One of the factors which the MacBook Pro has been going for that is its pretty solid battery life except whether you have to travel a lot for business meetings or conferences. And it is equally quite risky to leave your valuable MacBook plugged into the power socket for a longer time. The main reason behind this it can lessen the life of the battery.

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But for the travelers, this is a headache always to find the power source to juice it up. However, we have made it easy for them always to travel worry-free with their laptop because we have here collected 10 of the best portable chargers for MacBook Pro 2017.
Best Portable Chargers for MacBook Pro

10 Best MacBook Pro Portable Chargers

#1. MAXOAK 36000mAh Portable Charger

MAXOAK is one of the great battery pack that can power up your MacBook for one or two days. It has multi-voltage capabilities ranging from 5V to 16.8V plus two USB ports which are capable of to charge one tablet and one cell phone at the same time along with the MacBook Pro. Let us see other excellent features of this portable charger of for MacBook Pro.

MAXOAK Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • It offers ultra-high capacity around 36000mAh that can charge the MacBook Pro about 1.5 times.
  • Besides that, it comes with four output ports that can let you charge a device like MacBook Pro, cell phone, and tablet simultaneously.
  • It is certified power bank from the CE, FCC, and UL.
  • It is compatible with any gadgets which charge through the standard 5V USB cable.
  • With the industrial grade materials makes it much durable that can resist against accident and prolonged use as well.
  • The sturdy aluminum shell and strong end caps that protects this battery pack from the drops as well.

Price: $135.99
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#2. ZEROLEMON 30000mAh Portable Charger

This is another model of portable charger for the MacBook Pro from the same brand ZEROLEMON. But compared to the earlier version of this power bank it is quite different from the look and at the power capacity as well. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the earlier version of the power bank then here we have another option from the similar brand.

ZEROLEMON Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • This is also a fastest Type-C portable charger that completely charges your MacBook Pro with 30000mAh power capacity.
  • Just like other power banks on this list, it can even charge other gadgets as well.
  • It is upgraded with Type-C USB port that is equipped with the 7A output.
  • The 5 USB ports can charge five devices at the same time.
  • It is perfect for those users who are traveler because of the compact size of it.
  • The brand offers 12 months of warranty along with 24 X 7 customer service.

Price: $160.26
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#3. BatPower 36000mAh EX9 Portable Charger

When considering portable charger like power bank everybody wants one with the high capacity which the budget allows. Besides only performance, you may also look for the sturdy and durable construction. Here you search ends because here we have another power bank that offers sturdy construction as well as the high-capacity of power.

BatPower Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • The BatPower with this portable charger it allows you charge your MacBook Pro with the 36000mAh power capacity.
  • It can charge MacBook Pro 1.2 times faster.
  • This power bank has passed CE, FCC and ROHS certifications.
  • It offers more rapid and safe charging as it is equipped with its leading technology.
  • The built-in premium material and cutting-edge technology that ensures complete safety.
  • With this portable charger, you can have 18 months of warranty and easy to reach customer support.

Price: $169.99
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#4. ChargeTech 54000mAh 250W / 110V Power Bank

ChargeTech offers a universal portable charger that provides charging capabilities to most of the laptops that also includes the MacBook Pro. It is packed with all the features and functionality that any regular charger offers but the power capacity that it offers, is high than earlier described portable charger of MacBook Pro.

ChargeTech Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • This take-anywhere charger is an ultimate portable battery pack.
  • It not only comes with USB ports but it is also packed with wall outlet that makes it universal charger.
  • With the high capacity for about 54000mAh, it is also compatible as a solar recharger.
  • The pass-through charging technology lets you charge your MacBook Pro while this battery pack itself is charging.
  • This doesn’t charge only MacBook Pro but also charge other devices like phones, other laptops, tablet and so on.
  • It comes with 16x 3000mAh Panasonic battery cells which quickly recharge your MacBook Pro.

Price: $399.00
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#5. Lizone 26000mAh External Battery Charger 

This is another portable charger from one of the known brand Lizone. Just like other power banks on this list, this portable charger is even well-known as a universal portable charge because besides only charging MacBook Pro this can even charge other devices like laptops, tablets, and other cell phones that you have.

Lizone Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

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  • With the 26000mAh power capacity, it offers high efficient energy efficiency rate over 10%.
  • It is built with Aluminum Unibody that makes this power bank sturdy that stays safe and secure from any harm.
  • It is constructed with grade A Panasonic cells and premium chip which is quite fast to charge the device.
  • With the cell, it is equipped with premium chips, and both those together supports 600 recharge cycles over the battery life.
  • It can charge more than just one device at the same time and with the 6.6A total output of power.
  • The brand also offers 18 months of warranty.

