Protecting a smartphone is every users’ need. In the past, we have already covered some of the best Moto Z Force Droid cases, and now it’s time to provide you some of the most helpful suggestions to buy the best Moto G5 Plus cases and covers.

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While selecting these best Moto G5 Plus cases and covers we made sure that you get choices not among the brands but also among the design, features, and types of cases or covers as well. All in all these cases and covers will help you to select the exact protective case which you want to protect your Moto G5 Plus smartphone.

Best Moto G5 Plus Cases and CoversBuy Best Moto G5 Plus Cases and Covers

#1. Cimo

Starting this list with Cimo case which is designed exclusively for Moto G5 Plus. Let us add here that this case has already become one of the most popular cases on Amazon as more than one hundred users have given their satisfactory reviews and high rankings.

cimo moto g5 plus caseFeatures of Cimo Case

  • Made from a lightweight, slim and durable TPU material which will preserve the original design of your smartphone.
  • There are raised bezels on all four corners which will keep the surface and camera touching the surface and hence they will remain scratch free always.
  • The anti-slip grip will not only let you grip the phone in a precise manner, but it will also give your fingers a smooth feel.
  • Access all ports, speakers, and cameras without any problem at all due to the precise cuts it has.
  • Four color choices like Matte Blue, Matte Black, Matte Purple and Matte Smoke.

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#2. Love Ying

This is a crystal clear case which is manufactured just for your Moto G5 Plus. Although it is a crystal clear case, you can still have three different color choices like mint, pink, and purple. Because it is designed especially for Moto G5 Plus, it fits the device perfectly, and you will have an extreme ease of use as well.

love ying moto g5 plus clear caseFeatures of Love Ying Case

  • Get the high protection against dust, dirt, scratches and from all the potential damages which may harm your high-end smartphone.
  • There is no trouble at all for accessing the user interface, camera lenses, headphone jack, speakerphone and also microphone when your phone is cased.
  • The raised edges give another layer of protection from scratches to the screen and also to the all-important camera lens.
  • The material used in this case do not add any bulk to your phone.

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Another well-ranked case for Moto G5 Plus is here, and this time it is from OMOTON, a brand which is highly regarded because of its high-quality accessories for various smartphones. This product by OMOTON is a slim fit case which means that your smartphone will never look out of shape.

omoton moto g5 plus case coverFeatures of OMOTON Case

  • Two layers of protection for Moto G5 Plus one is the TPU interior layer which absorbs the shock easily, and the exterior of carbonate keeps the scratches away.
  • This case will cover all four corners of the smartphone with the inner TPU we mentioned, and thus your phone is safe from any accidental drops as well.
  • The design and the look of this case will only add value to your amazing smart device.
  • With this case, OMOTON also provides lifetime warranty which is hassle free as well, so don’t think much, just buy this piece and get your device secured for its entire life.

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#4. Poetic

Till now we talked about slim fit cases for Moto G5 Plus, but now we will be talking about a rugged case made for Moto G5 Plus only by Poetic a known brand for smartphone accessories. The rugged design of this case itself gives you a comfort that it is strong enough to protect your smartphone.

poetic moto g5 plus heavy duty caseFeatures of Poetic Case

  • Made from premium polycarbonate and TPU materials and that ensures complete security for your device from dirt, dust, scratch and even shocks.
  • The front of this case is made from PC, and that provides water resistant capability which is usually we do not find in other cases, so this is an added advantage.
  • Intelligently placed raised TPU buttons so that your smart device doesn’t get any scratch and it also doesn’t slip from your grip.
  • It also flaps to cover all open ports to prevent them from dust and lint, and this is also a rare feature.

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#5. oeago

What makes this Moto G5 Plus case from oeago made distinctively is the attractive color lining across its border, and that makes this case an entirely different looking case altogether. So, if you want to give your smartphone a different appearance, then this case should get your attention.

oeago moto g5 plus bumper caseFeatures of oeago Case

  • The rubberized inner gel material fits comfortably around your phone, and that will make sure that your phone is safe dust, dirt and scratches and also from the accidental drops.
  • This case also has an exclusive shock-absorbing design which is engineered to absorb the impacts and then evenly distribute it and circulate it into the bumper.
  • Premium coating for a soft feeling texture and interior soft silicone finish makes it even more desirable as a protective case for your Moto G5 Plus.

