As PlayStation 4 is a fantastic gaming platform, you can get best quality sound while playing games and chatting with your multiplayer mates without disturbing other people in your house if you have a best PS4 gaming headset. So, playing on PS4 is fun, but with a top-notch gaming headset, it would add the next level of enchantment. Hence, we are here to upsurge your delight level.

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Whether you want a wired or wireless PS4 gaming headset, we have covered every kind of headsets. They all are designed to give high-quality audio, comfort while wearing, and works as a trustworthy microphone. Well, most of them are affordable, so will get a here a best budget PS4 headset as well. So, are you ready to enjoy playing with these best PlayStation 4 gaming headsets? If yes, then go ahead to pick the right companion!

Best PlayStation 4 Gaming Headsets and Headphones

Best PlayStation 4 (PS4) Gaming Headsets

#1. BlueFire

BlueFire PlayStation 4 headsets headphone

Although this latest gaming headset is designed for PlayStation 4 is multipurpose so that you can use it with other gaming consoles easily as well. It gives you awesome surround sound which will make you feel that you are right there inside the game. The perfect padding will make sure that your ears remain totally covered and you will not feel fatigue after spending hours while gaming. The cord is 7 feet long so you can have enough distance from your TV set.

Price: $19.99
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AFUNTA PlayStation 4 Headset

This extremely great looking headset for PS4 is available in 3 different colors so you can have some choice in your hand. With the 3.5mm combo headphone and microphone connector available with this piece, you can use the mic when you plug it and also into a headset as well. It gives you some of the best and clear sounds with sound shock feeling. It is splendid with noise isolation.

Price: $22.99
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#3. Sades

Sades PlayStation 4 Headset

For a perfect gaming quality stereo sound, you should give a good look at this headset made especially for PlayStation 4 by Sades. It is capable of capturing the sound of flying bullets, footsteps and most of the effects your gaming console provides with ease. The padded and cushioned headband will never make irritation even when you are involved in long gaming hours. It is very much sensitive and responses with wide frequencies as well.

Price: $22.99
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TRITTON PlayStation 4 Headset

This headset has the spontaneous connectivity, and it connects directly to your PS4 within no time at all. This headphone is equipped with some of the simplest of audio controls which you can easily handle. The in-line audio controller will allow you quick adjustments. The microphone is ideal for playing PSN video games as it is bendable and reaches perfectly to your mouth.

Price: $19.99
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#5. Megadream

Megadream PlayStation 4 headsets headphone

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This extremely simple to use headphone by MegaDream is light-weight as well so you can easily port it and adjusted as per your requirement. The wearing of this headset is comfortable and convenient to use also. The volume controls are easy to use, and the sound is clear all the while. With the attached microphone, you can easily chat while you are playing games. The cushioned padding will allow you to play long hours of game playing on your favorite PS4.

Price: $11.99
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#6. PDP

PDP PlayStation 4 headsets headphone

This headset is designed exclusively for PlayStation 4 only, and hence you can’t use it with the other gaming consoles like few other headsets we have offered here. You can speak freely as it is a truly wireless headset. The split headband design will always provide you the comfort you need when you are involved in playing games for hours.

Price: $66.59
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#7. Sony

Sony PlayStation 4 Headset

Here comes the gaming headset for PlayStation 4 from the makers itself. Yes, this earpiece is made by Sony hence you can expect great quality of sound and other features which exactly what it delivers as well. With stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound experience, you can even chat with your friends as well with a hidden noise-canceling microphone. You need to download the headset companion app and you are done. Just enjoy the real and true gaming experience of PS 4 with this headset.

Price: $86.94
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#8. Bengoo

Bengoo PlayStation 4 headsets headphone

This is one of the top-selling gaming headsets for PlayStation 4 on Amazon, so you can imagine the quality it provides when you are playing your favorite games. It has a high-pass magnetic core and surrounding stereo subwoofer which will always give you clear sound and noise isolation with ease. With the Bengoo professional app, you can even enjoy beautiful music and voice chatting at one go.

Price: $31.99
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#9. eForHome

eForHome PlayStation 4 headsets headphone

All you need to do is to insert this 3.5mm headset pin into your PS4 and then long press PS button, and you will then start experiencing the best quality sound. Remember this is an over-ear headphone and the USB interface is only to use for power supply for LED light and not for the headset itself. You will definitely get the super gaming quality sound with high precision 40mm drive and capture the flying bullets, footsteps, and all effect in all the games easily.

Price: $19.99
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KOTION EACH PlayStation 4 headphone

This one is not only a Bluetooth headset, but you can also use it as a wired headphone as well. It offers high-quality sound with automatic noise isolation. Because it is a wireless headset, it runs a battery which has a battery life of 8 hours of playing time and standby time of 180 hours. The closed protection for your ears will work only in favor to increase your gaming experience.

Price: $26.95
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We have tried our very best to give you different top quality PlayStation 4 gaming headsets. You have even got a choice of wired and wireless headsets as well.

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