The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best and the most powerful device available in the market. We believe that as a proud owner of such device, you would always like to take it with you even when you are driving. While driving you may also like to use it for your multiple choices such as using the GPS or to check for an important message you would not like to miss on.

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By taking note of this need of yours, we have chosen best car mounts for your most valuable gadget Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We are sure that with the variety in security part and also in the price area you will be happy to see that your choice has been made easy here. So why wait? Just check the best car mounts we have advised below and choose the one which you feel fit for your Note 7.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mounts

Best Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

#1. iOttie

iOttie Car Mount for Galaxy Note 7

This is one of the easiest operating car mounts for Note 7. It can fit and unfit your note with a very single and simple touch. It fits the gadget pretty neatly and can rotate 360 degrees so you can have an easy viewing of the map or any app you are looking at. This iOttie car mount can connect your car’s CD slot easily so that you can install the connection for that also. The note will remain in locked position always so that it is totally secured with any bump you driving may experience.

Price: $19.95
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#2. Spigen

Spigen car mounts for your Galaxy Note 7

Spigen is one of the most respected names in mobile accessories. Now the same company has brought one of the best car mounts for your Galaxy Note 7 as well. It has a unique horizontal viewing for your Note 7 and it can be fixed with a reusable gel on any surface, which is the best thing about it. Whether your car dashboard is curved or flat you need not to worry, just press your Spigen car mount and it will be fixed. You can insert your phone with a single go. Made out of the best quality TPU material, the design of this care mount is really sleek.

Price: $20.99
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#3. Anker

Anker Car Mount for Galaxy Note 7

This is probably the strongest mount on we can offer you for your most valuable smartphone. The head of this mount on has been made out of four powerful N42-grade in-built neodymium magnets. Because of these magnates, the security of your note is guaranteed while driving. Because it has a ball joint for the rotation the viewing becomes incredibly versatile and easy. It gives you the ease to place the mount on at the place of your choice. Clamp of this Anker car mount is rubber coated so that gives the assurance of scratch free CD slot of your car.

Price: $13.99
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#4. Fonus

Fonus Car Mount for Galaxy Note 7

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This is actually a car dash windshield holder which can give a top quality rotating experience for your Galaxy Note 7. It also has a carry pouch and because it has a big suction cap beneath it will hold your device pretty strongly even when your car is experiencing bumpy and bad roads. The releasing of the note from this car mount is also easy with just one touch button. This is not it the holder’s bottom is also adjustable so that you need not to worry about your device falling down at the time of the release. What more you can expect when you can easily rotate the care mount both vertically and horizontally?

Price: $14.99
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#5. Encased

Encased Car Mount for Galaxy Note 7

The design of this car mount is based on a simple theory and that is called simple usage so that the user doesn’t need to get confused on how to use it. It is easily installable on any surface because it has the best GelPad available till date. Be it the smooth, curved or textured surface of your car dashboard Encased can be fixed within seconds. It gives the driver both horizontal and vertical view while driving and is resistant against any bumps your car may experience. Encased is one of the most user-friendly car mounts for the Galaxy Note 7.

Price: $17.88
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Mpow

Mpow Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount for Galaxy Note 7

The secret behind Mpow being such a strong car holder for your Galaxy Note 7 is hidden in the strong magnet it uses. It holds the mount strongly with the outlet which provides an extra security to your device while driving. Because it has a magnetic effect along with the metal plates situated between the device holding case and the device itself the fit is absolutely perfect. Because of this stronghold, it zeroes the possibility of drops while you are driving. This is probably the best mount for those who uses GPS always. So if you are also one of them, then just go for this.

Price: $8.99 [$6.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this] Buy it from Amazon

#7. Sojitek

SOJITEK Wireless Qi Standard Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Car Mount

Sojitek is another popular brand when it comes to mobile accessories and this time it has brought a truly versatile note holding car mount for your smartphone. This car mount has a swivel ball head and that enables your car mount to move 360 degrees and thus you can set it at the angle of your preference. Sojitek car mount also provides a two-way locking system which provides extra fit for the Note 7. The best part of this car mount is that it can be fixed at any given surface or place of your car. Even if you want to mount it on the table, desk then also you can mount it really easily. All in all, this is a good deal to consider if you really want a secure car mount for your Galaxy Note 7.

Price: $56.99
Buy it from Amazon

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Hope you have found a desired variety in the car mounts for your valued Galaxy Note 7 from the above-mentioned options. We wish that your driving experience along with your Note 7 mount before your eyes the best by using one of the car mounts we have advised.

Have a happy drive!

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