First of all many many congratulations on purchasing the all new OnePlus 3T smartphone which is considered to be one of the best iPhone 7 Plus Alternatives. Over here you will find some of the best OnePlus 3T car charges which will help you to keep juice in your smartphone even when you are driving.

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In this exclusive list crafted just for you, we made sure that you will get only quality products so that you can select one of these car chargers without fearing the trust level of these products. These OnePlus 3T car chargers provide faster and secure charging all the time and believe us they are extremely easy to use as well.

Best OnePlus 3T Car ChargersBest OnePlus 3T Car Chargers

#1. MND

When you purchase the MND car charger for your OnePlus 3T smartphone, you will also get a home charger adaptor and also a USB charging cable along with it. So you will get double benefit by paying for a single product. Isn’t it a lucrative deal for you or not?

mnd oneplus 3t car chargerFeatures of MND Car Charger

  • The premium Type-C car charger from MND is perfect for your smartphone with fast charging.
  • Fashionable looks, compact in design and also light in weight.
  • Get the dual USB output of 5V 21mAh and 1000mAh
  • Smart chip inbuilt which will prevent overcharging, overheating and also short circuits.

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#2. NEM

This is an extremely compact looking car charger from NEM produced for OnePlus 3T smartphone only. It is a quick charger which means your smartphone will be charged at a very fast rate when you are charging with this car charger compared to other conventional car chargers.

nem quick charge usb car charger for oneplus 3tFeatures of NEM Car Charger

  • Three feet long USB cable with this car charger.
  • It is a universal car charger so not only your OnePlus 3T but you can also charge most of the other brand’s smartphone as well.
  • Get the maximum possible output from this car charger to get the fast possible charging.
  • Easy to fit and remove at any time provides you easy charging.

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This TAIGELI car charger for OnePlus 3T is so small that you can even carry it in your pocket when you are not driving. So this easy to transport car charger from TAIGELI is worth to get a look at you. Apart from being compact in design, this car charger has few more features which we must check.

taigeli quick charge 3.0 car charger for oneplus 3tFeatures of TAIGELI Car Charger

  • Super fast QC3.0 car charger and that means that your smartphone will always get fast charging.
  • Two Port adapter and also OnePlus dash type C cable along with this product.
  • Get the safest and easiest car charging from this car charger from TAIGELI.

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#4. ONX3

ONX3 is known for providing the safest waterproof cases for smartphones, and now it is bringing a premium quality car charger in Type C chargers, which are considered to be the fastest than the conventional chargers available in the market. This car charger from ONX3 is also small in size hence easy to carry.

onx3 oneplus 3t car type-c chargerFeatures of ONX3 Car Charger

  • This is a different car charger because it can let you charge another device by using the USB port and at the same time you can charge your USB C device.
  • The inbuilt charging circuitry protects your device from damages like short circuits.
  • The best protection against overheating, overcharging, over-current as the charging gets stopped when the battery is full.
  • Easy to plug into the cigarette lighter slot of all the cars with DC 12-24V.

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#5. iTALKonline

iTALKonline is another known brand, and this car charger by them for OnePlus 3T is one of the best car chargers you will get in the market. This car charger is extremely compact in size, and what’s more, it is available in almost ten different colors, so select the color according to your style.

italkonline car charger for oneplus 3tFeatures of iTALKonline Car Charger

  • Provides maximum possible charging speed for your OnePlus 3T smartphone.
  • Perfect security against short circuit and overload and even switching voltage.
  • All you need to do is to plug in your USB cable and start charging directly.
  • Compatible with most of the smartphones.

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#6. Aipa

If we call this car charger from Aipa as one of the most stylish looking car chargers for OnePlus 3T then probably we are not wrong for sure. The combination of dark red and black color has made this car charger extremely eye catching. But, apart from the looks, this car charger has some excellent features as well.

aipa mini car charger for oneplus 3tFeatures of Aipa Car Charger

  • Easy to use, a just plugin to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and it is ready to work and once it’s work is over you can store it in your glove compartment, console or even in your pocket.
  • Get your smartphone battery recharged with an optimal speed which you will never experience with some of the other car chargers available in the market.
  • Two USB ports provided in this car charger, you can charge two devices simultaneously which is an added advantage.

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#7. Anker

Anker is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to power your smart gadgets. Most of the Anker products be it a power bank or even this car charger for OnePlus 3T are manufactured from top quality materials and hence they are extremely safe.

anker oneplus 3t dual usb car chargerFeatures of Anker Car Charger

  • Equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology and thus it charges your device from 0 to 80% in just 35 minutes.
  • There are dual ports in this car charger which can pump out 39W that is enough charge power to charge two devices at the same time.
  • The premium and ultra-compact design enable you to carry it without any trouble.
  • The soft LED lights and also the carbon-fiber mesh gives you maximum convenience all the time.

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#8. ACGoods

This is a low-end car charger for your OnePlus 3T smartphone brought to you from ACGoods. The price of this car charger might be at the lower end, but that doesn’t mean that there is any compromise with the quality of this car charger and also with the security.

acgoods type c car charger for oneplus 3tFeatures of ACGoods Car Charger

  • Universal car charger.
  • Made from premium quality material which ensures secure and fast charging.
  • Get 4amps charging speed and that too for two devices at the same time.
  • All you need to do is just to turn an unused cigarette lighter outlet in your car and fix this car charger in it.

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#9. ATOM

A premium quality and fast charging are what offered by this ATOM car charger made exclusively for the OnePlus 3T smartphone. You will also get high power Cyongear and also a standard USB cable with this pack of the car charger.

atom oneplus 3t dual port car chargerFeatures of ATOM Car Charger

  • This car charger can pump out 2.1amps power which can charge up to 2 devices faster.
  • The low-profile design is made to fit it perfectly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port.
  • The inbuilt chip technology prevents overcharging and also overheating.

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#10. Basten’s

This is a 2 in 1 mini pocket sized lighted car charger for your OnePlus 3T, which includes a dual USB power ports 2.4amp 12W with a USB charge cable designed exclusively for your smartphone only. As it is a pocket sized car charger, you can carry it anywhere the way you want to.

bastens oneplus 3t car charger kitFeatures of Basten’s Car Charger

  • The company claims that you will not get any faster car charger than this one in the market.
  • Provides 2.1A at a 5V speed which charges your smartphone at rapid speed.
  • Two USB charging ports which mean you can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Secure from over charging, over heating or short circuit.

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With this we come to an end of the list, we prepared of the best OnePlus 3T car chargers.

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