They say that promises are meant to be broken. Probably the same goes with our New Year resolutions as well, right? Every year on the New Years’ eve or even few days before it, we make certain resolutions which actually last not even till the 5th morning of the next year. Don’t feel bad or ashamed if you have done that in past or last year because you are not alone who have broken your New Year resolution within few days of making it. There are millions around the world who have done exactly that as it needs a strong will and few do struggle with it.

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But, there are few who actually are serious this time around to keep their promises made to themselves. They probably need a helping hand which will make sure that they stick to what they have promised to self throughout the year. Believe us if you really don’t let your emotions go weak and you actually achieve what you have promised yourself at the start of a New Year till its last day, no other feeling would match that feeling of achievement.

Best New Year Resolution Apps for iPhone and Android

So, here we are with 10 best resolution apps for iPhone and Android phones which will help you to keep the resolutions throughout the year in many different ways. All you need to do is to download one of these absolutely helpful apps and do as they direct you. You will get plenty of choices here that too according to what kind of resolution you have taken, so just relax and go through the list.

10 Best New Year Resolution Apps for iPhone and Android

Resolution #1: I will reduce my weight

Strides App for iPhoneWe are sure, many of us have taken this resolution at least once in our lifetime, but it is extremely easy to break this resolution as we just can’t control our tasting buds. We have found out two apps which will not only keep the track of your calories but will also keep a database of your complete nutrition. This is not it; these two apps have over 4 million dishes which will only make you healthier. Apart from this, these apps will also keep a check on your other habits like smoking etc.

Download Strides for iPhone | Download Resolutions for Android

Resolution #2: I will quit smoking

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach AppAnother tough resolution to comply with is, quitting the habit of smoking. Those who smoke tirelessly also know that what they are doing is not good for their health and their life also. But, even then it is really difficult for them to quit smoking. They take a resolution about quitting smoking for the next year and then lured easily by one or two cigarettes offered by a friend. But if you are serious about quitting smoking then two apps we are suggesting will certainly help the cause. These apps will make a personalized program on how you can quit smoking and slowly you may be able to achieve it.

Download LIVESTRONG app for iPhone

Download Quit Smoking for Android

Resolution #3: I will get educated

TED App for iPhone and AndroidWe all are aware of TED Talks. TED Talks is all about giving and sharing knowledge and that too from the toppers of each subject. So, if you too wish to get as much as the knowledge you want in 2017, why don’t you try TED app available both on iOS and Android? Just download the app and pick up the subject you want to gain knowledge about. Wish you all the success in 2017!

Download TED for iPhone | Download TED for Android

Resolution #4: I will have a better job

LinkedIn App for iPhone and AndroidIf you are feeling bored with the stereotyped job you are currently having, or you probably feeling that you are not paid which worth your abilities and you certainly need a new job next year, then you should take a resolution to it right now. The best way to find new jobs is LinkedIn. It will be great if you manage your profile in such a manner that you remain in touch with great employers world around and make them convince that you are the best fit as an employee they are looking for.

Download LinkedIn for iPhone | Download LinkedIn for Android

Resolution #5: I will save money

Mint App for iPhone and AndroidWhether you believe it or not, but one thing is sure that money saving is a good habit and this habit will come to your rescue when you are going through a tough financial problem. There is an app called Mint which will help you to manage your budget and will give you tips on saving money by it. You need to put your basic banking information and then what kind of spending you want to do and Mint will give you the ideas on how you can save money.

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Download Mint for iPhone | Download Mint for Android

Resolution #6: I will keep myself fit

Pact App for iPhone and AndroidAnother tough resolution to survive! We have heard a lot about people joining a gym to get fit and then leave it without reason in just a few days despite making a resolution about it. This happens probably because of lack of motivation. Take a look at Pact, an app which will give you money when you go to the gym and take them away when you don’t. Not only that money can also be earned by posting your daily food pictures and if Pact feels it will keep you fit it will pay you money.

Download Pact for iPhone | Download Pact for Android

Resolution #7: I will eat healthy food

True Food for iPhoneJunk food is really not the food one should have regularly. Sometimes because of our job restrictions we have no other option but to lean towards food which is not quite healthy for us. We have found two different apps, one for iOS and other for Android which will give you ideas about what is healthy food and what kind of nutrition you need to remain healthy. We believe these apps should help you in keeping fit.

Download True Food for iPhone

Download Center for Food Safety for Android

Resolution #8: I will keep the stress away

Stress Free App for iPhone and AndroidIf someone is living a life without any stress, we may call him the luckiest person on earth. In short, there is nothing which can keep you away from stress always. But, there is a helping hand available which is called meditation. There are many meditation apps available on both iPhone and Android platforms which will help you to reduce stress. If you have taken a resolution to remain stress-free from next year then Stress-Free app will certainly help you. Just put on your headphone and drift into a deep state of physical and emotional relaxation.

Download Stress-Free for iPhone | Download Stress-Free for Android

Resolution #9: I will manage my debts in better way

Debt Free App for iPhoneHaving debts on our head is a big drag on our minds itself and when we forget the dates of various payments the problem will increase in many folds. So, it is always advisable to keep a track on your debts so you don’t miss any date and will feel free as your payments are regular and you don’t need to avoid any phone calls ringing from your creditors. Debt Free on iPhone and Debt Payoff Planner apps will manage your debts and will customize your debt plans.

Download Debt Free for iPhone

Download Debt Payoff Planner for Android

Resolution #10: I will explore the world

Travelocity App for iPhone and AndroidTravelling is a good habit, not only that you get the knowledge about new places but also you will get your mind fresh. What’s more, in addition, you will also get the motivation to live life differently and positively at the time of return. Travelocity is an app available for iPhone and Android phone will give you the best deals on flights and hotels which will give you plenty of options to your preferred destinations.

Download Travelocity for iPhone | Download Travelocity for Android


As we have mentioned at the very start of this article that, one needs a helping hand to keep the resolutions lasting for an entire year. We believe that these apps, which cover almost all the important parts of our lives, will certainly help you to keep the promises you have made with yourself and your soul.

If you download any of the apps above and then you want to share your views about it the feel free to writing them here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.