OnePlus 5T is a big, bold, and beautiful smartphone. This smartphone has more prominent life display that is making this phone a great phablet. However, you will require an excellent protective case and cover for your OnePlus 5T to keep the charm for a longer time.

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Here we have taken care of the best quality, look, durability and quality material while picking the best cases and covers for the OnePlus 5T. Whether, you want a slim case, sturdy case or protective case, here you will find the best category for your smartphone. Well, you will not have to worry about any impact on your smartphone’s skin. So let us start to find the best one from this list of best OnePlus 5T cases and covers. (Make sure to have a look at the best OnePlus 5T screen protectors.)
Best OnePlus 5T Cases and Covers

Best OnePlus 5T Cases and Covers

#1. IVSO Ultra Thins Leather Case

Just like any slim thin cases this case, also keeps the phone slim and thin while providing the sturdy and robust possible protection all around and all the time. The look of this case is sturdy and attractive. This case is unbreakable and sturdy, so this case maybe cases that exactly you want to have for your OnePlus 5T for the protection from the future damages. Apart from that this case is available in four different colors.

IVSO OnePlus 5T CaseFeatures:

  • This case is the tailor-made case that is precisely made a OnePlus 5T smartphone.
  • This case is made of TPU which is soft, and this is what makes the case installation easy and secure removal too.
  • It protects the phone from drops and shocks.
  • With the precise cuts, it provides full access to the ports, sensors, speakers, camera, microphone and user interface.
  • It offers 5.30 days of return and refund policy and 12-months of manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: $5.50
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#2. TopAce Flexible TPU Case

If you are looking for the unusual slim layered shock absorbent case for your OnePlus 5T, then this TopAce Flexible TPU Case is one of the best options. It provides excellent look with some leather grip design on the back of the case. This will look fabulous without adding any bulk to your smartphone. It is designed precisely for the OnePlus 5T smartphone. This case is an ideal mixture of style, and functionality. This flexible slim TPU case offers complete protection against regular harm.

TopAce OnePlus 5T CaseFeatures:

  • This precisely made a case for the OnePlus 5T case is made from Silicone TPU.
  • It the case soft in touch as well as easy to grip and light.
  • The precise cuts and molding enable you to have complete access to all the ports, buttons, and cameras.
  • It protects against scratches as well as drops while even keeping the slim fit and low profile.
  • The raised lip holds the screen and rear camera safe on the flat surface.

Price: $8.99
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#3. AVIDET Shock Absorbent Case

AVIDET is one of the well-known brands in the land of the smart gadgets accessories. It now offers a fantastic and attractive looking shock-absorbent case that will inevitably push you to purchase it right away. You can choose this case from four different color combination. And all of them are contains pure single color all over. So that you can pick the best and genuine color case for your smartphone that suits your style.

AVIDET OnePlus 5T CaseFeatures:

  • This ultra-thin protective hard back case for Oneplus 5T is made of sturdy and durable material.
  • The material gives different visual feeling while keeping it easy to grip and light in weight too.
  • The cuts for the camera and the buttons make this easy for you to access them with ease.
  • This case protects the phone from the everyday scratches, bumps, dust, and fingerprints.
  • The brand offers lifetime warranty without any hassle.

Price: $7.99
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#4. TopAce Crystal Clear Case

It is the perfect case for a OnePlus 5T smartphone to flaunt with the fantastic and original design of your cell phone. This ultra-thin clear case looks very attractive on your new OnePlus 5T killer smartphone. It is slim, and this case has redefined design for your smartphone. This case even can safeguard your phone from impacts and also doesn’t add minimal bulk. This case will accurately fit on your smartphone and reveal the natural design of the OnePlus 5T smartphone.

TopAce OnePlus 5T Clear CaseFeatures:

  • This case is made of silicone TPU material that makes this case soft to touch, comfortable to have a grip as well as light in weight.
  • The premium matte TPU material to give an excellent flexibility to make it easy for installation.
  • It protects your phone from the knocks, bumps, and scratches.
  • It lets you access all the ports, cameras, and buttons of your OnePlus 5T smartphone.

Price: $8.99
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#5. BIUZKO Ultra Slim Case

This ultra-slim case is a premium looking case from one of the known brand BIUZKO that comes with an excellent design, finish and the grip on the case. To improve your smartphone’s looks and overall feel while protecting it of course by holding the device securely inside it. This sturdy and protective looking case manages to cover each of the sides and the corners of your cell phone.

BIUZKO Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • It is made from the strong as well as durable TPU gel material.
  • The material makes it highly resistant to the shocks and scratches.
  • The case’s both sides and borders are equipped with the non-slip coating that provides extra grip on your phone.
  • The case has the accurate precision to fit the phone precisely.
  • The TPU material gives you the smooth touch and feel.

