Almost all of us are mobile-phone users, aren’t we? There are hardly few hours in a day when we refrain from attending to our Smartphones. These days they are more than just a mode of communication.

Be it making your payment, booking your flights, checking the hotels or other such daily chores, Smartphones have made the task easier. Thus, higher the usage of mobile phones, higher is the chances of getting your screen damaged. Whatever phone you use it, you need to protect it to the maximum.

Best OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

And, for the folks who got their OnePlus 3 Smartphones just now and are in the dire need to know about the best OnePlus 3 screen protector, here are some exclusive ones.

10 Best OnePlus 3 Screen Protectors

#1. Skinomi® TechSkin

Skinomi OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It is designed in a laser cut way for maximum screen coverage. It is highly flexible, military-grade thermoplastic urethane, tough, scratch-proof, puncture, and is designed to absorb the impact. It is UV resistant and will not turn yellow.

It provides you bubble-free installation and is error-free. You will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Price: $11.95 ($7.85 on Amazon while writing this)
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#2. MYRIANN Supplier

MYRIANN OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It is made of high-tempered glass. It protects the screen not only from scratches but also highly drops resistant. The rounded edges are 2.5D and the hardness is 9H. If in case you drop your phone, the screen protector breaks into small pieces and aren’t sharp.

Price: $18.99 ( $6.98 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#3. AquaShield

AquaShield OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It offers ILLUMI Aqua Shield which protects the screen from damages and other scratches. This shield is made from Military grade film which has the power to withstand the scrapes, dents, scratches and another mode of damages.

It has the UV-resistant layer which allows your screen to be very clear. The touch is super soft and it offers bubble-free installation.

Price: $7.85
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#4. Skinomi® MatteSkin

Skinomi MatteSkin OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It is made to suit the needs of one plus Smartphone users. It offers maximum screen coverage and reduces glare which gives the user a crystal clear visibility.

The Satin texture is of high-quality and gives the user an elite feel. The screen protector is flexible as well as tough. MatteSkin is scratch, puncture, and UV-resistant. The liquid solution will allow bubble-free installation.

Price: $11.95 ($9.95 on Amazon while writing this)
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#5. REDshield

REDshield OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

The Ultra-thin glass (0.01 inch) provides highly touch response and still protects your OnePlus 3 all the time. It is customized according to your phone’s dimension and thus, correctly fits.

It has 5 layers of protection and thus, safeguards your phone from scratches(protects even from objects like a knife), dirt and abrasion.

Price: $7.99
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#6. YootechYootech OnePlus 3 Screen Protector


It is exclusively meant for OnePlus and doesn’t support any other model. It has 4H pencil hardness at 500 g writing pressure which ensures that it is scratch proof. It is also multi-layered and is made of synthetic material that gives a long lasting protection and can be used for a longer time.

The package includes 3 x Front Screen Protector, Alcohol prep pad, Squeeze Card, Dust removal tape, Installation manual. It is absolutely safe and has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.

Price: $5.95
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#7. IVSO

IVSO OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

This screen protector is specially designed for OnePlus 3. It has 99% retina clarity and light transmittance. The touch screen sensitivity is quite amazing and highly accurate.

It claims to be one of the world’s strongest screen protector with a rating of 9H hardness. No doubt it is shatterproof, oil & waterproof and smudge proof.

If you are little clumsy with your phone, then this is the screen protector for you.

Price: $29.99 ($8.95 on Amazon while writing this)
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#8. IQ Shield®

IQ Shield OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

The IQ Shield OnePlus 3 Screen Protector takes care of durability, sensitivity, and flexibility. It offers a Lifetime Warranty Program. The matte finish will reduce the glare and will allow the user to have brightness while using the phone.

There is an additional outer layer which will prevent dust and fingerprint marks from festering on the screen. The application method will give you a bubble -free installation.

Price: $11.95 ($9.95 on Amazon while writing this)
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#9. iVoler

iVoler OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It protects your screen from scratches, bumps, scrapes and drops. It is a high resistant screen protector that allows easy installation. The Oleophobic, Hydrophobic and Electro Coating protects the screen from oil, sweat and water residue.

It protects the phone from everything- scratches to scrapes to bumps. It also guarantees the high visibility for a maximized viewing pleasure.

Price: $7.95.
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#10. PLESON®

PLESON OnePlus 3 Screen Protector

It provides complete coverage to the phone including the edges. You will have a smooth experience with this screen protector. The 3D round edge lets the phone be protected at each rounded edge and minimizes the entry of the dust and dirt. It is also compatible with almost all the phone cases.

The laser cut dimensions are to protect the touch screen fully. And what’s more – there is a lifetime warranty on the All-Glass Screen Protector by PLESON.

Price: $29.99 ($7.95 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

Choose from these popular OnePlus 3 screen protectors and let your phone shine!

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