The OnePlus 5 is a quick and slick smartphone, which offers great value for the money. And compared to the high-end devices of the market, it is one of the best and low price Smartphone that you can purchase. However, this is not what you would call a rugged device.

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We all know your worry for a precious smartphone like OnePlus 5 that have a very wonderful look and structure of the outer layer. And to protect its body as well as the screen we have round up some of the best wallet cases for OnePlus 5.

Wallet cases are always fantastic to many of the smartphone users just because it offers all around protection. Along with the overall protection to OnePlus 5, it provides an extra facility to carry a whole lot of stuff such as credit cards, debit cards, business card, and cash. These best OnePlus 5 wallet cases, we have selected here are just for you. And they are constructed to give you the same facility that you can expect from those wallet cases.

Best Wallet Cases for OnePlus 5All the wallet cases listed below are built from the high-quality material, and all of them are robust enough to give your OnePlus 5 smartphone an extra protection that it always needs. We also keep the choice for ladies in our mind and picked some wallet cases for them to and listed here.

Best Wallet Cases for OnePlus 5

#1. Belk

The very first wallet case for OnePlus 5 that we are presenting here is from one of the top leaders in the mobile accessories that are Belk. If offers a stunning look and it can even work as a folio book stand for hands-free viewing. Although this case is available in six different colors. So we can assure you that if you are a professional and even want color splash along with professionalism in your wallet case then this case is for you, and you would go no further.

Belk OnePlus 5 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • Meticulously crafted from the premium PU leather.
  • The material offers smooth body, retro texture, subtle colors, comfortable feel and printed brand logo.
  • It is scratch-resistance, anti-throw and the inner PC case is wear-resisting provide protection against fingers, stains and able to bear or endure the dirt.
  • The case offers three slots to store credit card, debit card, business card and one sleeve to carry money.
  • The magnetic closure that this case is equipped with is easy to close and protects your phone, your essential things inside the case and screen of your phone as well.
  • It is slim, light and effortless to carry anywhere.

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#2. Demo

Ladies will surely like this wallet case because the case has attached wrist strap and also have a lucky floral design on the case. This wallet case from Demo produced just for the OnePlus 5 smartphone. Another feature which can attract the lady is that this wallet case is available in four different color choices. So just spend a real time and pick the one that full fill your needs.

Demo OnePlus 5 Leather Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • It is made from PU leather material that offers excellent protection on the phone.
  • The beauty luxury fashion floral lucky flower design makes it look more attractive.
  • The foldable stand lets you enjoy hands-free watching of your favorite movies of videos.
  • The Magnetic clasp keeps everything secure inside the case such as your phone and the essential card.
  • With two card slot and money, sleeve offers real space inside the case to put the necessary things inside.
  • Even more, the receiver design makes more convenient to answer the call without opening the case.

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#3. Feitenn

Feitenn is one of the top names in the world of mobile accessories, and this wallet case from Feitenn is a premium PU leather wallet case that has a fantastic look, and that will push you to purchase it. You can pick you a choice of color case from the four color options this brand offers those, and all these four colors will surely match your style factor.

Feitenn Wallet case for OnePlus 5Features:

  • This is precisely made for OnePlus 5 smartphone.
  • The exterior of this wallet case is made from premium PU, and the inner case of this wallet case is made from highly flexible and clear color matched PC.
  • This case is shock resistance and scratch resistance as well.
  • It offers 360-degree protection; this means no impact can harm your phone.
  • The case provides precise cutouts so that you easily can use all the functionality of your phone.
  • Its in-built stand function lets you have hands-free watching of videos and movies.

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You will surely like the textured leather pattern that embossed on this wallet case from AVIDET. As it is made precisely for OnePlus 5 so this case won’t fit any other smartphone that OnePlus 5. There are four different colors are available in this case like Black, Blue, Red, and White. So if you believe in professionalism, then at least one look at the Black color option and you surely would find it a perfect fit with style.

AVIDET OnePlus 5 Wallet Flip CaseFeatures:

  • Made from premium quality leather that offers all around protection to your OnePlus 5 smartphone.
  • The material provides excellent grip and even makes it light and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The cutouts of this case are precise so that you can easily access all the functions.
  • The raised bezel at the case secures the camera very well.
  • It protects your smartphone from bumps, scratches, fingerprints, and dust.
  • The kickstand and slots inside the case make it more affordable at this price.
  • You can even have lifetime no-hassle warranty from the brand.

