“Pokémon Go” has deservedly emerged as the most scintillating augmented-reality game ever. And just like you all, I have played it to my heart’s content. Having endlessly played it for a month, I would like to hunt for some similar games just to rev up my taste.

Luckily, there is a gazillion of options to never let your spirit down. Whether you want to indulge into a war with the monster or save the world from being eliminated, you have got as incredible a concept as you would every fancy in your dream. So, what’s stopping you mate? Let’s showcase your excellence!

5 Best Pokémon Go Alternatives for Android

#1. Battle Camp

Battle against the mighty dragons as well as dreading warthogs to prove your supremacy. If you want to survive or champion the devils, you need to train a monster and form a powerful troop to crush raid bosses or get into a destructive troop war.

Battle Camp has everything what it takes to enthrall you to the core.

Price: Free
Download Battle Camp

#2. Parallel Kingdom MMO (retired 2016)

Dragons are lurking in your own backyard! Act fast to destroy them. Slain the dreading monsters using your wit and charisma.

With Parallel Kingdom MMO, you will forge a massive war machine to capture kingdom and rule it like a real king.

There are 40 levels with 50 different skills to choose from and 14 unique character classes to let you get the best out of this awe-inspiring game.

#3. Warp Runner

Do you like the idea of playing an awesome augmented reality puzzle game? If yes, then Warp Runner can be an automatic choice for you.

You will have to give your absolute best to help escape your character which has been trapped in the real world, Warp-Up/Down the real world with your fingers to unravel the puzzles and create a path through the exit.

You need to find your way out through all the levels in order to give him the freedom.

Price: Free
Download Warp Runner

#4. Ingress

A team of scientists in Europe has unleashed a mysterious energy to control the thinking of people or viciously influence them. Come on! This is the perfect time for you to show your unparalleled wisdom.

Find the mystifying source of the energy using your phone. In order to succeed, capture the object that can assist you in your mission, conquest the territory and ally with your friends to achieve your goal. Ingress is unbelievably intriguing.

Price: Free
Download Ingress

#5. SpecTrek Light

All geared up for ghost hunting? SpecTrek Light can be just the flavor you are looking for.

Walk through the streets of your town foxhunting ghouls that lurk on every corner. Using your Android smartphone’s camera to detect specters surrounding you in the real world and as soon as you find any target just tap on the catch button to capture it.

Price: Free
Download SpecTrek Light

That’s all!

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Which one of these games has been able to charm you? Wouldn’t you like to share your feedback with us?