With Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced its good old Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge as its default browser. If you already had a look at Microsoft Edge, the first thing you will notice is that its interface has been made completely new and it has got rid of Internet Explorer’s old interface, completely.

We can expect more and more from Edge in future because Microsoft has already said that it will keep on adding new features to its new browser. The additions will be the new extensions and we will see them getting added to the Edge time and again. This exercise is done only to keep Edge in the race with Google Chrome and Firefox.

Best Tips and Tricks for Your New Microsoft Edge

Now know some of the best tips and tricks for your new browser, Microsoft Edge and that will make your surfing experience like never before.

#1. Annotations

The annotations feature is the first one we are going to talk about today. The Edge has been called ‘the doing’ browser and this annotation feature certainly helping Edge living up to this new name. Over here, by tapping “Make a Web Note” button which is visible between the hub and share button just on the toolbar, you can write, draw, highlight things written on the page and also make notes about it and add them. Not only this, you can also save the notes on Microsoft OneNote to your favorites or to your reading list. You can also share your note by using Share button.

#2. Cortana Integration

Microsoft Edge comes with Cortana Integration, but to use this extension, first you need to have an enabled Cortana system-wide. To set up Cortana on your browser, click on Cortana search bar on the Windows taskbar and provide your name. To use this feature you need to tap or click on the menu button in Edge and then select “View advanced settings”, which you can find near the bottom of the pane. Now ensure that you have enabled the “Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge” option. Once this is done you can just type questions into the location bar at the top of your Edge window like, “weather” or “when is ” (a particular holiday etc.) and Cortana will answer your question pretty quickly.

#3. Reading View

To compete with the other modern browsers, like Apple’s Safari, Edge has also included the “reading view” feature. This feature will enable you to strip and clutter the article you want to find on the web and then will make them easy to read. To activate this wonderful feature on your Windows Edge, just load an article on the web and then tap or click “reading view” icon on the address bar. Just to let you know that this icon looks like a book.

#4. Reading List

You probably will be surprised to know that Microsoft Edge also includes the Reading list as well. This feature will help you to save the articles you want to read later without disordering your favorites list. To make use of this feature, all you need is just to click or tap on the star icon right on the address bar. Now select the list heading and add that page to your pending reading list.

#5. Sharing Web Pages

Windows has brought more integrated sharing features with Edge. You can see a Share button on the toolbar of the browser. By just clicking or tapping on it, it will open the entire Share panel. Now you can extend this list and share it to more services and all you have to do is to install appropriate apps from the Windows Store. For example, if you want to share it on social medias like Facebook or Twitter, all you need to do is to download that particular app and you can share that web page without any hitch. With this feature, you can also share a screenshot of the current web page you are viewing and not the link to it. Amazing right?

You Can Do Even More with Your Microsoft Edge

The tips and tricks given above are not just enough, there are even more things you can do with the Microsoft Edge and we feel you should know about it for sure. So here we go.

  • Pin to Start: This feature allows the quick opening of the various web pages you want to look. By pinning on web pages, they will look like a tile and not the own browser window. Select the” Pin to Start” option on the current web page to know more.
  • Private Browsing: Edge enables you to do a private browsing; hence your browsing history won’t be saved.
  • Dark Theme: Just like the other Windows 10 App, you will find the Dark Theme in Microsoft Edge as well. Just go to the Menu and select “Dark” just under the “Choose a theme” option.
  • Use the Internet Explorer: If you still want to use Internet Explorer on your Edge, then you can still do it by just tapping on the menu button and select, “Open with Internet Explorer”.
  • Change the default Search Engine: Microsoft Edge comes with Bing as its default search engine. If you wish to change your default search engine, then just download the OpenSearch plugin and feel free!
  • Disabling Flash: Just like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge too has the flash player integrated with it. But for security reasons, if you don’t want to use it and want to disable it, just tap on advanced settings and you will find “Use Adobe Flash Player” option. Now just tap or click on “Off” and it will not be bothering you again.

Parting Shot

Hope you have liked all the tips and tricks we have shared with you regarding Microsoft Edge. We are sure they will be helpful for you once you start using them. Mind you, these are only a few of the tips and tricks, Microsoft Edge has even more features than we could include in a single article, so don’t just stop yourself and keep exploring your Microsoft Edge.

So, Happy Browsing!