When you buy any smartphone, the screen protection always plays an important role to lifeguard your device’s display. If you have ordered a brand new OnePlus 5, then here are the best OnePlus 5 Screen Protectors that can use to keep your device free from scratches, marks, and protect from breaking. We are here to help you to decide the perfect screen protector for OnePlus 5.

The OnePlus 5 is the best looking thinnest smartphone that company has ever made. With the full HD AMOLED display with 401 pixels-per-inch screen on the OnePlus 5 looks beautiful. If you want to keep the beauty of your device last forever, then you need a perfect protective case and screen protector for OnePlus 5. We have picked few the most suitable and low-cost screen protectors from some trusted brands to provide high protection to your OnePlus 5 screen.

Here are a couple of best OnePlus 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors.

Best OnePlus 5 Screen Protectors

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#1. Vigeer

Vigeer is the premium tempered shatterproof glass screen protector which is specially designed for OnePlus 5. The premium quality of the screen protector is made from industry-leading Japanese special processed glass, higher quality and more reliable.

Key Features:

  • It provides maximum protection for the flat portion via laser micro-dissection.
  • The 9H hardness scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector can effectively protect your device from scratches and scuffs by the keys, knife, and another sharp item.
  • The Electrostatic adsorption technology can help you to installation smoothly, bubble-free and effortless.
  • The Explosion-proof and Shock-proof can protect your device from accidental drops.
  • The high responsive touching performance makes your device work smooth and faster with 99% HD clarity.
  • When you remove the screen protector, it will not leave any residue on your screen.

Price: $6.99
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#2. KuGi

It is a high-quality 9H hardness clear tempered glass screen protector which is specially designed for OnePlus 5. It will only fit on your OnePlus 5 screen. It is made of AGC glass materials imported from Japan. Let’s find out more interesting feature of this case.

Key Features:

  • It has 9H hardness tempered glass screen protector to prevent your screen from scratches by hard substances.
  • It offers 99% HD Retina Clarity so that you can feel the original touch with faster speed.
  • The oleophobic coating can easily clear your device’s screen and reduces fingerprints, smudges, water, and from scattering.
  • It made of highest quality tempered glass with 100% bubble-free feature, so you can easily install it on your device and remove it without residue.

Price: $4.50
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#3. Toshion

Toshion made this screen protector for the new OnePlus 5 with 9H hardness tempered glass screen protector with anti-fingerprint and bubble-free quality. It also offers crystal clear high transparency to clear view your device’s display.

Key Features:

  • The Hydrophobic Oleophobic screen coating can protect your device from sweat and oil residue from the fingerprint.
  • You can have a high definition clear view on your device with the high-transparency feature.
  • The world’s best 9H hardness screen protector can protect your device from scratches by knife, key and other sharp substances.
  • Easily install the screen protector without any bubbles and remove it without any residue.

Price: $9.99
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#4. IQShield

This OnePlus 5 screen protector is backed by IQ Shield lifetime replacement warranty. This is a ballistic glass screen protectors are constructed of high-quality tempered glass that provided unmatched scratch-resistant.

Key Features:

  • It provides true high definition view of the device with the 99.9% clear and tempered ballistic glass.
  • It featured 9H hardness to safeguard your screen from scratches and scrapes by keys. Knife, and other hard material.
  • The extremely thin 0.33 mm IQ Shield glass provides unparalleled protection without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • It designed rounded edge and is designed to fight damage on effect on your device.
  • The “Accurate Tough” technology keeps your screen responsive.
  • It also offers complete dust-free and bubble-free easy installation, and you can also remove it with no residue.

Price: $7.95
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Wellci offers one of the thinnest screen protectors for OnePlus 5 with 0.25 mm thickness which provides natural viewing experience and original responsive, sensitive touch so that you can easily and quickly operate your device with the fingerprint sensor.

Key Features:

  • The intuitive touch of the screen protector can keep the original screen clear and touch responsive.
  • The Oleophobic coating can prevent from sweat, reduce fingerprints and smudges too, it can also easily clean your device’s screen every day.
  • It provides high transparency of 99.99% light transmission ratio to keep the original look of your device.
  • The 9H industry high hardness can safeguard your device’s screen from scratches and smudges by any hard element.
  • The 2.5D Arc technology of smooth edge and surface can effectively increase the durability.
  • There is one drawback of this screen protector is that it can fully cover your screen surface.

Price: $7.99
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We hope you got the perfect screen protector for your newly purchased OnePlus 5. If you have got the new OnePlus 5, then feel free to tell us in the comments about the new OnePlus 5’s performance.