The Microsoft Surface Laptop is the best and latest laptop in the vast industry of the laptops with which you can make your task easy, and also make your life hassle-free. All credit goes to its easy to reach and easy to use functionality. With the touchscreen, you can use this as a tablet as well. But if you wish to get more out of it or want to use Microsoft Surface Laptop elegantly, then you undoubtedly require some of the best Microsoft Surface Laptop accessories.

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In this list of Surface Laptop accessories, we have taken all kind of compatible accessories for you to easily carry anywhere with a laptop. Whether you want to keep your device or want to work on it efficiently, you will find here the best and perfect gadgets those are from the company and third-party brands. So lets us move on and look for the best Microsoft Surface Laptop accessories.
Best Microsoft Surface Laptop Accessories

Best Microsoft Surface Laptop Accessories

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#1. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

No matter how attractive the Microsoft Surface Laptop’s keyboard looks, the only thing that does matters is the convenience of your typing with the keyboard. Most of the Microsoft Surface Laptop users may found that the keyboard is little inconvenient and want comfortable typing without holding the laptop then this Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard is the first and best option for them.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • Logitech offers one of the best desk keyboards for your Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • This is the type-on-anything universal keyboard which means you can even use it with your smartphone or tablet as well.
  • It offers easy switch dial for typing around three Bluetooth connected devices at a time.
  • This keyboard has the familiar layout with all the shortcut keys that you frequently use while you are typing on your Windows or even on your Mac or Chrome.
  • The integrated cradle holds the phone or tablet with just the right position and angle for you to read while you are typing.
  • It uses the 2 AAA batteries that last for four months.

Price: $16.89
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#2. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Using an external wireless keyboard with your great laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop means you will probably be tempted to use an external mouse which is also wireless. Well, for the Microsoft itself offers the best wireless mouse that is Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. As this mouse supports connection with the Bluetooth technology, it provides you the great range of the wireless connection.

Microsoft Arc Touch MouseFeatures:

  • The Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft builds with an innovative design that allows you the quick use and storage.
  • To use it, curve the mouse comfortably and to turn it off just flatten that Arc Touch Mouse.
  • The Touch strip on it responds precisely based on the speed of the finger movement and the Haptic feedback that use to scan through the documents as well as web pages.
  • It works virtually on any surface this is possible just because of the BlueTrack Technology.
  • It has the comfortable design for use with either hand.
  • To use it you need to plug nano transceiver, and you are ready to use it.

Price: $43.44
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#3. MoKo Sleeve Bag

To carry your Microsoft Surface Laptop with all easy, you need to have some perfect fit, protective while professional looking carrying case and for that, we have here with the MoKo Sleeve bag. That not only holds your Microsoft Surface Laptop but also contains some essentials like books, smartphone headphones, and few more things. This is one of the top rated and positively reviewed product on Amazon so that you can trust it.

MoKo Sleeve Bag for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This sleeve bag has the precise fit of the Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • The practical design along with the exquisite quality of this sleeve case is just because of the environment-friendly material.
  • There is synthetic leather hook along with the loop closure to keep your Surface Laptop safe and secure.
  • There is one main compartment for the laptop, and in the second compartment, you can store stuff like books, tablet, magazines, etc.
  • With two pockets at the back can be lined with flannel for the wallet, keys, smartphone, earphones, etc.
  • The lining material that is used in this sleeve is water resistant and mold-proof and won’t let your devices to get scratched.
  • It also absorbs the shocks and gives protection from the most of the impact to your Surface Laptop.

Price: $15.99
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#4. Microsoft Surface Dock

While you are on the go and your high-end laptop like Microsoft Surface Laptop might have everything you need. But what if you are at home or office and you want to create the connection with the external monitor and few other peripherals. If you are stuck on this issue the only that can help you overcome it, and that is Microsoft Surface Dock.

Microsoft Surface Dock for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • Surface Dock can quickly transform your ultraportable Microsoft Surface into a desktop PC.
  • With this, you can charge your laptop and can attach and access external devices like monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and more.
  • With two HD video ports, it comes with single gigabit Ethernet port, one audio output, and four high-speed USB 3.0 ports.
  • It has magnetic surface to connect the cable.
  • It enables you to have a high-speed transfer of the video, audio as well as the data over one cable while keeping your work desk clutter-free.
  • Its simple design quick and easy to set up as it supports plug-and-play.

Price: $124.99
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#5. mCover Hard Shell Case

Are afraid of your Microsoft Surface Laptop’s skin getting scratched or get dusty or frightened to happen anything to your valuable laptop’s skin? Well, getting hard shell case for your Microsoft Surface Laptop is one of the best decision ever to protect your precious and high-end laptop like Microsoft Surface Laptop.

mCover Hard Shell Case for Surface Laptop.Features:

  • This hard shell case is all made of the high-quality translucent and PC material.
  • The precise design of this hard shell for the Microsoft Surface Laptop fits the Laptop well while preserving each of the corners.
  • There is two-piece that makes this easy for you to install with the easy snap on and snap off a trick.
  • It is also light in weight.
  • It is available in nine different colors.

Price: $19.99
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#6. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Want to work with more space to work with the documents like photos and documents with one of the best device that is available on the market right now. And this product is offered by the brand that is Microsoft itself. The brand has come with the best wireless display adapter, and that is Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. That lets you connect the monitor or TV to your Microsoft Surface laptop.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • It wirelessly shares what’s on your Microsoft Surface Laptop to the big screen.
  • You can enjoy movies, videos, photos, websites, games, and even PowerPoint presentations on HDTV.
  • It lets you modernize meetings by displaying the Office documents, business applications, and videos with a conference room projector.
  • To travel with it is easy just snap the ends together and pack it.
  • To use it just plug it into the HDTV and connect it to your Microsoft Surface Laptop, then wirelessly mirror on your screen.

Price: $49.71
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#7. Microsoft Surface Dial

Those of you who are looking forward to the drawing on the fantastic Microsoft Surface Laptop with the stylus pen might love to take a look or make their mind to purchase the Microsoft Surface Dial. That you can set on your work desk next to your Microsoft Surface Laptop and unlock an entire drawer of tools with some simple turns.

Microsoft Surface Dial for Surface LaptopFeatures:

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  • With the Microsoft Surface Dial on-screen with the Surface Studio you have all the tools in a place.
  • It has the intuitive design which requires just three gesture that is press and holds, rotates and click.
  • It increases the workflow by bringing the most used tools by you directly onto the digital workspace.
  • It provides tools and shortcuts for building a creative process that helps you to be more productive and enjoyable.
  • It makes dynamic tools and your daily tasks more efficient and fun.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and higher version of Bluetooth to connect.

Price: $88.00
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#8. Marvotek Wireless Headphone

If you are one of those who love to work on your Microsoft Surface Laptop while listening to your favorite music, then you really should have the wireless headphones to connect it with your high-end laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop. It will then immerse you in the best and quality sound through the latest techniques of the music.

Marvotek Wireless Headphone for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • It supports V4.1 Bluetooth technology to create the wireless connection with your Microsoft Surface Laptop.
  • It provides 10 meters of the working transmission range.
  • With the latest ANC version and technology, it gives the Hi-Fi sound.
  • The rotatable structure looks great and even feel great for comfortable wearing.
  • It also supports NFC technology for a noise-free sound session.
  • You can connect it with various other devices as well.

Price: $65.99
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We got the wireless connection everywhere we want, and you must be thinking that in this era of the digital world why are we were recommending you to purchase USB hub for your Microsoft Surface Laptop? Well, the fact is, there are chances that sometime you will need to connect your USB devices with your Microsoft Surface Laptop for that reason we have picked up it. With this, you can connect at least four USB at the same time.

Maketech USB Hub for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This ultra-portable and ultra-slim USB hub are made of premium Aluminum housing material that looks utterly amazing at the time of using.
  • This ultra-slim USB hub is around 0.33-inches thick, and weight is just over an ounce.
  • This extremely portable gadget is the perfect match for the Microsoft Surface Laptop.
    It provides four USB 3.0 ports for your brand new laptop.
  • Besides only Microsoft Surface Laptop it is also compatible with the MacBooks, Ultrabooks and other devices.
  • It offers super-fast data transfer speed, and you can enjoy data transferring up to 5Gbps.
  • It is highly compatible with the most of the Operating Systems.

Price: $13.99
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#10. J&D Screen Protector

While every Microsoft Surface Laptop users know that the laptop comes with the touchscreen, it is our essential duty to provide the screen best protection. As the display of this Microsoft Surface Laptop is very sensitive, you need be protective of it. One scratch on the screen cannot only ruin the appearance of the device it also impacts on your experience while using it as well.

JD Screen Protector for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • It is made from high-quality PET material that doesn’t leave any adhesive residue while taking off.
  • The screen protector is long-lasting that protects the screen from the scratches and dirt.
  • It eliminates the dust, oil and fingerprint smudges.
  • The matte finish technology that is applied helps to remove the glare and also resist fingerprints.
  • It is perfect matte surface gives natural feeling and real touch sensitivity with the absolute accuracy of your Surface Laptop’s touchscreen.

