We live in the smart but busy world and every day we got too many things on our plate than we actually require. In such scenario who will be our best buddy? Reminder Apps. Here we are with a list of best reminder apps for iPhone and Android, which can help you to manage your tasks at the right time and thus to reduce your burden.

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We know that not only professional jobs like meeting, submitting a project or an important presentation needs to be reminded. Sometimes even our personal works like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties and also grocery shopping need a reminder.

Best Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

To lessen your burden and to make you concentrate on your jobs we have selected some of the best reminder and to-do apps for iPhone and Android. These apps will make sure that you will never miss an important event no matter it is professional or personal.

Never allow yourself from forgetting an important task use these best reminder apps for iPhone and Android

Best Reminder and To-Do Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. Google Keep

Google Keep app for Android and iPhoneProfessionals must be aware of Evernote to stay organized with their tasks. Like Evernote, Google Keep app help to organize your tasks. It will keep your notes, photos and even audio recordings safe. You can keep track of your unfinished, assigned tasks and can mark as complete once they are done.

Like Gmail, you can choose colors and different labels to categorize various tasks.

What makes this app great is its location-based reminders. So next time if you have just passed through a supermarket Google Keep will remind you about the grocery you are forgetting to buy.

Download Google Keep for iPhone | Download Google Keep for iPhone

#2. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk App for Android and iPhoneThe name sounds funny but the app ain’t. It is one serious app which is extra smart because it will keep you productive all the time. Even if you can’t find time this app will make sure that you do find time to finish your assigned tasks. Remember the Milk is loaded with some great features.

With this reminder app, you can also sync all of your devices and can organize your works according to your requirements and prioritize the tasks. You can also invite your friends or collogue to collaborate and complete the task faster.

Download Remember The Milk for iPhone

Download Remember The Milk for Android

#3. Todoist

Todoist app for iPhone and AndroidNow you need not worry about a huge task given to you by your boss. Just download todoist and it will break your huge work into multi-level tasks. You can drive a big project into many subprojects and invite you collogues to discuss, contribute and act on assign tasks simultaneously.

You need not be online always to operate this app as it gives you the same services while remaining offline as well. If you are a student then also it will create repeated deadlines for your exam preparations. So one can easily say that todoist is an app which is made for everyone.

Download Todoist for iPhone | Download Todoist for Android

#4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist app for iPhone and AndroidJust like its name sounds Wunderlist can do wonders for busy people. It has one of the most attractive menus but it works with complete ease. With lot many useful functions, the app will enable you to remain organized. It will allow you to send your lists to your friends or colleagues and also to allow you to print with just one click.

This is not it, you can now attach photos, presentations, and files and can share with anyone. If you have shared any list with someone the app will allow you to comment on shared list. Wunderlist can sync easily with all your gadgets like computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Download Wunderlist for iPhone | Download Wunderlist for Android

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#5. Habitica

Habitica Gamified Task Manager app for iPhone and AndroidIf you are really serious about completing your task then Habitica is the app for you. This app works like a game but can challenge you to complete your task in real time. You need to create a character and then unlock armor, pets, and quests. Once you are done then the app will challenge you to complete your task within a framework.

You will certainly have fun to complete the task as challenged by the app because it will then reward you with points. This reward system will allow you to spend the gold which you need to loot once your task is over within the framework. If you are looking for a totally different but one of the best reminder apps for iPhone and Android, then go for this.

Download Habitica for iPhone | Download Habitica for Android

#6. Any.Do

Any.do App for Android and iPhoneThis is a must have the app, not because it is one of the most popular to-do apps for iPhone and Android but it does it work smartly and simply. You can list your meetings, places to visit and also shopping preference with utmost ease. All you can do with simplest of the way so you will not miss a simple event.

Once you entrust someone’s name or email address your deal will be notified at the time you have set. What makes this app best is that once your work is over the task will be automatically wiped off from the app. Just like the function the design of the app is simple too.

Download Any.Do for iPhone | Download Any.Do for Android

#7. To Do Reminder

To Do Reminder App for AndroidIf you are looking for a cool reminder app then this is the one you should vouch for. This app will not only add your ‘To Do lists’ but will allow you to schedule by day, week, month and year. This is not it, you can also add your voice when you assign any task.

All you need is few seconds to add a reminder. You can synchronize birthdays, anniversaries and all those special days of your life. All these can be yours for free.

Download To Do Reminder for Android

#8. DUE

Due iPhone AppIf speed is what you are always looking for then this app is for you. It is really fast and you need not create an account for it. Not only that it is also free from mentioning start and end dates. Just mention a task and it will start working and once you are done you need to mark it complete and it will jump to the next task.

The best feature of this app is the reminder feature. So if you want to call your client in next 10 or 15 minutes, it will keep you remind about it. You can sync Dropbox or iCloud with this app.

Download DUE for iPhone

#9. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder Android AppIf DUE is the fast reminder app for iPhone then BZ Reminder does the same for Android. This app too works on simple logic which is to add notes and keep on reminding you on your tasks. This app can be useful for personal use as well. It will sync all the birthdays from your contact list or even from your Google Calendar.

Download BZ Reminder for Android

#10. Toodledo

Toodledo iPhone AppAnother differently working to-do app for iPhone is here. Toodledo will prioritize your task. For example, if you have to do 10 tasks today then you can set them according to your priority. The app will put the top priority task into a ‘Hotlist’. This Hotlist will enable you to see what needs to be done right now.

The important projects which you need to look after always can also be distributed in a nested list in Toodledo. The personal tasks like buying groceries etc can be put into a simple list so they will not use the additional features. At the end of the day, you can check your updated personal progress.

Download Toodledo for iPhone


Now you need not search the web to find best reminder apps for iPhone and Android. You can check right here about those apps which will keep reminding you about your most important tasks and will help you to do your work professionally. Do let us know about your experience on Facebook,Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments.