $7.99
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#10. Encased

It is one of the best fully adjustable and case-friendly car mount holder for Galaxy Note 8. It’s extra-large designed allows you to easily put your device in the holder with or without phone case. Its low profile mount maintains clear driver views and making it safe and less disturbing than other car mounts. It provides optimal viewing angle with its rotating ball. Its convenient single handed design allows you to insert and remove your phone with one hand easily.

Price: $16.99
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Well, this was our list of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Hope you found the best companion for your phone as well as a car.

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