Price: $7.81
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#6. Riffue Slim Thin Case

Want to maintain the sleek profile of your Oneplus 5T smartphone? Then this case is one of the best options which can make your mind to purchase your high-end Oneplus 5T smartphone. This case covers the smartphone well while providing fantabulous protection for your smartphone. With the slim and thin shell, the brand Riffue offers better option to keep your smartphone weightless.

Riffue Slim Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • This shell is made from premium durable PC material without any toxic.
  • The case is scratch resistant and wear-resisting too.
  • It offers precise cuts for the buttons, ports, and camera.
  • The unique points are accurate and also dustproof to keep the phone clean.
  • The matte texture provides excellent grip on the case at the time holding your phone with it.

Price: $7.99
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#7. LEEGU Printed Clear Case

If you are looking for the best ultra-thin case for your Oneplus 5T smartphone while keeping the original beauty with some attractive flower design, then you should try this case from LEEGU. It will give a unique look, and natural touch feels while providing some fascinating flower design to the device. The case is mostly for those users who want to flaunt the natural design of their device without adding any bulk.

LEEGU Printed Clear Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • This precisely made case is made of two different materials such as hard material for the back, and the soft rubber TPU is used to build the bumper frame around the case.
  • The TPU bumper frame makes this case easy to install.
  • It is compatible with most of the third-party screen protectors.
  • They protect the phone from the scratches, bumps and other regular damages.
  • It is ultrathin design makes easy to reach all the buttons and ports of the phone.

Price: $7.99
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#8. Riffue Leather Flip Case

If you are looking for the classy leather wallet case for your Oneplus 5T smartphone, then the Riffue PU Leather Case is one of the best options for you. It gives a professional look on your device without adding any bulk to it. The case is precisely designed for the Oneplus 5T smartphone. It is a perfect mixture of the elegance, professionalism, style, and functionality.

Riffue Flip Leather Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • This case is made with two different layers in which the exterior is made from PU leather and the inner case is made from incredibly soft and slip TPU material.
  • It protects the phone from scratches, scuffs, and scrapes.
  • It is also shock-absorbent.
  • It offers perfect cuts to access the buttons, ports and other functions with all ease.
  • The case is very thin and light in weight so that it is easy to install and remove too.
  • The unique and fashionable pattern of the case adds unique beauty to your smartphone.

Price: $9.99
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#9. Riffue Ultra Slim Case

Riffue has been offering another very high quality but the budget-friendly protective case for the Oneplus 5T smartphone. Like all another case, this case is one of a protective case for the Oneplus 5T phone. It fits well on your device and lets you access your phone for all the functions while protecting it at the same time. It gives excellent protection while providing stunning look to your expensive smartphone like Oneplus 5T.

Riffue Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • This case is made of soft but durable TPU material.
  • It offers 360-degree that means all-around protection to the phone.
  • It is shock-absorbent and resistant to the scratches and scuffs.
  • The vintage mate design on the back enhances the functionality of the case to make it skid-resistance and fingerprint-proof.
  • The material is non-toxic and also wear-resisting.
  • It contains precise cuts for the necessary ports and buttons.
  • The raised bezel protects the screen and rear camera from the surface contact.

Price: $7.99
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#10. Vinve Ultra Thin Case

It is the perfect case for Oneplus 5T to offer the stunning design and look for your device like the Oneplus 5T phone. This badass protective cover and case look really remarkable on your Oneplus 5T killer phone. This case has a slim and beautiful design on the sides of the case that can also safeguard your phone with adding minimal bulk. It perfectly fits on the Oneplus 5T device and provides the best look ever.

Vinve Case for OnePlus 5TFeatures:

  • This case is made from premium TPU and fits only to the Oneplus 5T smartphone.
    With the soft clear TPU back, it comes with electroplating frame that makes your phone look stunning.
  • The material offers comfortable and smooth feel in your hand.
  • The flexibility and wear resistance functionality protects from the scratches, drop and shocks.
  • The precise cuts are good for easy access to the buttons, charging port, camera, headphone jack, microphone, and other ports as well.
  • The ultra-clear case reveals and improves the natural design of your smartphone.

Price: $8.89
Buy it from Amazon

These are the best recommendation for your Oneplus 5T smartphone cases and covers. If you want to keep your smartphone new forever and impact free from all those daily knocks and shocks, scratches and scrapes then this collection of the cases for the Oneplus 5T you must take a look.

Which one of these is your pick? Or you don’t have any yet? Well, then you really should pick one for your expensive smartphone. Tell us about your best pick for your smartphone we are waiting for your valuable feedback here in the comment section or you can leave your comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.