The latest flagship phone of OnePlus has finally landed with its pretty cool features. But, you can travel to the different world with these OnePlus 5 tips and tricks. Well, the latest Snapdragon 385 chipset, dual camera, AMOLED display and Aluminium body are very impressive, and it might be the biggest rival for Apple and other Android devices. Along with these specifications, there are the more hidden feature and tips & tricks of the brand new killer-OnePlus 5 that you should know about.

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Well, we already talked about the OnePlus 5 accessories, cases and screen protector. Happily, after spending few worthy days with my next-gen OnePlus phone, I found something interesting about the device. So I am here to share you some amazing tips for OnePlus 5 owners. Let’s get started!

Best OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks

10 Best OnePlus 5 Tips and Tricks

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#1. On-Screen Buttons or Capacitive Buttons? Choice is yours

The brand new OnePlus 5 allows you to select on-screen software buttons or capacitive buttons as per your liking. You can see two capacitive hidden buttons on the sides of the fingerprint sensor. So if you don’t care about it then you can change it by heading to SettingsButtons and set your all favorite buttons, you can also switch between capacitive buttons or on-screen navigation bar here.

#2. Enable Reading Mode

The new Reading Mode feature in new flagship phone of OnePlus 5 is pretty good for readers. It will provide you a little relaxation to your eyes while using the device. When you turn on reading mode, it will change the text and image from color to black and white, it also slightly increases contrast and side-tracked blue light to mirror of e-reader mode feel.

You can enable Reading Mode by heading to SettingsDisplay → tap on Reading mode. You can also set up a Reading Mode automatically for some apps by navigating through SettingsDisplayReading mode and then add the apps that you would like to see in reading mode.

#3. Get your hand with onscreen gestures

Sometimes onscreen gesture action works better than using buttons or taps. So, like other newest Android devices, the next-gen OnePlus 5 phone has come along with some onscreen gesture which can help you to wake up the screen with a double tap, flip the screen to mute, screenshot with three fingers, play or pause music by drawing two-fingered swipe on the screen.

You can enable onscreen gesture on OnePlus 5 by heading to SettingsGesture and then choose the gesture as per your preference. If you want an O, V, S, M or W gesture on the lock screen, then you can choose the gesture as well by following same steps.

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#4. Get reported with “Alert Slider.”

Whether you want every notification alert or want to keep the device in silent mode, you can easily manage your every notification via “Alert Slider” feature on your OnePlus 5. You can easily switch between sound, vibrate and silent with this feature.

You can easily change the Alert Slider in three different circumstances; there are three options available-Silent, Do Not Disturb and Sound. The first option “Silent” to mutes your current music and ringtone, the “Do Not Disturb” option blocks your all messages and calls except your favorite contacts and the “Sound” option ring your device more loudly when you receive call or messages. You can customize this option by heading to SettingsAlert Slider.

#5. Enable Night Mode

If you want to add an extra protection to your eyes from burnt, then OnePlus 5 will give you the better protection to your eyeballs by “Night Mode” function. Today, there are various modern Android phones, and iPhone includes Night Mode feature. When you turn on Night Mode, it tints your display yellow and warmer to make it more comfortable while using in a dark. If you want to enable Night Mode on your OnePlus 5, head over to SettingsDisplayNight Mode, here you can set the color and schedule to turn on Night Mode automatically. Usually, I prefer to use this feature in night time from around 10 PM to 6 AM.

#6. Turn on DND while gaming

Personally, I have notification while playing Clash of Clans on my OnePlus 5. Thankfully, I found the Do not Disturb option while playing games on my new OnePlus flagship phone. With the help of this option, you can temporary block notifications while gaming. Additionally, you can also add the games you wish to enable DND while playing games. You can turn on this option by heading to SettingsAdvanced → tap on Gaming Do Not Disturb.

#7. Enlarge Screenshots

If you want to send a long screenshot of an extensive web page, then you will love the OnePlus 5. It allows you to capture a more of the screen than you can see on display. When you capture a screenshot, the phone will scroll the page automatically. You can a long screenshot normally by pressing the power button and volume down at the same, then tap on the rectangular icon that shows up on the bottom of the screen.

#8. Use One-handed mode

Whether you are eating or doing some other activity, it would be very hard to operate the 5.5-inch device with one hand. But, the OnePlus 5 always lets you use it with one hand easily. You can enable the one-handed mode just by swiping down somewhere on the home screen.

#9. Change Status Bar

With the latest OxygenOS update in the OnePlus 5, you can easily customize the status bar as per your want. So you don’t need to root your device anymore. There you can change the battery bar style, choose battery icon and lots options. To change the status bar; go to SettingsStatus bar.

#10. Split-Screen Multitask

Well, Google has introduced the multitasking feature in the latest Android O. But, the good news is that you can perform multiple tasks on the OnePlus 5. With the split-screen multitask function on the OnePlus 5; I can use two apps at once at the same time. Mostly, I use the split screen multitask function to watch YouTube videos while web surfing other stuff. If you want to enable Split-screen to multitask on OnePlus 5; go to SettingsButtons, and here you can assign shortcuts to each of the back, home and recent buttons, located under the screen. You can use the Split-screen mode from one of these shortcuts.

Hope you liked these trick and used it on your OnePlus 5. If you have gotten the friendly hand with the latest OnePlus flagship phone and found some interesting, then feel free to tell us in the commenting section.