Expecting a child is perhaps the greatest feeling a woman can have. It is amazing that within few months after getting pregnant, the kid inside woman grows and finally the kid makes birth. But until that time ‘the would be’ parents need lots of care and for those parents, we are advising the best pregnancy apps for iPhone.

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With the Pregnancy tracking apps, we are suggesting one can easily track so many important things about child’s growth inside mother’s womb. You can track those things by days, weeks, month or any which way you want to. So, with such a great help within your reach, you should download one of the apps we are about to suggest for you.

All these apps will be very helpful to you from the very first stage of your pregnancy till you deliver the child. Mind you; we got an app for ‘the would be dads’ too! Interested? Then let’s check out this exclusive list of best pregnancy tracking apps for iPhone.

Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone10 Best Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

#1. Totally Pregnant – A Total Pregnancy Experience

Totally Pregnancy App for iPhoneIt is tough to understand all the needs required while you are pregnant for the first time, so you need someone besides you who is having some experience. The totally Pregnant app is a community app where you can get tips and advice from real moms. These moms are always ready to give their best advice for the moms to be. Get the 3D videos of growing babies and also blogs by experienced mothers. There is also an online magazine where you can get parental classes.

Price: Free
Download Totally Pregnant

#2. The Bump – Daily Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

The Bump Pregnancy App for iPhoneOnce the pregnancy is determined it is vital for a mother to track the week by week progress of the child. The Bump provides a guide where you can do week by week comparison of your pregnancy with some fascinating illustrations furnished by the app. Every day you will get a fresh editorial content from which you can gather many tips. Not only the illustrations and contents, but the real moms are also here to give you some important tips. If you still have any questions you can directly ask questions to the medical experts who are ready to serve your queries on The Bump.

Price: Free
Download The Bump

#3. Glow Nurture – Pregnancy Tracker, Baby Calendar

Glow Nurtur Pregnancy App for iPhoneIf you seriously want to track your pregnancy along with keeping the records of it, then you should go for Glow Nurture app without any doubt. Get the best health awareness during the pregnancy time and keep yourself and your child healthy. You can even share the symptoms with experts and get the best advice from them. Not only that you can also share your experience on social media via this app with the women, who have the same due date. There is a personal planner inbuilt which will help you to keep your future appointments, and the app will remind

Price: Free
Download Glow Nurture

#4. Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker Pregnancy App for iPhoneDon’t keep your questions regarding your pregnancy up to yourself, just throw them to Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app communities, and you will get the proper answer. The best part of this app is that you can put your questions anonymously as well. There are daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size and overall development. Get the idea regarding your blood pressure and weight data and also a health risk based analysis based on that.

You will also receive a personalized feedback and support from the app team based on each stage of your pregnancy stage, BMI, age, health data and personal goals. Once the data analysis is over, the app will keep on sending you friendly notifications on whether you took your necessary vitamins or not.

Price: Free
Download Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

#5. My Baby’s Beat – Prenatal Listener

My Baby's Beat Pregnancy App for iPhoneHearing a life beating within yourself is something which only a pregnant woman can feel. When she goes to a doctor for the check up the thing, she wants to hear first is the baby beat. With My Baby’s Beat app you need not wait for the next appointment with your doctor. Just lie down on the bed and put the microphone of your iPhone on your bump and listen the beat for yourself. The app also gives you some sample beat sounds so you can compare them with yours. What’s more? You can even record this beat so that you and your partner can listen in together.

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Price: $4.99
Download My Baby’s Beat

#6. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names Pregnancy App for iPhoneSharing the experience with other expecting mothers can also be helpful. You can feel relax when you hear about similar symptoms and experience with many more ladies and can understand that the time you are going through can be same for the others too. This will also help to maintain a good psychological health which is a must for any pregnant woman. This app does exactly that which requires and allows you to share your experience with moms to be and can hear their words as well. The app also counts ten kicks within the stipulated time which can also help you to know the growth of your child.

Price: Free
Download BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names

#7. Who’s Your Daddy? First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Guide

This app is not for moms to be; it is for the first time dads! The responsibility of a dad is almost the same as the mom has and that’s why the app provides some fantastic pregnancy tracking tools. It updates the dad about the child’s growth with a dedicated timeline. The app also advises dads to make a checklist for the hospital. What makes this app far more interesting is that it adds some humor with each of the features it provides so the dads can remain cool and helpful always.

Dads will also get some valuable advice on what their pregnant partner needs at this important time. Be it foot massage or anything else you will have it on this app. So, if your partner is pregnant, you should also become a helping hand to make her feel comfortable.

Price: $2.99
Download Who’s Your Daddy

#8. MommyMeds – Pregnancy Safety Guide

MommyMeds Pregnancy App for iPhoneThe app which we are going to suggest now is perhaps the most helpful app we came across for pregnant women. This app is developed by the Texas Tech University Health Science Center after years of research on what kind of medicines are perfect for expecting mothers. You can scan the barcodes of your medicines and by doing that you can search the meds you need. With MommyMeds app at your disposal; the medicine searching becomes incredibly easy than ever before. Not only that the app also gives you some essential advice on whether a certain med is safe or not when a woman is expecting a child.

Price: $3.99
Download MommyMeds

#9. Baby Names!!

Baby Names Pregnancy App for iPhoneThe ‘would be parents’ are always looking for a different or unique or a new name for their child even when the possible delivery is far away. Baby Names app has a database of over 30,000 names with their meanings. This database starts from the year 1880 until the latest time, so you can imagine what great number of options you have. Search by name, gender, origin or any criteria you wish to have. Check out related names along with the names provided. Not only the time but you can also check the map of the origin. If you like a particular name for your child, then you can even rate it and share it with your friends for their advice via email or social media.

Price: Free
Download Baby Names

#10. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy App for iPhoneThe best idea during pregnancy is to keep the record of each step of these special nine months and then relive the moments few months or years later. Sprout Pregnancy not only helps you to preserve those special moments but it also captures your belly photos and then pairs it with your ultrasound pictures and then create pages which can print out. Apart from this, you can even keep the doctor’s appointment and important reminders along with the questions you want to ask at the next meeting.

Price: Free
Download Sprout Pregnancy

We bet you will not find such an extensive list of the best pregnancy tracking apps for iPhone anywhere else. This list has everything right from the first stage of pregnancy till the child’s names and also decent advice on meds as well.

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