Motorola’s new Moto Z2 Force is one of the best phone ever made by the company. 5.5 inches display, dual camera, 4GB and 6GB phone variations, and a few more exciting specs make to look this phone more impressive. I am sure you have purchased this phone and looking for the best case or cover to protect it.

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Why should not, as protecting a device from sudden drops or scratches are the first things we need to think after buying a phone. I have already covered a few of the best screen protectors for Moto Z2 Force, and now with this post, I am going to talk about best Moto Z2 Force cases and covers.

I kept a couple of thoughts in my mind while picking up and listing cases or cover over here and those are style, it’s beauty, toughness, and a lot more. You will find varieties of clear cases, leather cases, kickstand of heavy-duty cases, and wallet cases for your Z2 Force. Go ahead and pick the one you think is best and suits your style.

Best Moto Z2 Force Cases and Covers

10 Best Moto Z2 Force Cases and Covers

#1. Suensan Moto Z2 Force Clear Case

It is the perfect case for Moto Z2 Force smartphone to flaunt with the stunning and original design of the smart device. This Armor clear case looks very cool on your new Motorola flagship killer smartphone. It is slim, and this case redefined the design of your smartphone and can safeguard it with minimal bulk. It will accurately fit on your smart gadget and reveal the original design of the Moto Z2 Force. While letting your smartphone maintain the natural look, it will even offer fantastic feel in your hands while holding your smartphone.

Suensan Moto Z2 Force Clear Case CoverFeatures:

  • This Armor case is made precisely for the Moto Z2 Force phone.
  • The case with military-grade protection to guard your smartphone against drops, dings, and scratches.
  • The ruggedized dual-layer design of this case is made from TPU case PC hard material.
  • The corners of this case are supported by the air cushion technology that absorbs the force and disperses it through the TPU material.

Price: $7.98
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#2. Suensan Moto Z2 Force Heavy Armor Case

Just like any heavy Armor case this case, it provides the toughest and strongest possible protection all around at all the time. The look of this case is like rubberized, unbreakable and hard and maybe case that exactly you want to have at the time of protection from the future damages. However, the case has not that good color, but on the protection side, this is one of the best cases on this list.

Suensan Moto Z2 Force Hybrid Armor Case CoverFeatures:

  • Just like the clear case of this brand this case is even specially made for Moto Z2 Force.
  • This case also offers military-grade protection that can guard your smartphone against scratches, falls, dings and drops.
  • The case is designed from soft rubber and hard plastic material.
  • The case offers complete edge protection and environmental protection as well.
  • The brand offers three years of replacement warranty and full refund within 24 hours.

Price: $8.98
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#3. Yiakeng Moto Z2 Force Kickstand Case

If you are looking for the unusual dual layer Armor Kickstand case for Moto Z2 Force, then this Yiakeng Dual Layer Armor Hard Case is one of the best choices. It offers excellent look with some funky design on the case your device will look fabulous without adding bulk. It is designed precisely for the Moto Z2 Force phone. It is an ideal mixture of style, funk, and functionality. This hard slim hybrid case offers complete protection against daily harm.

Yiakeng Moto Z2 Force Kickstand Case CoverFeatures:

  • This case is made from high-quality soft rubber and silicone inner layer and durable hard PC plastic outer layer.
  • The TPU layer inside the case and the soft rubberized coating is tightly gripped to your smartphone.
  • The dual layer hybrid defender Armor case provides a stylish look and even prevents smudges of fingerprints.
  • The rugged hard PC plastic with the colorful edge includes the stylish look and extra protection.

Price: $7.98
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#4. TJS Moto Z2 Force Rugged Armor Case

TJS has been proving a high-quality case to meet the users’ needs. They maintain the standard of the quality with redesigned cases of all smart gadgets. This heavy-duty cover with Kickstand is made from the durable and high-quality material to give the maximum protection. The case is available in four different color combinations at very low at cost. As it is heavy duty case, it offers fantastic protection for your hand gadget while providing hands-free watching of your favorite videos and movies.

TJS Moto Z2 Force Rugged Kickstand Armor Case CoverFeatures:

  • This is a multi-layer case that offers shock absorbing protection.
  • This case has shock absorbing cushions in the corner and air protection to protect your phone from dropped and bumps.
  • This case has 180-degree holster clip that clips on most of the straps comfortably.
  • The kickstand offers convenient for the comfortable movie and video watching and message reading.

Price: $8.99
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#5. LeYi Moto Z2 Force Protective Case

Ladies will surely like this Dual Layer case because the case has Glitter Bling Cute case and also have two different color options in this case. Another feature that inevitably attracts the lady is that this Glitter Bling case is available with durable and protective tempered glass screen protective. As there are two color choices available mint and rose gold, you can choose any of them. The mint colored case is available in full mint color while the rose gold colored case has a combination with black color bumpers.

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LeYi Moto Z2 Force Case CoverFeatures:

  • This case is the combination of the touch plastic and faux leather where it also combines the soft rubber silicone TPU bumper corner that makes this dual-layer case a heavy duty case.
  • The case covers all the sides the smartphone so that your phone always stays protected from drops, scratches and any impact.
  • The case is also packed with HD screen protector that is a tempered glass that offers excellent protection to the screen.
  • So basically this case provides 360-degree protection with its tempered glass.

