Even today when I am sitting and writing this article on the best MS Office alternatives for Mac and Windows, I am using Microsoft Word, which is part of MS Office package. In other words, MS Office is still the unquestioned king of our office management.

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We won’t go in why MS Office is still the undisputed king of office software, but we will certainly discuss the change happening in last few years with very healthy alternatives to MS Office coming up. Today, I am going to give you some great options for you to switch over from Microsoft Office.

You will enjoy all the features related to Microsoft Words in these options too; you may call it an irony but then so be it! These Microsoft office alternatives work perfectly well will both Mac and Windows, so let us have a look on them.

Best MS Office alternatives for Mac and WindowsBest MS Office Alternatives for Mac and Windows

#1. Libre Office 5

When you check Libre Office 5, you will recognize that there is hardly a change in the functionality of it and the Microsoft Office, but what makes this office tool different is its powerful interface. On the first look, it gives you a feeling of using Microsoft Office only, yet it works differently with its five different option which is: Writer like Microsoft Word, Impress for presentations, Math for mathematical formulas, Calc for spreadsheets, Base for databases and Draw for vector graphics and diagrams.

Apart from regular tools and features Libre Office has benefits of cloud storage VBA macro stream and a huge plus of having online communities. You can add more and new features in your Libre Office from these communities and that too for free.

This alternative of MS Office is available for Mac and Windows for free.

Visit Libre Office Website

#2. SoftMaker FreeOffice

This is one of the better and free MS Office alternatives for Windows only; yes SoftMaker FreeOffice is not available for Mac at this point. If you are using Windows OS, then this is one of the most powerful options for your MS Office for sure. Although it has only three options like Textmaker, Planmaker, and Presentations, they are password protected, and they follow the basics of MS Office in the best possible way.

SoftMaker FreeOfficeThe most important feature of this alternative is its incredible speed. SoftMaker FreeOffice may lack compared to Libre Office, but its speed makes up for the most. What’s more? If you have an Android smartphone, then you can use its Android app as well.

Visit SoftMaker FreeOffice Website

#3. iWork Suite

If you have just purchased a new Mac, then you should have iWork Suite inbuilt. iWork Suite is one of the efficient MS Office alternatives for Mac. There are three options in iWork Suite: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote which will work as alternatives for MS Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.

iWork SuiteThe interface of this option is entirely different and being an Apple product it is understandable. It has fewer options if we compare it too heavily loaded MS Office, but it is very easy to understand them as they are on the side of your screen in a contextual menu.

You can import or export any MS Word document to and fro iWork Suite as long as they do not carry specific fonts. The overall experience of using iWork Suite can be quite enjoyable and fun too, because of its seamless experience and ease of working. What’s more, if you compare the looks and other aspects you will find that iWork Suite is much more polished than MS Office.

Visit iWork Suite Website

#4. Apache OpenOffice

The alternative for MS Office, We are providing now for Windows and Mac is one of the oldest Microsoft Office alternatives as well. If I claim that Apache OpenOffice can do anything, which MS Office can, then there are hundred percent chances that my claim remains true. You can get a word processor, a database processor, a spreadsheet processor and also a presenter as main features of Apache OpenOffice. But these options are not enough; you can get many features on graphics and presentations as well.

Apache OpenOfficeThe main aim of this alternative is to give you complete control over whatever you want to do. Apache OpenOffice updates itself regularly to give you more power and enjoy this alternative more and more. You can use the templates for resumes, invoice and other important and regular works, which will make your job even easier.

Visit Apache OpenOffice Website

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#5. WPS Office

Since we are discussing best alternatives of MS Office for Mac and Windows and not only the free ones, I am giving you the next option which has both the free and paid versions. If you want to have WPS Office for your home or your kid’s school work usages, then its free version is fine for you, but if you want to use it for your business purpose, then I would advise you to buy its professional version.

WPS OfficeThe free version expires after the trial period of 30 days, and I must admit that free version has its limitations. The definite point which makes WPS Office a good alternative for MS Office is its clear look and faster workflow. If you are okay with the limitations, then you can keep the free version going even after the trial period gets over.

Visit WPS Office Website

#6. Google Docs

Perhaps the most reliable and the readily available alternative to MS Office is Google Docs. Google Docs is an online or in other words a cloud platform, so you got to have a good Internet connection. Most of the cloud-based alternatives are quite slow when you use them online, and I must admit that Google Doc is no different. Because it syncs well with everything and Google has a large base of users you can easily use this alternative for Windows and Mac.

Google DocsWith Google Docs you have three prominent options like a word processor, a spreadsheet processor, and presentation software. It supports .doc, .PDF and many more popular extensions. Best of Google Docs is that you need not have a Google account to operate it.

Visit Google Docs Website

#7. Atlantis Nova

There is nothing much to say about the interface you come across with this alternative if you are using Atlantis Nova for the first time. On the contrary, you may even find that it is heavily loaded with options and toolbars. But let me tell you one thing that when you start working on Atlantis Nova, then you will realize that these options and toolbars are extremely helpful as it provides you the maximum speed to do your job.

Atlantis NovaSo, if you are looking for an alternative to MS Office for Windows, which can help you writing essays, resumes, letters and more with the best speed possible then Atlantis Nova can be a good choice. The free trial runs for 30 days, and then you have to pay $35 every month. For those speed lovers, Atlantis Nova is good news for sure.

Visit Atlantis Nova Website

#8. Zoho Docs

You will be probably hearing this name for the first time and wondering why I am giving you Zoho Docs the unknown quantity?, then let me first giving you a shocking fact about Zoho Docs.

Zoho DocsThe surprising fact is that many giants like Coca-Cola and BBC use Zoho Docs! Yes, on one side there is hardly a good number of people who know about Zoho Docs, and on the other hand, big professional institutions are using it as best Microsoft Office alternatives why?

The only reason one can give for this is that Zoho provides vast space on the cloud. It also guarantees you to keep everything you save, safe and secured.

With Zoho Docs you can make presentations, spreadsheets and of course word files. Zoho Docs can automatically sync desktop and document versioning. One big plus of Zoho Docs is that it has both Android and iOS apps as well. You can even synchronize your work on Zoho Docs with Dropbox and its alternatives with utmost ease.

Visit Zoho Docs Website

Wish I could give you even more and best MS Office alternatives for Mac and Windows, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any alternative, which can beat the above. So I believe these eight alternatives for MS Office have enough in them to make your decision on which alternative you would like to download on your Windows or Mac.

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Once you download any of the alternatives given above and start using it, then do give your feedback on how it is working and whether it is good enough or not. You can give your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section provided below.