Price: $129.99
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#6. RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger

RAVPower 23000mAh is the best portable charger or power bank for the MacBook Pro that can recharge your valuable device multiple times in just one single charge of it. This compact and stylish looking with texture look on the base makes it more attractive to have and also the functionality having is excellent for the MacBook Pro users.

RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • This is ultra-high capacity power bank that can charge your MacBook Pro multiple times.
  • With two USB smart ports, it also lets you charge your smartphones, laptops, and tablets even.
  • The stylish and slim aluminum body makes sure that it can offer good quality of heat dissipation.
  • The smart LCD screen displays certain power level, charging status and even voltage selection.
  • It is made with top grade and reliable lithium-ion polymer battery cells, and it supports over 500 of recharge cycle.

Price: $99.99
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#7. AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger

This is another excellent MacBook Pro portable charger. This power bank is from one of the top and king of the devices, by Aukey. This USB C power bank comes with massive 30000 mAh battery inside it. This power bank great at charging most of other devices accepts MacBook Pro. It comes with different charging ports as well.

AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • It high capacity of 30000mAh can charge MacBook Pro 1.6 times it offers more times based on the device.
  • It utilizes an array of the upgraded charging mechanism that meets all requirements of device-charging.
  • The USB C power bank is also compatible to charge four devices at the same time with the faster than conventional charging speed.
  • The AiPower Adaptive charging technology offers a wide range of charging capabilities for up to 2.4A.
  • The brand offers 24 months of warranty card.

Price: $69.99
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#8. RAVPower 27000mAh Portable Charger

This is another power bank from the RAVPower brand that offers much more capacity than the earlier listed product, and this is not it with the different look, style, and construction of it provides an extremely well-built look. The look of the power bank can attract many eyeballs and even can make many of them to have this one.

RAVPower 27000mAh Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • This power bank enables you to experience infinite versatility because along with your MacBook Pro you can even charge many other devices with it.
  • It has inbuilt 2-prong AC output and compatible to charge more gadgets at the same time.
  • The Type C offers 3A output, and USB iSmart ports offer up to 2.4A each simultaneous charge.
  • The high capacity of this power bank provides multiple time charging of your MacBook Pro and other devices as well.
  • There are eight built-in LED indicators indicates the battery level of it.
  • It also comes with Air Vents to keep the power bank run smoothly for a longer time.

Price: $84.99
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#9. EECO 20800mAh Portable Charger

The EECO USB portable charger is an aluminum clad charger that stores up to 20800mAh of juice for your MacBook Pro. The power bank has an exquisite look that offers you to have a sleek and compact portable charger for your MacBook Pro so that you can carry it around with all ease and without having any worry of weight.

eeco 20800mAh Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • With massive capacity, this power bank can charge your MacBook Pro with all ease and also can charge other devices as well.
  • The compact design makes this power bank an ideal portable charge for your travel.
  • It comes with the QC 3.0 in which Type-C and SmartIC send ultra-fast charging to your MacBook Pro.
  • The premium design built with aluminum alloy material that makes this portable charger light in weight as well.
  • The Guard+ technology makes sure about safest charging possible while providing the fast speed as well.

Price: $41.99
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#10. GISSARAL 35000mAh Portable Charger

One of the great, sleek and compact looking power bank from one of the well-reputed brand GISSARAL. With Black and silver color combination it offers a great look while it is held in hands. The sleek profile doesn’t compromise with the sturdiness of the power bank. While it is compact, it is easy to carry anywhere as well.

GISSARAL Portable Charger for MacBook ProFeatures:

  • This portable charger has 35000mAh portable external battery quickly charges your MacBook Pro.
  • It is constructed with 5.5 x 2.5mm DC port output which makes it compatible with the MacBook Pro.
  • The 4 USB quick-charging ports are compatible with most of the Apple devices and other devices.
  • It is all certified with the CE, FCC and ROHS certification so that your device always stays safe while it is in charging mode.
  • It comes with smart charging technology that detects your gadgets and delivers the fastest possible charge that speeds up to 4 amps with the port of DC.
  • It offers 18 months of warranty period as well.

Price: $119.00
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With this collection of the best portable charger for MacBook Pro, you have such great list with a broad range of the power banks which you can go through and look for your best. Are you using any portable charger or not yet? Which of these portable chargers do you think will work best for you? Share you though here with us in the comments section, or you can leave them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.