Price: $4.99
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#6. NageBee Moto Z2 Force Heavy Duty Case

NageBee is one of the well-known brands in the world of smart gadgets accessories. It offers a fantastic look with built-in kickstand functionality and swivel belt clip that will inevitably push you to buy it right away. You can pick this case from five different color combination all of them are contains two color combination on the back. This brand offers that combination that will match your style factor.

NageBee Moto Z2 Force Rugged Case CoverFeatures:

  • As this case is a combination of three layers that are dual-layer of the case and other one is holster case.
  • The first layer of this case is made of a silicone rubber gel that covers the sides of the phone to give protection against shocks.
  • The second layer is made from the hard plastic shell that covers the sides and back of the rubber gel bezel.
  • The hard shell of PC cover also offers a built-in kickstand to provide you the hands-free viewing of your favorite videos and movies.
  • The third layer is a holster case that is a combination cover to provide you the belt clip that rotates up to 180-degrees that let you carry this sleek looking case with ease.

Price: $9.98
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#7. CoverOn Moto Z2 Force Holster Case

This is a premium looking case from one of the known brand CoverOn comes with an excellent finish and the grip on the case, for improving your smart gadget’s looks, overall feel and protection of course while holding the device in your hand. This sturdy and robust looking case manages to cover all the sides and the four corners of your smart device with the raised lips, to give all-around protection.

CoverON Moto Z2 Force Holster Case CoverFeatures:

  • This case is a shockproof case that constructs in two different layers that are silicone inner layer and rigid polycarbonate outer layer.
  • It packed with Holster clip cover, where the clip rotates up to 180 degrees for left or right-handed use.
  • It keeps your smartphone’s screen scratch-free and any impact-free, this Explorer Series holster cover has a soft felt liner.
  • The belt-clip holster cover is straightforward to slide and ideal for those who are always on the move.
  • The built-in kickstand extends to provide you the perfect viewing angle of your smartphone.

Price: $9.99
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#8. NageBee Moto Z2 Force Wallet Case

You will surely like the floral pattern that embossed on this wallet case from NageBee. It is precisely designed to fit on your Moto Z2 Force smartphone. There are four different colors and patterns are available in this case like Black, Butterfly tree, Plum Blossom, and Royal Totem. And if you believe in adding professionalism to your smartphone then look at the Black color option, and you surely would find it an ideal style and perfect fit for your smartphone.

NageBee Moto Z2 Force Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This case is made from premium PU leather material that gives 360-degree protection to your Moto Z2 Force smartphone.
  • The PU leather that used in this case offers excellent grip while making it light and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The cut-outs of this wallet case are particular so that you can access all the ports and functions with utmost ease.
  • The built-in kickstand offers comfortable hands-free watching and reading of messages.
  • There are two card slots and one sleeve for money inside the case that makes it more affordable at this price.

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Dretal Moto Z2 Force Bumper Case

If you are a fan of crystal clear and transparent cases, then you will certainly fall in love with this clear case from Dretal. While showcasing the original look of the Moto Z2 Force smartphone the clear case manages to give protection to your phone. Since the Air Bumper protective case is made from the flexible TPU material, it offers fantastic and enough protection to withstand minor impacts and shocks. The case also covers all the corners and sides of your smartphone, for overall protection.

Dretal Moto Z2 Force Bumper Case CoverFeatures:

  • This case is compatible with Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Moto Z2 Force Edition, Moto Z Force.
  • This case is constructed from the environment-friendly plastic along with the anti-stretch TPU rubber.
  • This case is designed with air cushion technology that also packed with Anti-Slip Side Grip.
  • The reinforced corner protection bumper with the raised bezels which are protective, shockproof and also helps disperse impact force.
  • The high transparency on the back of this case that enables you to enjoy the original beauty of your smartphone.
  • Also, the colorful bumper gives the Moto Z2 Force smartphone a stylish look.

Price: $6.98
Buy it from Amazon

#10. LK Moto Z2 Force Silicone Case

Want to maintain the sleek profile of your Moto Z2 Force smartphone? Then this case is one of the best cases that you can make your mind to buy for your high-end smartphone. This case covers the smartphone from all the edges and four corners, to provide fantabulous protection.

LK Moto Z2 Force Silicone Case CoverFeatures:

  • It is precisely designed for Moto Z2 Force.
  • It is ultra-thin because of the exceptionally slim body which provides maximum protection while adding minimal bulk to your phone.
  • It is made from high quality, smooth, sturdy and flexible TPU that resists the stains and dirt.
  • The material is shatterproof, shock absorbent, and scratch resistant as well.
  • The lightweight and sleek design fit you’re the smartphone perfectly.

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon


Well, this was the exclusive list of best Moto Z2 Force cases and covers. We hope that you have found the best and the right case for your valuable Moto Z2 Force.

If you have any words about the this Moto Z2 Force case, you can share that with us by leaving your comment in the comments section and stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.