You liked a shirt worn by someone you don’t know at a party, but can’t ask him directly about the shop he bought from or its price. But you got a picture of that shirt with you what will you do? Well, in normal cases we would have just keep watching and adoring that shirt and later delete that image. This is where the reverse image search engine can come into the picture to help.

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There might be more than 80% readers who might have not even heard of what is reverse image search engine, which is quite possible. these search engines are for some unknown reasons are not made popular by even some of the biggest search engines like Google or Bing, but let me tell you it is one great tool one can ever have not only to search the details of the shirt you liked at the party but to get important information about many things. All you need to do is to load that picture on a reverse image search engine and you will get almost everything you want to know about it.

Best Reverse Image Search Engines, Apps, and their Benefits

So before we start anything let us know some of the premium benefits of reverse search engines, so that you can choose the best such reverse search engine from the list we will provide later in this article.

The Benefits of the Reverse Image Search Engines

Get the perfect information

Let’s imagine that you are not a pro at internet search. Just like you don’t know the details about that shirt, you are not aware of the relevant search keywords about a picture you just got on your smartphone or on your PC. By using the reverse image search engine you will get all the details about such pictures with plenty of options as well. If you are a social media manager or a blogger, you will even get an image with high resolution and that too with different sizes.

Get Informed

Just now you liked a smartphone and you took a picture of it. You can then upload it to a reverse search engine tool and you will get all the technical details about it. So even if you are not aware of the brand of its model number you can still get all the details you want along with the price it is on sell. Not only that the search will also provide similar products with almost similar specifications and price as well.

Double check on false image alert

One of the biggest negatives about social media these days is getting encountered with rumors with false images. Now you got a tool in hand which can actually prove the false messages circulated in social media. So whenever you find an image which makes you feel doubtful then just upload it on a reverse image search engine and you will get the original image along with the satisfaction to you on whether the image is real or fake.

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Protect your work from plagiarism

The reverse search engines can be a great tool for all those professional photographers, who always complain about their images being used somewhere without their prior consent or without giving them credit. Just upload your image on your reverse search engine tool and you will get which sites are using your image without your knowledge or without giving you the due credit. For fighting plagiarism, this could be the most powerful tool.

9 Best Reverse Image Search Engines for Smartphones and PC

Now, we know the benefits of the reverse search engines hence the time has come to know some of the best reverse search engines available both for smartphones and for PC.

#1. Google Images

Google Images

One of the handiest and free for all reverse search engine tool is, of course, Google Images. Although Google search tool has passed 15 years but in 2011 Google introduced the reverse image search as well. All you need to do is to go to and on the search bar click on the ‘camera’ icon. You will be given two options, one is image loading and the other is search form a web link. Choose your option and you will get the desired result.

#2. TinEye

TinEye Reverse Image Search

This Toronto-based company offers 150 image searches per week. It has 13.9 billion images indexed and the company claims that it is first of its kind reverse image search engine of the world. You can search any JPEG, PNG or GIF image which limits 20 MB. What makes TinEye different than the other such engines is that it searches the picture as a whole and doesn’t recognize a person and objects while searching.

Apart from reverse image search the TinEye Lab also giving us a Multicolor Engine which will enable us to extract color from 20 million royalty free creative commons images from Flicker which are searchable just by color.

TinEye Reverse Image Search Engine Free | Paid | Multicolor Engine

#3. Bing Image Match

Bing Image Feed

Although the user friendliness and results from the Bing Image Match is not satisfying like we are getting them in Google or even in the TinEye, but still one can get the help from this reverse image search engine presented by Microsoft in 2014. Just like Google over here also you can upload an image or paste a link to search a reverse match of it. This year Bing has also introduced its app on iOS as well. So you just need to take a picture on your iPhone and then can use this tool to get some help.

Bing Reverse Image Search Engine on The Web | iOS App

#4. Yandex

Yandex search for images

This is a Russia-based search engine and works perfectly for reverse image search purpose too. It allows you to upload the image to search or to use a URL to search the desired results. It works pretty smoothly and what’s more, you even need not sign up for it. If you already have Yandex browser then you can search the similar images by right-clicking on the image and then click on ‘search for this image on Yandex’.