Price: $9.95
Buy it from Amazon

#11. Tesha Active Stylus Digitizer Pen

As this Microsoft Surface Laptop comes with the touchscreen so if you are stylus pen lover, then you will get a good option over here for your Microsoft Surface Laptop’s screen to operate with it. Here we have got Tesha Active Stylus Digitizer Pen for your Microsoft Surface Laptop which is good at looking and working too.

Tesha Stylus Pen for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This is Tesha Active Stylus Pen that offers the simple way to take and share notes.
  • It lets you have enhanced drawing and better writing experience similar to standard pen and the paper.
  • You can get formatting options with the used of simple right-click button on the side of the enclosure.
  • The erase button that turns the pen tip into an eraser that helps to edit the notes as you work.
  • With the 1024 levels of the pressure sensitivity, and it is ideally calibrated to eliminate all the subtle variations.
  • The carbon and Polyacetal offer low friction that doesn’t scratch the screen.
  • It uses AAAA battery that makes it easy and instantly to use.

Price: $39.99
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#12. MoKo Stand

The very next but essential accessory for the Microsoft Surface Laptop is its cooling stand. For the pleasure of the hands-free and practical working experience, one must have this cooling stand. We have picked up MoKo cooling stand for you because it is one of the top rated product on Amazon. Also, it is very well known for offering the high-quality products when it comes to smart device accessories.

MoKo Stand for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This cooling stand is a one-piece stand that is made of high-quality Aluminum along with the silicone feet stand.
  • It lets you organize the charging cable all with easy because of the ring design behind the stand.
  • The ergonomic design of this stand allowed the Laptop’s screen position at eye level to relieve the strain on your neck and shoulder.
  • The anti-skid bottom offers maximum stability on any surface.
  • With the open design, it gives sufficient space for the airflow and accommodates the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Besides only Microsoft Surface Laptop it is also compatible with full range of the devices.

Price: $35.99
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#13. Case Star Ultra-Thin Keyboard Skin

With the screen and body of your Microsoft Surface Laptop, are you looking for the protector for your laptop’s keyboard? Well, the brand Case Star offers best Ultra-Thin Keyboard Skin which is very flexible and able to keep all your keyboard keys visible. Let’s see the other useful functions of this keyboard skin.

Case Star Keyboard Skin for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This keyboard skin is made from durable TPU material that offers high quality and innovative layout to the skin.
  • Each of the keys is individually molded and positioned as well to fit each of the keys of the keyboard of the Surface Laptop.
  • The extra slim skin makes this easy for you to type and easy to install and remove.
  • It is precise design to give complete protection to your Microsoft Surface Laptop’s screen.
  • It protects the keyboard from dust, key wear, spills, and more.

Price: $35.99
Buy it from Amazon

#14. Clean Screen Wizard Screen Protector & Keyboard Cleaner

Once you get all the top essential things and accessories for your Microsoft Surface Laptop, the familiar but very crucial something that you need to have is to have the screen or screen protector and keyboard cleaning cloth. That helps you keep your Microsoft Surface Laptop all clean and free from all those impact and smudges that may ruin your Microsoft Surface Laptop appearance.

Clean Screen Wizard for Surface LaptopFeatures:

  • This is excellent screen protector, screen, and keyboard cleaner protector.
  • The protective cover cloth prevents marks, allergens like pollen from the screen, keyboard while closed.
  • This fabric is made from 100% premium high-performance of the soft microfiber fabric.
  • It helps you remove has implications from the screen or screen protector and keyboard like oils, grime, fingerprints, dust, smudges, pollen, the spectrum of germs as well.
  • It is lint-free, anti-static, non-abrasive, UV resistant, non-scratching, oil free, streak free, mildew resistant and also fast drying.
  • It is easy to use, chemical free and reusable as well.

Price: $17.55
Buy it from Amazon

We have tried our best to cover and provide all the best companion or compatible accessories for your Microsoft Surface Laptop. This collection of the different but the best partner for your Microsoft Surface Laptop will maintain the joy and enthusiasm always, and you don’t have to feel compromise or feel disappointed that if something that lacks.

It is not necessary to purchase the accessory we have listed above. However, you can pick the one from the above list that you feel is the must for you or you think it fulfills each of your needs. So, when you make your choice for any one of those accessories for your Microsoft Surface Laptop, do let us know about it here by leaving your comment in the comments section or you can leave your comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.