Every one of us is living a stressful life in one way or the other. Those who have no or less money is in stress on how to earn money and those who have enough of it is in the stress of how to get peace of mind. In ancient India, at the time when yoga was first introduced to the mankind, meditation too became an integral part of it. These days people from all walks of life and from most of the countries around the world are looking towards yoga and meditation for both physical and mental health.

Just like yoga, most of us don’t know how to learn meditation and we don’t have much time to spare to join those special classes meant to learn this art either. Hence we have brought you five of the best apps on meditation for you, which will let you learn and know about meditation wherever and whenever you want to learn, just by using your smartphone. All these apps will give you some of the simple exercises from which you can learn the art of meditation easily.

Best Meditation Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. Calm

Yes, the name says it all, but not only the name the kind of various meditation level names this app provides also proves its name correct. This app provides meditation sessions like “7 Days of Calm”, specially made for the beginner and then “21 Days of Calm” course who are well versed with the meditation art. But these sessions are meant only for the subscribers. Over here, the meditation time differs between 2 minutes to 30 minutes and they come in multi-day lessons to give you mindfulness via meditation sessions. It also has some standalone sessions. The best features of this app are “7 Days of Sleep” course and also it has 50 unique meditation lessons which are focused on the range of things like confidence and creativity.

Calm comes with the displays of serene visuals and also sounds of nature which helps you to remain happy always, but if you want to gain mindfulness then you better ignore this unique feature. The whole idea of having this unique feature is to increase your focus on surroundings which affects your mood and thoughts. But still, if you want to relax and set a different kind of mood then nothing wrong in using this feature either.

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#2. Stop, Breathe & Think

This app also works like the other apps we have given in this articles and gives all types of meditation exercise for different focuses and with different lengths. But, what makes Stop, Breathe & Think unique is, that it provides those quick and easy meditation exercises as well which you sometimes need the most at an exact moment. It also helps you to take the positivity from the things which are around you, these things sometimes appeal you so much that it lets the negativity go out of your mind. Sometimes appreciating certain things may also help you to feel positive about the things inside you. For Stop, Breathe & Think doing such things can really be handy for you and it surely serves an important role in enhancing your mindfulness as and when you require them.

The stress of this app is what you feel at a particular moment and what you actually want to do at that very moment. It has a special “check-in” tool which gives you an opportunity to gain some kind of interaction with yourself and also aware yourself as well. Although Stop, Breathe & Think available for free on both the iOS and Android platforms, for certain meditation sessions you need to pay between $1 and $3.

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#3. Headspace

This is one of the best apps available for meditation not only for those who just want to do meditation for the sake of it but also for those who are always ready to give a try to various meditation methods and also different exercises of mind. This app is available on subscription only but it has a big library which will provide you both guided and unguided meditation sessions. It is advisable that before you start exploring this wide library which Headspace is providing, you better start with the basic meditation’s foundation stories. This app provides meditation exercise for stress management, relationships, creativity and also for your meditation practice which can help you to become a “pro”. Headspace gives you meditation advice on specific situations like cooking or even on those SOS situations which we face sometimes.

The sessions are given by the app creator and ex-Buddhist monk called Andy Puddicombe, who has delivered many TED talks on mindfulness and stress.

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#4. Omvana

The function of Omvana is just like the iTunes of the Kindle store. You can learn meditation pretty easily from more than 1000 meditation lessons provided by this wonderful app. It also helps you to know about relaxation exercises, yoga music with the special audio component and self-help tracks. Omneva provides you various features like the visualization of exercises which is written by some of the best sellers. If you are looking for complete guidance on meditation then this app may not be able to help you but if you look at the content, goal making and also styles, then you will know its actual worth. The best thing about this app is that it comes absolutely free and you even need not pay for the downloads.

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#5. 10% Happier

When a renowned meditation teacher like Joseph Goldstein and a veteran news reporter like Dan Harris join hands, an app like 10% Happier happens. The name of the app 10% is derived from Harris’ book which was on discovering the meditation itself. This app is said to be targeted towards all those people who are always skeptical and nervous about something always. Once upon a time Dan Harris himself was skeptic himself and he has tried to develop this app this app by removing all those “heavy to understand” things about it. This app presents and tips you on lots of things about meditation with plenty of ease, but yet with a clinical approach as well.

This app will provide you all the aspects of meditation and explains the importance of it with real ease. In this app, you will find all the interviews taken by Dan Harris and all the leading meditation practitioners and teachers. One noticeable thing about these discussions is that both Harris and the experts are absolutely frank in their opinions. From this app, you will have access to the reach the real meditation experts and they will answer you directly whenever you need their guidance. This special feature is available for a mere $10 subscription fees. If you respect the importance of meditation, yet you are not sure how to put it in practice, then this app is certainly for you.

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Signing Off

We are almost sure that all the meditation apps provided above will certainly help to achieve the peace of mind, which you were always looking for and we wish you all the best for that.

Happy meditating!