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#6. KuGi

Presenting a simple protective case for Moto G5 Plus which does what it is asked for. You will not find any cool features in this case from KuGi, but it will certainly protect your smartphone from all the possible harmful elements. So, let us know more about its features.

kugi moto g5 plus protective caseFeatures of KuGi Case

  • Simple design yet built with all the essential features required to protect the smartphone in a perfect manner and it is intended for Moto G5 Plus only.
  • The ergonomically designed protective case from KuGi uses the top quality rubberized materials which will give complete protection against dust and dirt.
  • The material utilized in this case is extremely durable, and it will last long.
  • This case provides a lay-on-table design which means that its beveled edges are higher than the screen level so that it will protect the screen from impact and scratches.
  • With the durable material also get the lifetime worry-free warranty to keep your smartphone secured till its entire life.

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A really tough protective case from LEEGU made just for Moto G5 Plus smartphone which has an entirely different look than the rest of the protective cases presented here. This case has a unique synthetic design pattern on the back of it which will make your smartphone look different than the rest.

leegu moto g5 plus rugged armor caseFeatures of LEEGU Case

  • The LEEGU case has two layers of protection of durable plastic and silicon which mean this case is a heavy duty case and can absorb any shock which may occur in future.
  • Apart from being shock absorbent, this case has also passed the drop case, so accidental drops and falls will also not able to harm your smartphone.
  • The exclusive anti-slip design and grip allow you to carry the phone in your hands without worrying about it slipping out.
  • Slim fitting, lightweight and it also has an easy snap on and snap off the installation to add more freedom for you.

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#8. KAKA

This is an entirely differently working case for Moto G5 Plus which is manufactured by KAKA exclusively for this model only. Apart from being shockproof and slim fit, this case has plenty more features to offer which makes it a unique case for Moto G5 Plus.

kaka moto g5 plus kickstand caseFeatures of KAKA Case

  • It is extremely lightweight and very easy to install as well and once installed it will be easy for you to access all the ports and buttons of your phone.
  • There is a card slot holder at the back where you can put at least one credit or debit card of yours, so you will have an extra benefit once you purchase this case.
  • The card mentioned above holder works in such a way that you can use it as a kickstand as well, which means now you have the comfort of watching your favorite videos and movies hands-free.
  • Hard PC outer shell with wire drawing crafts provides maximum protection against slip, scratch, fingerprints, dust, and dirt.

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#9. Leeook

Some of the stunning pattern design at the back of this case for Moto G5 Plus from Leeook will attract females for sure and that too teenager. You have four amazing designs to choose from, and they are Dolphin Water, High-heel Shoe, Love Heart Flower, and Pink Flower Bear.

leeook moto g5 plus designing caseFeatures of Leeook Case

  • Made from crystal clear and transparent TPU gel which will still carry the original look of your smartphone intact despite there is a design pattern at the back.
  • The TPU gel used in this case is so flexible that it not only allows you one snap on and off comfort but it can be bend as well and will remain in shape.
  • The TPU will make sure that the smartphone will get the ultimate protection against drop and shocks and the inner of your phone remains scratch free.
  • Full protection against fingerprints, scratches, dust, collisions and also abrasion from this Leeook protective case.

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#10. CircleMalls

The final choice we are providing has an exceptional design which looks robust, and the look itself can guarantee you the ultimate protection for your Moto G5 Plus smartphone. This heavy duty case from CircleMalls is bundled with some extraordinary features.

circlemalls kickstand case for moto g5 plusFeatures of CircleMalls Case

  • This protective case provides full coverage to your smartphone, but at the same time, it also leaves access to all the ports and buttons, camera, speakers chargers, etc.
  • This is a brand new product from the manufacturers which is easy to install and remove and it also guarantees to last long.
  • Apart from being a heavy duty case this case also provides holster lock and also a kickstand so you can carry this phone with your waist belt and also can have the hands-free enjoyment of movies and videos.
  • CircleMalls provides a Stylus pen along with this case which will give you an extra benefit of writing messages or making notes.

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So these were the best suggestions to buy the best Moto G5 Plus cases and covers. We are sure that you must have the range of products we offered above.

Do let us know your experience about one of these cases and covers once you start using them. You can drop your feedback here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.