Nexus 6P is undoubtedly one of the best Android phones available at the moment. Its unibody metal design has already created a huge fan base. The impeccable design along with the best-in-class performance has made Nexus 6P popular.

The metal body never makes any guarantee from protecting the phone from daily impacts. One can never expect it to come out of a drop-off without even a single scratch.

Best Nexus 6P Cases

That’s why you need case for your beast in metal. Do you think hunting for the best case takes one heck of your time?

Don’t worry! I have got 10 best Nexus 6P cases.

Best Cases for Nexus 6P Smartphone

All the items in this list are handpicked by me. So you don’t have to be skeptical about their quality.

#1. SUPCASE Hybrid Protective Case

SUPCASE Hybrid Protective Case for Nexus 6P

If you want to give your phone a rough and sturdy look, you should buy this one from SUPCASE. They are available in three different variants with the difference in the color of the edge.

Owing to the fact that the case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, you can expect it to be able to withstand even some hard impacts.

The sporty profile with accurate cuts provides a premium look to the case.

Price: $15.99
Buy it from

#2. Spigen Nexus 6P Matte Finish Case

Spigen Nexus 6P Matte Finish Case

Do you want an elegant and light case for your Nexus 6P? Then, you must try this Spigen product.

You will never feel an extra weight even after applying this case. It comes in three different color variants; black, shimmery white and gun metal.

Even though the case is lighter, polycarbonate makes it the sturdiest that it can protect your phone from daily impacts.

The perfect cuttings and accurate openings help you explore the ports and buttons.

Price: $10.99
Buy it from

#3. Dual Layer Matte Rugged Protective Case

Dual Layer Matte Rugged Protective Case for Nexus 6P

Don’t you like the excessive sporty look of the first case shared here? Then, you are going to love this one.

It blends the sporty look and elegance to give you an excellent appearance. The case includes a quick connect cover that protects your ports from dust.

This case can also act as a kickstand which can be folded off after your use. Though you may this the case has a bulky form factor, the total weight does not show justice to that. The phone feels lighter.

Price: $9.95
Buy it from

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#4. Bear Motion Extra Slim Back Cover

Bear Motion Extra Slim Back Cover for Google Nexus 6P

Unlike all the three cases I have shared, this one from Bear Motion gives you the most number of choices. You get about five colors to choose from.

My research showed that the case has a sandstone-like finish on the back that helps you to have a grip.

The cuts are made perfectly not to cause any blockages. If you check the Amazon page, you will find that this case is one of the top-rated Nexus 6P back cover.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from

#5. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case Compatible for HUAWEI Nexus 6P

Do you like having a few artworks on the back of your phone cover? What if it is the emblem of Android?

Cruzerlite case comes in eight different colors with a simple drawing on its back. As the case is made of hard TPU, you will not find it prone to usual wears and tears.

Everything including a fingerprint scanner, camera, buttons, and ports are left uncovered for seamless access.

Price: $9.90
Buy it from

#6. Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Case

Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit Flexible TPU Nexus 6P Case

With only 1.6 mm thickness, Diztronic full matte case is one of the lightest cover for Nexus 6P.

Instead of cutting the place for buttons, they chose to mould them over the real ones. You will get the exact same tactile feedback from them as you click the actual buttons.

The edges are raised a bit to protect the display from usual scratches. Just like the previous one, this case is also made of TPU.

Price: $9.88
Buy it from

#7. Nexus 6P Leather Case

Nexus 6P Leather Case

It was a huge hit when LG released G4 in leather back. So, I hope you will find this one exciting.

You can buy the case in any of the whopping 23 color variants. The thin leather makes sure that your phone never gets over weight.

And, the classic texture on the back helps the phone not to slip over any surface or your hand. The portions of buttons and ports are cut perfectly.

Price: $16.00 ($14.86 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#8. Dotted Slim Fit Transparent Cover

Dotted Slim Fit Transparent Cover for Nexus 6P

Don’t you want to cover the own elegance of Nexus 6P?

Then, you must buy this transparent cover with a dotted texture on the back. As it comes flexible among the lot, you will never find it difficult to snap on or off.

The raised front edges provide protection to the display.

Price: $29.99 ($7.95 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#9. Ringke [Fusion] Clear PC Back TPU Bumper Case

This one from Ringke can be seen as a variant of the transparent cover. It provides transparency in the middle portion in the back whereas top and edges are covered with colored plastic.

You can buy the case in three different color variants and, it offers the greatest protection ever.

Price: $30.00 ($9.99 on Amazon while writing this)
Buy it from

#10. Verus High Pro Field Case

Verus High Pro Field Case for Nexus 6P

The brushed metal look on the back of the case gives a premium look to your device. Though the case comes in various colors, only the edges are subjected to change.

It covers all the four corners and the raised front protects the screen as well. You will never notice the weight or bulkiness after applying the case as it is light.

Price: $18.49
Buy it from

Wrapping Up

All the Nexus 6P cases mentioned here are good. It is up to your interest and needs that what should be the one you buy.

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If you want active feedbacks, you can check the Amazon listing of which I gave the links above. Make sure you check the reviews from verified purchases.

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