Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console with you can play at home or on-the-go as well. You could have great fun with some of the best Nintendo Switch games. But, if you want to get more out of it or want to use it elegantly, then you undoubtedly need some best Nintendo Switch accessories.

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In this list, we have taken all kind of accessories for your portable console. So, whether you want to maintain your device or want to play games efficiently, you will find here the perfect case & cover and other must have 3rd party accessories for Nintendo Switch. Let’s move on and find the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

Best Nintendo Switch AccessoriesBest Accessories for Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

#1. amFilm Screen Protector

When we purchase any gadget, its most vulnerable part’s protection comes first in our minds. That sensitive part is its screen, and your Nintendo Switch is no different either. One scratch on the screen and not only the appearance of the gadget ruined but it also affects your experience while playing as well.

nintendo switch tempered glass screen protectorFeatures of amFilm Screen Protector

  • Exclusive design for Nintendo Switch, so it fits perfectly.
  • Get the 99.9% HD clarity and fully compatible with touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Extremely durable and long lasting.
  • The highest 9H hardness prevents any scratch.
  • The oleophobic coating protects the screen from fingerprints.
  • Easy to install with bubble-free technology and remove.
  • Best Seller and Top Ranked product on Amazon you can trust.

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#2. Orzly Carrying Case

Once your Nintendo Switch’s screen gets secured protection now, it is time to go for the overall protection of your gaming gadget. For the overall protection of your Nintendo Switch, we selected this Orzly carrying case which is one of the best seller carrying cases on Amazon so that you can trust this product.

nintendo switch carry caseFeatures of Orzly Carrying Case

  • Extremely portable and travel-friendly.
  • Fits your Nintendo Switch and also allows space for Joy-Con controllers.
  • Separate inner pocket for carrying cables, games and other essential accessories.
  • Outer made from hard EVA shell which nullifies any hard impact.
  • Soft inner makes sure that the gadget doesn’t get any scratch.
  • Perfect for your gaming device when it is idle.

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#3. PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

Once you get your Nintendo Switch one of the first things along with screen protector and carrying case, you should purchase a starter kit. This starter kit has everything which will not only make your tasks easy before and after using your gaming device. This PDP starter kit is probably the best among the bests.

nintendo switch starter kitFeatures of PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo Switch hence trust level for the product is very high.
  • The sturdy case comes with a 3D molded details to guide you how to store and protect your console.
  • Get a screen protector, Joy-Con Armor guards, thumb caps and earbuds along with the kit.
  • There is also a cleaning cloth and applicator.

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#4. OMOTON Nintendo Switch Stand

Next essential accessory for Nintendo Switch is its stand. For the pleasure of hands-free and efficient gaming experience, one must install a stand. We have selected OMOTON switch stand for you because it has the highest ranking on Amazon, plus OMOTON is known for providing quality products when it comes to gadget accessories.

nintendo switch standFeatures of OMOTON Stand

  • The thickness of this stand is just 4mm hence it is very easy to carry.
  • Made from aluminum which makes it sturdy and durable.
  • Three times more stable than any other stands available in the market.
  • Equipped with anti-scratch and anti-slip qualities.
  • Silicon pad will fix the stand to the surface, and you can play your games comfortably.
  • Always get the suitable angle to play the games.
  • Edges have CNC technology which means you will get a soft touch while carrying it alone.

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#5. HORI Nintendo Switch Game Card Case

Securing the security of the gaming console is fine but what about its game cards? Game cards of Nintendo Switch are as important as the main gadget too. So, to keep your game cards safe and neat, we got a special case which will give them complete protection from harmful elements.

nintendo switch game card caseFeatures of HORI Game Card Case

  • The product is officially licensed by Nintendo.
  • You can store and organize up to 24 Nintendo switch gaming cards.
  • Extremely compact, portable and compliments with the gadget well.
  • Best option while traveling.
  • It easily allows cards to pop out and in.
  • The case also has a unique memory card holder.

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#6. Nintendo Joy-Con

Yes, you will have two Joy Con when you purchase the Nintendo Switch, but having an extra pair of them has its benefits. Like you can add two more people to play games and enjoy more and will add more experience of gaming. Of course, this extra pair can work as a substitute just in case you need them urgently in coming months.

Nintendo Switch Joy-ConFeatures of Nintendo Joy-Con

  • Find new ways of playing Nintendo games with this pair of Joy Con.
  • Your gaming experience will be versatile as with extra players Nintendo can throw some surprises.
  • Use them independently or as single when attached.
  • You can also connect them to the main console if you wish to play using your palms and fingers.
  • Each Joy Con has a full set of buttons and can also act as a standalone controller.
  • Both right and left motion control are possible.

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#7. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Just like Joy Con, it is also a good idea to have an extra controller as well. So we picked up a controller offered by Nintendo only which we believe will help you just in case you are in an emergency of it or lost the one which came with your console.

Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerFeatures of Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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  • Get the best experience of gaming without compromising with quality.
  • Works as an original controller as the manufacturer is the same.
  • The controller has motion controls, inbuilt Ami IBO functionality and much more.
  • Also get a charging cable along with this controller.

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#8. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

Charging grip for your Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con is a highly important accessory which we believe you must have. It not only connects both of your Joy Cons together but it also supplies the much-needed electricity, so your Joy Con never loses on the juice.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging GripFeatures of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip

  • Combine both of your Jon Cons in one larger controller.
  • Get handy grip so you can enjoy your games without any hitch.
  • Grip lets your Joy Con charging themselves, so you don’t miss a second while playing.
  • Doesn’t add much on the weight front, so it is easy to handle it when you are playing your favorite games.

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#9. SteelSeries Headphone for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch now comes with a headphone jack, and it can accommodate any good headphone, and you can enjoy the best surround sound quality while playing. Just because you can plug ‘any’ headphone, doesn’t mean you should go for any headphone. Try this excellent SteelSeries headphone for your Switch.

nintendo switch gaming headsetFeatures of SteelSeries Headphone

  • Extremely comfortable earcups to give you irritation free gaming experience.
  • The ClearCast microphone allow you to get the best voice quality.
  • The latest technology will make sure that you don’t get to hear those background noise.
  • Get the detailed sound when you are playing games so that you can make moves correctly.

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#10. TechMatte USB Type C Cable for Nintendo Switch

Whenever you want to charge the batteries of your Nintendo Switch, you may need to have a charger and of course a USB Type-C cable as well. Nintendo does provide a cable along with the console, but it is advisable that you purchase an extra one which can work as a substitute when you are traveling.

nintendo switch charging cableFeatures of TechMatte USB Type C Cable

  • This USB Type-C cable will allow you to connect your Nintendo Switch to a standard USB
  • Type A wall charger or even a car charger.
  • The cable is designed to protect your device fully against any damage.
  • Durable as it is made from high-grade construction.
  • The length of the cable is comfortable 6.6 feet.

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#11. Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

We already have a USB Type-C cable but to keep the juice going on your Nintendo Switch, we got to have an AC adapter, so we picked up an original AC adapter for you marketed by Nintendo only. The looks of this adapter may not be different than your TV adapter, but it works precisely for your Switch any time.

Nintendo Switch Ac AdapterFeatures of Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

  • To charge your Nintendo Switch, you will need this AC adapter which you can plug in any compatible (120-volt) socket.
  • The best part of this adapter is that you can charge your gaming device even when you are playing.
  • The adapter is easy to carry while traveling and can use it while traveling via a train as well.

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#12. UGREEN Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter

We got the wireless connection everywhere, and you must be thinking that in this age why we are recommending you to buy a LAN adapter for your Nintendo Switch? Well, the fact is that there are chances with your WiFi connection not working properly some days and for those days you got to get a LAN adapter for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

intendo switch lan adapterFeatures of UGREEN LAN Adapter

  • Get the full 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet performance to enjoy the perfect gaming experience.
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch hence you just need to plug it in a case of requirement.
  • The speed will be reliable than most of the wireless connection.
  • The gadget supports most of the technical aspects of Ethernet.

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#13. Anker Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

We must take every care that our Nintendo Switch doesn’t get out of the battery at any point in time to spoil the fun. So we checked with USB cable and also AC adapter, and now it’s time to check the portable charger or a power bank so that you can charge your Switch during extensive traveling circumstances.

Nintendo Switch Portable ChargerFeatures of Anker Power Bank

  • A huge capacity of 20100mAH power bank at your disposal with a sleek design.
  • One of the tops-ranked power banks on Amazon and also has over 10 million satisfied customers.
  • Get the fast charging at 5V/3A output.
  • You can charge your Nintendo Switch for sometimes once the power bank is fully charged.
  • Made from premium materials, make this power bank extremely sturdy.
  • LED indicator will let you keep track of the remaining juice.
  • Get two USB Type-C cables and also a travel pouch.
  • The company offers the 18-month warranty.

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#14. YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch Car Charger

Not letting any loophole to keep you entertained with your gaming on Nintendo Switch, the final product we are offering is a car charger. So, maintaining the juice in your power bank for a late use or while traveling through a car you can still charge your gaming console. What’s more?

YCCTEAM Car Charger for Nintendo SwitchFeatures of YCCTEAM Car Charger

  • You can play Nintendo Switch while charging with 5V/4.8A high-speed YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch car charger.
  • With its dual-circuit protection, it prevents overcharge, overvoltage, and short-circuits.
  • With its 6.6FT Type-C cable, you can charge your gaming console while sitting on the back side of the car.
  • You can charge two devices at the same time with high speed.

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We tried our best to cover all the accessories possible for your Nintendo Switch. This collection will maintain the joy and enthusiasm always, and you do not have to feel disappointed if something lacks.


It is not necessary to buy each accessory we furnished above, but you can pick the one which you feel is a must for you. So, when you choose an accessory for your Switch, do let us know about it here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.