Many of us have Nintendo Switch to entertain our self and we must think about its protection especially for a screen. For the ultimate protection for the screen of your gaming device, we are bringing the list of the best Nintendo screen protectors especially for you.

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These screen protectors are made of either high-quality PET films of from world-class 9H grade tempered glass film, so you just have to forget the worries about any scratches or high impact, as they will never hamper the screen. The oleophobic coating on most of the protectors will keep the dirt away.

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

#1. amFilm

Gradually amFilm is making its name in producing great quality screen protectors for various smart gadgets, and this screen protector for Nintendo Switch is no different. This product from amFilm is currently the number one bestseller on Amazon, and hence we are talking about it first.


  • amFilm made an exclusive design for this screen protector, and hence it fits only on Nintendo Switch.
  • Because of the ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency, you will get the optimal and natural viewing experience.
  • The film is just 0.3mm thick, and that will be the big reason that you will get the full compatibility with the touch sensitivity.
  • Get the toughest resistant to scratches because of it is made out of top grade 9H tempered glass and with oleophobic coating, it is free from fingerprint impressions too.

amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Skinomi

Skinomi is one of the best names in smartphone screen protectors, and now they are bringing a top quality screen protector for Nintendo Switch as well. Skinomi is offering two screen protectors in a single pack at a price of one, so don’t lose this opportunity to save some money.


  • The design of this screen protector is precise, and they are cut with the latest laser technology to offer maximum screen protection
  • The PET film which is the primary material of this screen protector is self-healing and flexible, so you will not have absolutely any trouble while installing it on your switch’s screen.
  • This film is also giving protection against UV light, and that will not let the film go yellow in future.
  • Get the optically transparent, virtually invisible, and smooth glass like protection on your Nintendo Switch along with real HD quality viewing from Skinomi screen protectors.

Skinomi Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $8.95
Buy it from Amazon

#3. iLLumiShield

If Skinomi was offering two screen protectors at the price of one, then iLLumiShield is offering three screen protectors at almost the same price. We all know that iLLumiShield provides some of the best screen protectors by using its own and unique technology. This screen protector is a product of the same technology.


  • Along with the three screen protectors, you will also find an instruction manual, microfiber cleaning cloth, installation squeegee and a lifetime warranty card from iLLumiShield.
  • The PET film used in this screen protector is imported from Japan, and it has multiple layers to protect your Nintendo Switch’s screen with specific functions.
  • You will always get the ultra-clear HD viewing from this top-quality protector always with unmatched durability.
  • These screen protectors are as good as invisible, and hence it offers True Touch, and Glass Like feel.

iLLumiShield Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $7.85
Buy it from Amazon

#4. IQ Shield

IQ Shield always provides screen protectors with its innovative technology. IQ Shield has its adhesive which provides smooth installation to the screen protector on any screen and also a hassle-free removal without leaving any impression on the screen.


  • The innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive coupled with a different IQ Shield wet install will ensure you the bubble free and frustration free installation of the film on your Nintendo Screen.
  • Unlike any other screen protector, the IQ Shield screen protectors are made from a revolutionary process which makes sure that you get the maximum response sensitivity.
  • This film has only one layer, yet it is flexible while installing and removing and robust against scratches.
  • This screen protector is also known as ‘smart film’ as it is optically transparent once applied and it seamlessly merges screen protection and user interactivity into a single enjoyable experience.

IQ-Shield Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $7.85
Buy it from Amazon


This time we are presenting a two pack screen protectors which are made from tempered glass and not from PET films. So if you want to buy best Nintendo screen protector which is having the industry best 9H toughness and can fight against scratches then try this one from OMOTON.


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  • The cuts on this screen protectors are made from the laser, and that is why they are precise, and that is why it covers the entire screen of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Because the screen protector is manufactured from the industry best 9H toughness, the screen will remain scratch and scuff free.
  • This screen protector is so tough that it will protect your screen from hard objects like keys and knives as well.
  • Get the HD retina clarity from this highly transparent screen protector with a clear viewing.

OMOTON Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. TopAce

TopAce is bringing another great tempered glass screen protector specially made for Nintendo Switch. Get the best and the toughest 9H grade protection from this film so that your gaming gadget gets the ultimate protection from scratches.


  • Because the design is unique to Nintendo Switch, it covers the entire screen of the switch and keeps it scratch-proof forever.
  • The tempered glass film is robust and anti-scrap. Apart from this quality it is super wearing resistant as well so you can use it in a normal way every day.
  • While installing the film will remain bubble-free, and it also gives you protection from glare and radiation.
  • The rounded edges will stop chipping at the edges and will also feel smooth on your fingers.

TopAce Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. HORI

If you are looking for a screen protector for your Nintendo Switch which you can easily trust upon, then you should buy this screen protector from HORI. This screen protector carries the official license by Nintendo, and hence you can trust this product for sure.


  • Unlike the other screen protectors, this HORI claims that its screen protectors are ultra-thick and that is why they can easily make the gadget scratch-proof.
  • A superior quality PET protective film with various protection layers is used in this film, and it is imported from Japan.
  • It is very easy to install and even simpler to remove it also.
  • Get the crystal clear and best responsive touch controls from this official screen protector from HORI.

HORI Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $27.95
Buy it from Amazon

#8. OrzlyStore

Another screen protector which comes in two piece package and you need to pay for just one. The screen protector from OrzlyStore claims to give double protection than the standard screen protectors you will find on the market. So, get double protection from two protective films by paying for just one.


  • The construction of this protector is from high-quality 9H tempered glass which will give enhanced impact resistance.
  • Apart from impacts, your Nintendo Switch’s screen is protected against hard objects like keys and knife.
  • The film is just 0.24mm thick so that you will get the high-touch response, and it will not interfere with slotting the gadget.
  • The film has the 94% light penetration ratio which will preserve the original viewing quality.

OrzlyStore Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Spectre Shield

It is very hard to believe that one can get the perfect protection from this screen protector by paying an extremely low price! Although this screen protector comes at the very low price, there is no compromise with the quality of the product which is amazing.


  • Your Nintendo Switch will get the best protection from scratches and daily wear and tear as it is made from a unique skin material.
  • This screen protector allows 100% touchscreen accuracy and will give you feeling of a bare screen.
  • There will be no stickiness, and no roughness and the material is easy to install and remove.
  • The company also offers exclusive and the hassle-free lifetime warranty so gets the screen protectors for your Nintendo Switch for the entire life.

Spectre-Shield Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $0.97
Buy it from Amazon

#10. JETech

JETech is another known brand when it comes to smart gadget’s screen protector, and it is bringing you one of the best-tempered glass screen protector exclusively designed for Nintendo Switch 2017. JEtech installation guide let you install bubble free and hassle-free installation.


  • Made of high quality 0.33 mm thick premium tempered glass to provide extreme protection.
  • Its extraordinary glass keeps visual vivid and enjoyable.
  • The touch sensitivity is also high, and that will provide you the real touch experience always.
  • The extreme high toughness will keep the scratches away, and also it will protect your screen from high impacts just like 9H surface.

JETech Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $4.99
Buy it from Amazon

We are sure that you will like this list of the best Nintendo Switch screen protectors. So now enjoy the best Nintendo Switch Games without fearing about scratch, dirt or dust hampering your viewing and touch experience.

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