Yandex Search Engine

#5. Karma Decay

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Karma Decay - Reverse image search of Reddit

This is an exclusive reverse image search engine for Reddit. Because Reddit doesn’t like re-posting of pictures, you can avoid doing that by using Karma Decay. Although it allows the searches for the image in all popular subreddits and even if you want to search an image in a particular subreddit then also it allows you too. So if you too are an ardent ‘Redditor’ then you should go for this.

Karma Decay for Reddit Image Search

#6. Visual Search Tool by Pinterest

Our crazy-fun new visual search tool

If you can’t live without Pinterest then this tool will certainly attract you. This tool was introduced just last year but it is the most advanced reverse image search engine by far. It not only able to search similar image on Pinterest but it can also let you zoom within a particular image. The zoomed search will also get you the desired result. It’s really helpful and to the point kind of a tool. So for all those avid Pinterest users start using it.

More details about Pinterest visual search tool

#7. Wolfram

The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project

This exactly not a reverse image search engine, but it is actually an image identifier tool. This tool was launched just last year and it is still a part of the project from Wolfram. Because the project is still on the results you may find are below average and also confusing. All you can do is to drag or upload an image to the search bar and the tool will identify what kind of image it is. Like, Human, Animal, Machine etc.

Try Wolfram

#8. Image Raider

Reverse Image Search by Image Raider

This reverse image search engine actually uses Google, Bing, and Yandex but it still makes to this list because it has some good additional features. Over here you can add maximum 20 images at once and find the results of all of them. Apart from adding a URL containing image you can also add an image from XML sitemap, images added from a URL will be used as an input for running the search and you can add images directly from Flickr and DevianArt. This tool is very helpful for the professional photographers who want to know about where their images are being used without getting their prior permission or without giving due credit to them.

Get Image Raider

#9. Baidu


Google’s Chinese answer is Baidu and it too offers a reverse image search tool just like its international competitor. The only problem is that whenever you open Baidu you will find it in Chinese language and you need to change it to the language you know better. So this may take a bit of time of yours, but if you are really great with Mandarin then you should go for this. Although results are not as good as some of the tools we have mentioned here.

Get Baidu from here

Some other important reverse image searches tools

  • Google Goggles App (Download): This app is perfect to search reverse image on your Google Goggles. It provides an articulate interface, high-quality results, smart algorithm and some amazing service.
  • Veracity for iOS (Download): Because there aren’t many reverse image search apps available for iOS and that is why Veracity is standing out. It can let you choose images from camera roll, gallery or Dropbox with utmost ease.
  • Windows Phone (Download): One of the best app for reverse image search for any smartphone. It can let you search from Google, Bing, Yandex, and even TinEye. Apart from this, you can even upload a picture from your phone’s memory or directly from a URL.
  • Google Reverse Image Search Plugin (Chrome) | (Firefox): It is a Google Reverse Image Search plugin for both Chrome and Firefox, where you need not go to the site and you can get your desired results within the browser only. It works the same way as the Google image site would work.
  • Who stole my pictures (Firefox Plugin): This is another Firefox plugin which does the reverse image search by using Yandex, TinEye, and also Google image. This plugin is more helpful to the professional photographers who want to check where their clicked images are used without their knowledge and credit.
  • Bing Image Match (Chrome Plugin): Despite Bing being the direct rival of Google, it still has produced a plugin for the reverse image search for Google’s browser chrome. It works the same way as the website but it is more user-friendly and doesn’t open the search results in a different tab, hence more convenient.
  • TinEye Plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari: You can find your choice of TinEye plugin by clicking on the link we have given here. We have already elaborated what kind of strong reverse image search engine TinEye is, so now all you need to do is to download the plugin for the browser you are using. Now you can search all the high-resolution images without facing any glitch.


The reverse image search concept is not that popular right now but it is still only a matter of time when its popularity will go upward. What we have tried to do is to let you know what exactly the reverse image search is and how you can get benefitted from it by giving you some extraordinary tools. Hope you will like this idea of reverse image search and will try and use it when you need them in future.

Do let us know how this tool became helpful to you. We are waiting for your comments on it here or on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus.