Samsung availed the DeX Station with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to convert your smartphone into a full HD desktop with resizable windows. That’s very useful! Are you excited to turn your phone into a desktop? Don’t have any idea about how to use DeX? Don’t worry! We have come to show you several tips and tricks of Samsung DeX.

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From now, you don’t need to carry your bulky laptop when you go for meetings. If you have Samsung DeX, you can easily convert your phone into PC. Just drop your S8 into the DeX and connect DeX to a computer or TV over HDMI. That’s not over yet! To get started work with Dex, you will need few Samsung DeX tips & trick which are below.

Best Samsung DeX Tips and Tricks

12 Best Samsung DeX Tips and Tricks

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Apps for DeX

Currently, there lots of app like Skype, Microsoft word and excel, Shazam, OneDrive, ES File Explorer and more apps are compatible with DeX station. These all apps should appear under the “Apps for DeX.” Though, if the Apps for DeX banner don’t show up on the screen then you need to click on the three-dot menu button, and open Galaxy app store to see the list of all DeX compatible apps.

Use Iris scanner or Facial recognition on Galaxy S8 instead of Fingerprint sensor

You should keep in your mind first that the fingerprint sensor won’t work with your Galaxy S8 when your device is connected or docked with Samsung DeX. Hence, instead of using fingerprint sensor, we recommend you to set up iris scanner or facial recognition to unlock your S8 device while connecting with DeX. Personally, I like iris scanner to unlock my S8 device, because it works much faster and secure than facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. You should consider this while dropping your S8 on Samsung DeX.

You can easily Set up iris scanner or facial recognition to unlock your S8/S8+ by below steps.

Step #1. Go to Settings app on Galaxy S8/S8+ device.

Step #2. Tap on Lock screen and security.

Step #3. Select iris scanner or Facial recognition option as per your choice.

Step #4. Next, you will get prompt to enter your password, PIN, or pattern, enter it.

Step #5. Now your device will take you to the process of setting up iris scanner or Facial recognition.

Here you can select Iris scanner or Facial recognition option to Unlock your Galaxy S8/S8+.

Right-Click Feature

Just like you usually use right-click with the mouse to see the number of option to do the action as per your choice on computers. Likewise, you can also use right-click function on the desktop version of Galaxy S8 through DeX to see the extra option in order to perform a quick action. Thus, you can use right-click feature of DeX on PC to add desktop shortcuts and Pin the app to the bottom of the drawer. Well, the right-click function depends on where you are using it for which purpose.

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Notifications Alert Just Like Windows 10

If you are well known about Windows 10 notification feature, then it would be easy for you to use the DeX on your computer. Just like Windows 10’s notification alert at the right-bottom corner of the screen, the connected DeX’s notifications will appear on the right-bottom corner. If you want to reply to a notification directly from the alert just like you do on your smartphone. If you got tired of persist notifications alerts, then you can click on small “X” icon to clear all notification at once.

Resizable App Windows

There are the apps that comply with Android Nougat multi-windows standard can be operated in free-form multi-windows mode and can resizable as per your choice. You can easily resize the app’s windows by hovering the mouse pointer on the edge of the windows, clicking and dragging the edge as per your requirement. While resizing the windows and it turns red then the app cannot be resizable. There is some app which does not comply with Android N; you do not resize it, you have to use it in fixed mobile dimension on your computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also use keyboard shortcuts in DeX to switch between apps, copy and paste, open menus, undo mistakes and more to control Samsung DeX. Well, it’s hidden deep in S8’s setting. Just go to Settings → General management → Language and input → Physical keyboard → Keyboard shortcuts and get started to use it to control Samsung DeX. Sadly, there is still a confusion is that what is the activation key for shortcuts which is listed as “META” and is also hard to assume.

My Files App Feature

My File app is one of the handy apps to get access to all your internal and MicroSD card storage files of your phone on the Samsung DeX. Additionally, you can also add your cloud storage account like Dropbox and Google Drive to access your stored files. You just need to right-click on file and create shortcut file on the desktop. This is the very useful app for those users who are using online cloud service and device’s storage simultaneously.

Don’t Forget to Save Before Undocking

If you are using the DeX first time, you must save your all data before undocking to the computer. Because when you undock DeX from the computer, your entire work and data will be lost. Hence, if you have done some important work on DeX, remember to save your work data. If you don’t, your entire work would be wiped out.

Drag & Drop Feature

Just like Apple’s latest iPad Pro iOS 11 feature, you can use the drag and drop functionality in Samsung DeX. To use the drag and drop feature, you just need to select multiple files and quickly drag and drop them into the Samsung Email, Messages app on at any other place easily and swiftly. When you need a quick action, you can use this feature. You will definitely like the functions.

Use Apps Wisely

While using Samsun DeX on the desktop, sometimes the system shows you a warning message ” Memory is Low, Save your files and close any apps which you’re not using.” It suggested that you have to keep your data safe and close all unwanted apps that you are not using right now. It will help you to improve the performance of your DeX. Well, there is an app like Gmail need to be opened to receive constant email. Hence, you need to be habitat to save you data continuously and close each app you finished a task on your DeX station.

Active Cooling Fan

It is obvious that your Galaxy S8 device gets hot when you drop it on the Samsung DeX. But, you will not have to worry about that, the DeX Station has a small cooling fan inside the DeX which may produce slight noise sound while connected to S8. Happily, the fan is designed for controlling overheating of the device while using the DeX Station. The cooling fan designed a with 360-degree coverage from the edge of the upper part toward the center.

Keep On With Your Phone

If your device is connected with DeX Station, you will still be able to handle phone calls, text messages, and access settings right from the taskbar on your computer. You just accept the phone calls or reply text messages via the desktop pop-up, and you’re done. If you want to un-dock your phone that’s fine, you can easily disconnect your phone while the call continues.


Hope you are now able to easily manage your connected Samsung DeX with these helpful tips and tricks. If you have something tricky about the DeX, then share us in the comments. We will update the post as we found any new trick about the use of Samsung DeX. Stayed tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!