As OnePlus 3T has 5.5 inches 1080p full HD optical AMOLED display, you don’t want it to get scratched and damaged. For that, you will need the best screen protector for OnePlus 3T. A perfect screen guard is the best shield to keep the screen away from dirt and scratch. To make your work easier, we have created a list of the best OnePlus 3T screen protectors that you can buy. These are the best OnePlus 3T tempered glass screen protectors to give the best options to protect your smartphone’s screen. They are made to provide complete protection to your smartphone from any dirt, dust or even high impact shattering. Don’t worry about the clarity, they all made of premium quality material so that the clarity won’t be compromised. So, let’s jump over to the pick the best screen guard for OnePlus 3T!

Best OnePlus 3T Screen Protectors

#1. Mustaner

It is perfectly designed screen protector for OnePlus 3T. This screen protector is optically transparent and ultra slim with the thickness of just 0.05mm. It virtually remains invisible, so you will get the full HD clarity whenever you are operating your smartphone.

The screen protector is also anti-fingerprint and keeps the smudges away always. The Rhino shield cover over this protector will make sure that the feel of the display doesn’t change.

Price: $7.99
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The screen protector from ICHECKEY is made exclusively for your new smartphone, and it is shatter-proof. This tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus 3T has got the highest protection ranking, the 9H.

It is made from tempered glass for OnePlus 3T; it feels far smoother on your fingers than the PET screen protectors. This screen protector gives you 94% high transparency, and oleophobic coating will keep the dirt away always.

Price: $10.99
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Another screen protector for OnePlus 3T which has the 9H hardness but it has the thickness of just 0.3mm. With such a thin skin this screen protector guarantees you 96% transparency. The protector protects your smartphone’s screen without affecting the quality of touchscreen or even its sensitivity.

You will always get the real colors offered by the screen. The installation is incredibly easy and leaves no bubbles if installed correctly. When you remove this screen protector, it leaves no residue image on it.

Price: $25.99 [$11.59 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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OMOTON is presenting entirely different OnePlus 3T screen protectors from most of the other screen protector manufacturers. It is not made from PET and not from tempered glass. PET film might compromise with the smooth touch, but the HD clarity gets extended up to 99.99% as well.

With such a high definition you can always experience super display on your smartphone. The bubble-free adhesives used for an easy installation and leave no residue when removed.

Price: $7.99
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#5. Starhemei

You may call this as the best screen protector for OnePlus 3T because it is giving you 99% transparency despite being made from tempered glass.

It provides you with the original HD viewing experience. The hard glass protector from Starhemei has 0.3mm ultra-thin thickness. It protects your smartphone not only from any dust or dirt but also from scratches as well.

Price: $6.90
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#6. Nillkin

Whenever you come across with a screen protector which has round edges, you will rest assured the smoothness in that area of your smartphone. This screen protector too has the same round corners, and it has got the 9H ranking for the hardness.

Despite being hard, this OnePlus 3T screen protector is just 0.2mm thick hence it will always give you the best HD experience. The protector is anti-burst and anti-shattering and will hold the entire protector together even after an extreme impact.

Price: $11.99
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#7. Orzly

Orzly has come up with the best screen protector for OnePlus 3T because it can give your smartphone an all-around protection. The best hardness in the industry which is 9H and that is what this screen protector too can guarantee you.

The bubble free installation will make sure that you will get the installation within seconds and if you need to remove it, it will not leave any residue left over on your screen.

Price: $12.99
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#8. Ringke

One of the known brands in smartphone accessories, Ringke has brought a screen protector for the OnePlus 3T phone which is made from a film screen protective film.

This film makes sure to give you a clear and complete high definition and also a maximum resolution for AMOLED (retina) display. This screen protector will always give you natural touch and will allow you to give you perfect touch with precision.

Price: $7.99
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#9. MicroP

Another tampered glass screen protector for OnePlus 3T is here, and this one covers your phone’s screen in totality. The surface hardness is guaranteed by the best industry ranking of 9H.

This screen protector is three times stronger than the regular PET film screen protectors. The fantastic H+ screen protector has an oleophobic coating which works efficiently against fingerprints and other contaminants, and it makes easy to clean for sure.

Price: $7.89
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This piece is compatible with OnePlus 3T only, and it is made from premium Japan AGC glass which has the extreme 9H hardness. It is anti-burst technology which will help the protector holding together after getting a severe cracking under the hard impact.

The oleophobic coating will make sure that your phone screen doesn’t get dirty at all. Apart from a standard feature, this screen protector is also equipped with anti-glare technology so that your eyes won’t feel fatigue even after long hours of movie watching at night.

Price: $8.99
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Most of among these best OnePlus 3T screen protectors are made from tempered glass, but we have taken care to bring you a protector which is made from PET and film also. Hope you have liked our collection.