This is a time to know the best media players for Windows 10 so that you can watch your edited videos on them apart from movies, etc. You probably will not find any better media players than we are prescribing here.

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All these media players can play any video or audio files and if there is some unknown format comes across then too these players have an inbuilt capability to play them. What makes these players we are going to introduce to you, even greater is their ability to give the best results even when they are run on low-end hardware.

10 Best Media Players for Windows 10

Best Media Players for Windows 10

#1. VLC Media Player

There can be no better way to start the list of the best media players for Win 10 than talking about VLC media player. Because this media player can easily play any format of audio or video, it gained instant popularity. At the time when Windows’ media player was searching for answers, VLC was already rocking ahead.

VLC Media Player for Windows

  • If you are a big fan of Subtitles or you wish to watch subtitles enabled videos, then there is no better option than VLC. Just enable the Subtitles option from the menu, and you will get them.
  • The UI of VLC is very simple, and it doesn’t have any spyware or ads or anything, which can hurt your viewing experience, just click and play.
    There is no need to install those extra codec files because VLC already have them included.
  • If you don’t like the default skin of VLC then nothing to worry either. Just go to VLC’s official website and download them. You can even change them daily.

Price: Free
Download VLC Media Player

#2. GOM Media Player

Another gem of a media player is what we are offering now. GOM Media Player also can play any audio and video files. It also supports some different media and video formats like MKV and FLV as well along with some standard video file formats.

GOM Media Player for Windows

  • You will find some great features with GOM Media Player such as A-B repeat screen, audio capture, video effects, playback speed control
    and few more.
  • This media player gives advanced level customization, and that is why you can change skins at your will, and all you need to do is to download these skins from the official GOM Player website.
  • If a file which is uncommon for GOM Player you can easily find the codec file for it online by using GOM’s finder option.

Price: Free
Download GOM Media Player

#3. Potplayer

Potplayer too is one of the best media players around for sometimes now. It works well with Windows 10, but even if you got Windows XP or above then to Potplayer will work smoothly. Even if someone has weak hardware then also Potplayer will utilize the inbuilt Hardware Acceleration feature, and thus he can get the best media experience always.

Potplayer for Windows

  • The Potplayer can give you the best and different kind of 3D experience with a unique 3D glasses, and this can be excellent news for a user.
  • You can also get the 3D output the way you wish to if you use Potplayer which is again a unique feature from this player.
  • You can automatically get the missing files by using its codec support while watching any video format.
  • Apart from above Potplayer’s unique subtitle files and Screen Snapshot feature will be certainly bowled you over.

Price: Free
Download Potplayer

#4. RealPlayer

Just like VLC the popularity of RealPlayer can get us back to last decade, and we must admit that it has kept the flag up and going even today as well. What makes RealPlayer different than probably the most of the media players we are offering here is its ‘Cloud feature.’ Let us know more about it.

RealPlayer for Windows

  • The standard RealPlayer comes free, but if you want the Cloud enabled RealPlayer then you have to pay a small price, but then you can
    share your favorite videos on the cloud.
  • RealPlayer gives you 365GB space on Cloud to store your videos, so if you have an excellent WiFi connection, then you should pay the fees for it.
  • By using the RealPlayer, one can even share movies on big HD TV screens by just installing the app in that device.
  • This is not it; you can also bookmark the videos which became your favorite and want to watch them again and again.

Price: Free (Premium Services Available for $4.99 and $9.99 per month)
Download RealPlayer

#5. Plex

Plex is a GENX media player for you because it not only allows you to watch videos and movies on your desktop but also from a wide range of other devices as well. Just like RealPlayer, Plex too offers premium services where you can store your favorite videos so that you can watch them later.

Plex for Windows

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  • Apart from many features which you can check on the surface, Plex has got some excellent features hidden as well, all you need to do is to find them.
  • There are certain hidden features on Plex which you can use only when you need to use them and that make Plex an excellent choice.
  • If you love your media player who should connect to a media server and you won’t mind paying for that, then Plex is the best answer for it.

Price: Free (Premium Offers are Also Available.)
Download Plex Player

#6. KMPlayer

KMPlayer’s catch line is “All the Videos in the World with KMPlayer, actually ” and the player fits this catch line as well. You can play any video file with KMPlayer, and even if there is a new file format for the player, it will automatically download the codec files require to play it smoothly.

KMPlayer for Windows

  • KMPlayer may not be that known to us but it has some unbelievable features like having support for 3D, 2K, 4K & UHD formats and it can run on lower configuration PCs as well.
  • If you wish to watch videos or hear music later, you can save them into a library.
    There is an exclusive and unique DVD player option which works exactly like a DVD player we have at home.
  • KMPlayer can adjust to any playback screen on the display, and it will use the inbuilt subtitle editor also.

Price: Free
Download KMPlayer

#7. MPC-HC

MPC-HC or in other words Media Player Classic – Home Cinema is probably the underdog media player among these best media players we are offering for Win 10. This media player is a blessing for those who are having a lightweight hardware in their PC.

MPC HC for Windows

  • MPC-HC player can play almost every large file without any problem even if your system has a low-key hardware.
  • MPC-HC player supports all the formats, and even if it encounters with unknown format, the inbuilt codec files will play it.
  • There is a 64-bit version available with this player which will be very helpful to get the powerful and stabilized video output.
  • You can change skins from the customized toolbar and can also use its portable version to get the maximum benefit of this free media player.

Price: Free
Download MPC-HC Player

#8. DivX Player

Those who were introduced to the internet during the last decade must remember that when every media players used to fail to play a video, DivX used to play them with ease. Even today, DivX Player can play Ultra HD videos and HEVC Playback quickly.

DivX Player for Windows

  • Apart from unknown video files, DivX can play the popular formats like AVI, MKV & MP4 as well.
  • If you want to stream media to various devices and if they have the DLNA support then DivX is the best option for you to stream it.
  • DivX is also excellent with FF and RW playback options, and that helps us to access the chapters in each video and to organize playlists in much better way.

Price: Free
Download DivX Player

#9. 5KPlayer

This is the newest media player for Windows 10 among all the players we are suggesting today. Because it is a new player, it has the capabilities to play the latest features which include playing 8K Ultra HD movies on Win 10.

5KPlayer for Windows

  • Windows has regarded 5KPlayer as one of its top 3 Windows 10 free video players which are fully complied with Win 10 requirements.
  • The 5KPlayer can play ay format as it is the latest inclusion in the range of media players.
  • You can easily play multi-region DVDs even if they are region coded DVDs or CSS including encrypted DVDs from Sony and Disney.
  • Get the spectacular 3D playback on your Win 10 through 5KPlayer as easy as playing and HD movie on it.

Price: Free
Download 5K Player

#10. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is another media player who is worth looking. It has great features and a very simple User Interface. Just like the other media players on offer this player can also play any file and if there is any unknown file it has the built-in codecs to play them.

SMPlayer for Windows 10

  • What makes SMPlayer different than the rest of the media players we are offering today, is its ability to play YouTube videos right from the YouTube website.
  • SMPlayer has a big collection of skins so you can change the skins according to your mood.
  • Best integration for the most appropriate subtitle can be found only on SMPlayer.
  • The Player can run on even low-end hardware and can still give you the best movie-watching experience.

Price: Free
Download SMPlayer

Hope you will like this excellent collection of the best media players for Windows 10. We would love to get your feedback on this article here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.