Sudden battery loss on a phone is the most common thing that every smartphone users might have faced. It will be worse if you are on a trip or in a meeting. At that time, only an excellent portable battery charger can help to keep your smartphone going on without turning off. We already covered best power banks for Google Pixel and Pixel XL, LG V20, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And, now we here with the best portable battery chargers which are compatible with almost every smartphone like iPhone, iPad, Android devices as well as with Nintendo Switch.

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A list we made of battery chargers have enough power to charge a gadget rapidly. Each of them also prevents devices from overvoltage, overheating, and short-circuits. Besides, most of them have are compatible to charge more than two devices simultaneously. Without further intro, let me walk you through the list of top portable battery chargers to make your choice easy.

Best Portable Battery PacksBefore writing this list, we made sure that we will give you a benchmark of the minimum battery capacity of 10000mAh so that you not only get the greater flexibility in power but also you get the best value for the money you are spending on these portable battery packs.

Best Portable Battery Chargers for All of Your Smart Devices

All these products are small and compact in size and also stylish. So just go through the list carefully and decide which portable battery pack will suit your needs the most.
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#1. RAVPower

RAVPower is giving us one of the best reviewed portable battery chargers on Amazon. This is a USB C/Type C portable battery pack with a whopping capacity of 20100mAh. This power bank is compatible with most of the smart gadgets including Macbook.

Best Portable Battery PackFeatures of RAVPower Portable Battery Pack

  • Quickly charges your device and hence it saves your time.
  • A universal portable battery charger which charges iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android smartphones and even certain gaming gadgets.
  • You can even play your favorite games on your Nintendo Switch while charging it with this pack.
  • Equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology so it can charge up to 80% within 35 minutes.
  • Charges your device 27% faster and saves power consumption by 45%.
  • It can charge any device with a full charge from 5 times to 8 times.
  • With 4-LED indicator, it will keep you informed on current battery status.
  • Automatically shuts down in the case of short circuit or overload, hence 100% safe.

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#2. PowerJak

PowerJak is offering one of the best backup battery options for your smartphone. Be it iPhone or Android smartphone, PowerJak can charge it. The sleek designed power bank not only looks good but because of the design, it can become the best option to charge your device while traveling.

Portable Phone ChargerFeatures of PowerJak Battery Pack

  • Carries 13000mAh power with dual USB.
  • Uses USB cable to charge your device for easier charging.
  • With one full charging, it can charge two devices simultaneously up to five times.
  • Extremely lightweight and you can carry it even in handy, best utility tool for traveling, camping, tracking activities.
  • With patented IC safety technology at disposal, it prevents your device from short circuit, overcharging and also from overheating.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty so feel free and keep on charging your smart devices.

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The AUKEY battery charger we are presenting now is one of the most preferred portable battery chargers

on Amazon as more than 1000 customers gave their positive reviews about this product. It is equipped with an excellent power capacity of 10400mAh and believe us; it looks great as well.

Portable Battery PackFeatures of AUKEY Portable Battery Pack

  • With Quick Charge 2.0 technology in hand, it can charge your device 75% faster than conventional charging.
  • It charges all 5V USB powered devices which include most of the Android devices and also Apple devices.
  • When full it can charge an iPhone three to four times and Android phones two times.
  • Don’t worry about your device getting overcharged or overheated as it has inbuilt safeguards.
  • Just note that this power bank is not compatible with Motorola smartphones.
  • Along with these smart features get the AUKEY brand’s trust for safer and faster charging of your device.

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#4 ToHLo

We saw many compact looking portable battery chargers, but this piece from ToHLo is apart from being compact it is great looking as well. Being a great looking power bank it doesn’t mean that ToHLo is offering nothing or compromised features.

Power Bank Battery ChargerFeatures of ToHLo Portable Battery Pack

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  • The capacity of this power bank is 20000mAh, and it can charge your iPhones, iPads and Android devices from 2 to almost eight times with a full charge.
  • It has almost same power like the other best portable battery chargers, but it carries half of the size.
  • Stylish design allows you to take it even when you are at your professional gatherings.
  • Aviation Aluminum body ensures security against any drops and falls and also smooth on feel.
  • It has the polymer battery which is regarded as the safest till date.
  • Dual USB outputs of 2.1A give you seamless charging.
  • Charge two devices simultaneously with fast possible charging speed.

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#5. Polanfo

Sometimes you don’t need a portable battery charger which has a huge capacity, and you are fine with limited but good enough power charging possibilities. For such a medium ranged requirements we are presenting Polanfo power bank which is compact and exquisite looking.

Portable Battery Pack ChargerFeatures of Polanfo Portable Battery Pack

  • The power bank from Polanfo has a mid-range capacity of 12000mAh.
  • Polanfo claims that its power bank is equivalent to six iPhone batteries.
  • Get an additional talk time of almost 84 hours after charging your smartphone with this power bank.
  • Slim, compact and lightweight so you can carry it easily even in your pockets.
  • Apart from being thin, it is cased in a crisp anodized finish with an aluminum alloy which means it gives it a great look.
  • Best use for iPhones but it is a universal portable battery charger.

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#6. imuto

The 20000mAh capacity power bank from imuto certainly will add a shot in your smartphone’s armory because it is a universal portable charger and you can charge your iPhone, iPad, Tablets and Android smartphones.

External Battery Power PackFeatures of imuto Portable Battery Pack

  • It may look small, but this portable battery pack is robust and yet light in weight.
  • Not only the smartphones, but you can even charge your MacBook and also the Nintendo Switch with this power bank.
  • Shows are remaining power in the battery in digital format.
  • The inbuilt LED flashlight helps you in low-light or dark environments.
  • There are multiple protection measures which will keep your smart device safe from overheating or overcharging.
  • It has the A-class lithium ion batteries for safety and lightweight.

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We bet you will certainly fall for the color combination this power bank from EC TECHNOLOGY offers. Not only the good looks but also the huge 22400mAh power capacity is also one of the main features of this portable battery charger.

Portable Cell Phone Charger Power Bank Battery Charger Portable Power Bank Portable Battery Pack Charger External Battery Power Pack Portable Battery Pack And ChargerFeatures of EC TECHNOLOGY Portable Battery Pack

  • The power bank is a second generation power bank which delivers higher efficiency rate with the fastest possible current.
  • With DC 5V 2A input it charges your device twice fast than the regular portable battery packs.
  • There are four integrated LED indicators to show you the current power status.
  • A flashlight which is inbuilt will give you an extra option to carry the power bank in low-light or dark areas.
  • Get three different bulb modes like SOS, Bright, and Average for the light.
  • Inbuilt microchip will ensure comfortable, safe and long lifespan.
  • Get more than 500 charges over the life of the battery, and after 24 months it still maintains unrivaled performance.
  • 3 USB charging ports for charging three devices simultaneously.
    Compatible with all smart devices.

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#8. Smartech

The last product we are offering from Smartech has the lowest capacity of the battery which is just 10000mAh which is the minimum capacity we decided to include in this list. So, if you have a limited usage of a portable battery charger, then this one is for you.

Best Battery Charger PackFeatures of Smartech Portable Battery Pack

  • Equipped with Smart Technology, this power bank identifies what type of device it is charging and how much charging it needs.
  • The smart technology delivers complete charging at the desired speed.
  • It can charge any device from 2.5 times to 3.5.
  • It also can turn off and turn on charging when your device is connected.
  • You have a benefit to charging both your smartphone and this portable battery pack at the same time.

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We gave you the best possible options for the best Portable battery chargers which are compatible with most of the smart devices. Hope, you liked this list. If you do or even don’t, please give your valuable feedback here in the comments section, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.