We manage and use plenty of online accounts these days. These accounts include our emails, our social media platforms and also our online banking. Because there is a possible threat of hacking of our various online accounts, we have to choose different passwords for different platforms. This makes things more complicated as we need to remember each user IDs and passwords. There are some websites which don’t use every day and sometimes we forget the password when we are in actual need of it. We sure this must have happened with you also.

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So, what is the solution? Well, the solution is to have an app which saves your important details and keeps it secret. Such types of apps are called the Password Manager apps. You probably have gone through password management on your Chrome on your smartphone, these apps work somewhat in those lines only and not in total. To have a password managing app in your iPhone or Android you probably need no paper to keep your passwords noted down in it and that doesn’t offer you any safety.

Best Password Manager Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Password Manager Apps for Android and iPhone 2016

#1. 1Password

1Password App for iPhone and Android1Password is probably the most popular password manager apps we have got. It can save an unlimited amount of passwords along with credit and debit card numbers and addresses. It works on AES 256-bit encryptions which also allows Touch ID unlocking feature. You can create any number of passwords and it doesn’t matter how complex they are, 1Password will keep them secret in its vault. You can use and organize your passwords easily.

Download 1Password for Android | Download 1Password for iPhone

#2. LastPass

LastPass Password Manager App for iPhone and AndroidLastPass is a special password managing app because it automatically organizes your entries. It has been categorized in 3 main features, one is websites and the other two are form fills and secure notes respectively. You can even save your driving license details and also your credit and debit card details with this app. What makes this app interesting, that it creates a template for each website and apps. So, when you need a password, all you can see is the website or app logo and thus you can easily recognize the platform for which you need a password.

Download LastPass for Android | Download LastPass for iPhone

#3. mSecure

mSecure Password Manager App for iPhone and AndroidThis is another specially designed password managing app where you have to enter a new password or can store the current one and you will get the instant and easy access. mSecure has plenty of premade templates and hundreds of icons and from that, you will need to log in and the entire process is extremely easy to execute. What makes this app different than the other such apps is that you can mark certain details as favorite and then can keep them in a special folder. You can even sort all the details by date, type or group. Later on, you can browse the entries through different folders. All in all, this app categorizes your password details to give you an easy access later on when you are in need of it.

Download mSecure for Android | Download mSecure for iPhone

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#4. Enpass

Enpass Password Manager App for iPhone and AndroidEnpass not only stores all of your passwords but it also saves your credit and debit card numbers, your driving license details, password info and many more important things which you need to store secretly. There is also an inbuilt browser which will make it easier for you to fill in all the necessary details inside the app itself. The things don’t end here. There is also an extension to Safari for iPhone users so if you don’t want to use the inbuilt browser you can use this. Enpass also has a desktop version and this app will store your details on your preferred cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and then can also sync it with your device. This app runs on AES 256-bit encryption so your Enpass app is always safe.

Download Enpass for Android | Download Enpass for iPhone

#5. PasswordWallet

PasswordWallet Password Manager App for iPhone and androidIf you are in need to have a seamless logging in all important websites then PasswordWallet is a perfect solution for you. You need to first create a login card and then enter the website URL. Once you are done with this process then whenever you want to visit that website, you only need to select the ‘Visit’ icon directly from this app’s entry page. This app also allows copy pasting of usernames, passwords and URL information with a single tap. PasswordWallet is having its own browser but if you wish you can also use its desktop app so that you can take a backup of your data. This app works on Blowfish 448-bit encryption which supports Touch ID. Create as many wallets with this app so you can categorize your needs.

Download PasswordWallet for Android

Download PasswordWallet for iPhone

#6. Keeper

Keeper Password Manager App for iPhone and AndroidYou must have seen a big cabinet with so many partitions to distribute your important things; Keeper works the same way while securing your passwords. It makes different folders for you to keep each username and password in them. Once you create folders and save your details then you can categorize them according to your needs. There is also a dynamic search available which will help you to find your desired folder. Not only that you can even filter your folders by date added, shared and favorites etc. If you are sharing a particular account with someone else then you can share that folder with him and Keeper will send him an invitation.

Download Keeper for Android | Download Keeper for iPhone

#7. eWallet

eWallet Password Manager App for iPhone and AndroidEven eWallet lets you categorize your passwords in different folders like few other password managing apps, but what makes it different is the way you customize each folder by naming them and selecting an icon. All these activities are so exciting that you will love to do them. When you create a folder you can build cards with a customizable template which will give you a specific info about each folder. Each folder has a look of a credit card with all information on its face sans password off course. You will get to know the password only if you tap on that folder. So if you wish to save your password with a little bit of creativity, then go for eWallet.

Download eWallet for Android | Download eWallet for iPhone


Because keeping passwords and other login details in mind is next to impossible for many of us, these apps we have prescribed will certainly come as a huge help. These apps are secured by encryption and thus you can trust them for sure.

We would love to get your feedback on this feature as it is important for us to know that how one of these apps is working for you. Do share your feedback here in the comments section or on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.