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#5. TopAce

The case from TopAce is made out of the high-quality Artificial leather and PC. This wallet case for OnePlus 5 smartphone is available in five colors which will make you surely confuse that which to pick and which to skip for your smartphone. But there is no confusion over the security measures that this case offers. Your high-end smartphone is fully secured once it is locked inside this great wallet case.

TopAce Protective Wallet Case for OnePlus 5Features:

  • This wallet case here is constructed for multi-functions such as covering your OnePlus 5 smartphone accurately entirely. Hence, your smartphone gets secure.
  • This case even allows carrying two credit cards, but you can’t bring cash with this case.
  • The inner skin which is of PC is scratch-resistance and shock-resistance, and hence it will absorb any shock that might occur from the sudden drop or fall.
  • The outer is of artificial leather, and the stitching one this case is of the high quality, so there is no any chance of your smartphone and all the essential things falling out of this case.
  • You can use this wallet case as a kickstand, as it can open like a book so that you can fold the flip of this case to enjoy hands-free comfort.
  • Even then that you will get a firm and comfortable grip for your smartphone.

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#6. Honghushup

Want to give your OnePlus 5 smartphone a luxurious and stylish look? Then you got not only one but four options in hand as Honghushop is presenting luxurious looking wallet cases in four different colors. The case is precisely constructed for OnePlus 5 smartphone only, and this is why it will not fit on any other phone.

Honghushop OnePlus 5 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • It is made of high-quality PU leather, and the TPU back cover inner case offers excellent protection to your smartphone.
  • Both the exterior and interior make this case anti-shock, and that provides durable protection.
  • The magnetic closure adds an extra layer of security so that your phone remains safe inside the case.
  • This case even offers smart sleep function.
  • The complete body protection and full access to all the features.
  • With this case, you can carry only one card.

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#7. Vinve

The wallet case that we are offering here is actually very stylish, and if you want a choice, then you have two different colors that are Black and Brown so there sadly there is no more color option to choose. But the design of this case is very excellent, and this case is just made for OnePlus 5 only. Thus no other smartphone can fit with it. Despite being only wallet case, the case even works as kickstand case at the same time.

Vinve Wallet Case for OnePlus 5Features:

  • It is made from high-quality PU simple texture leather that offers a super sense of touch.
  • Vinve is not only offering the style with its case, but it even gives a complete functional wallet case for you, so this is a perfect case for your daily use and even official use.
  • There are only a single inbuilt card slots where you can carry only one of your debit or credit card. So basically it is not that spacious.
  • The cuts are exact so that you will have full access to all the function of your smartphones like buttons, cameras, speaker, and ports.
  • It even turns into a kickstand so that you can enjoy the hands-free watching.

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#8. SLEO

The SLEO wallet case for OnePlus 5 smartphone is a premium product in the mobile accessories world. However, the brand is not that established but to offer you the best we have tried it first so that you get best. The PU leather that is used in this case provides very soft touch. The design of this wallet case is exclusively constructed for OnePlus 5, so it will always be comfortable for you to carry your phone with this case anywhere you want to. It is even pocket-friendly wallet case that adds no built to your phone.

SLEO Retro Wallet Flip CaseFeatures:

  • Made from high-quality retro leather and even more, it is handcrafted, this is why this case offers great vintage style look.
  • There are three slots for storing cards, IDs, licenses and even visiting cards. There is another sleeve in which you can keep the money.
  • The flip is flexible so that you can utilize it as a kickstand for watching movies, videos and reading ebooks.
  • Its smooth leather finish will prevent any damage and will protect your phone from dust, dirt, and scratches.
  • The unique design of this case offers hard PC shell that helps absorbing shock and provides better protection.

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Wrapping Up

With this, we have now reached a conclusion to our recommendations for purchasing the best wallet cases for OnePlus 5. We are now sure that you must like the range of these wallet cases that we have picked and that too from many different brands those are known to give some quality products for the smartphone from many years.

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