When Samsung brought its popular phablet along with its main phone S7, it actually had more than what people were expecting. Not only the USB Type-C and the Iris scanner but there is plenty to offer by this phablet just by using Galaxy Note 7 tips and tricks, which we believe even you, are not aware of.

Even if you are using Samsung phones for years and you think you know all about it, then also you can be in the dark about certain tricks which we are going to advise you right now. So here are some of those tricks which you can use to make your phablet more friendly and also enjoyable.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Tips and Tricks

Do Not Wait to Taking Notes, Even if The Screen is off

The screen off memo feature became extremely popular among the Note 5 users and you will be happy to know that the same feature is present in the latest phablet presented by Samsung. Now you can take notes every time even if the screen is off. All you need to do is to take out the S Pen and just jot down whatever you want to write on the screen itself. You can even save, edit or even the note and that too without opening the screen of your Note 7.

Do More with the Edge Screen

Those who have used Note 5 before, often seen complaining about not having the double-edged screen, but now Samsung has made up this in a big way in Note 7. The current Edge app has shortcuts which will enable you to make an impressive look of your display. To enable your Edge app, just try the steps given below.

Step #1. Open Settings, tap on Display and then on Edge screen. The first option you will see there is to enable the Edge panels, just enable them.

Step #2. Once you have enabled the Edge panels you will find plenty of apps like weather, calendar, compass, torch and much more. Just choose the app you like to have on your phablet.

Note: You can even change the size, transparency, and position of the Edge apps by using the “Handle” settings.

We all know that using your Note 7 is not all about business stuff because you may be using it for your gaming pleasure as well. You will be pleased to know that for your gaming enjoyment Samsung has brought an entire settings menu so that you can play whatever game you want to enjoy the most. Here how it is.

Step #1. Once you are at the Settings app on your Note 7 your will find the “Games” option.

Step #2. Now search for the Game Tools section, once you find it just enable it.

Note: When you enable the Game Tools section, you will see a small orange colored button will pop-up and it will remain like that whenever you are playing a game. With these tools, you can even take screenshots, disable the capacitive keys and plenty more.

Use Iris and Stay Secured

This article wouldn’t be declared as a complete one if we don’t talk about the security. Yes, Iris feature is getting popular day by day by the users of Note 7. All you need to do is to open Iris and look straight at the front camera and your mobile is secured. Although, there is also a fingerprint security available just next to your thumb, but Iris security is preferred with the banking apps.

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Parting Shot

We know you must have liked these four tips and tricks we have provided over here. But we would definitely like to hear from you that out of these four tips and tricks, which one is your favorite? Just let us know in comments section given below.