Carrying tons of things in a pocket can be pretty troublesome at a few moments. Cell phone, wallet, keys, and few other things all of them take a quite huge space, and for some of the people, it can be very uncomfortable. Because keeping these much of stuff in a pocket can be very annoying.

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Fortunately, there are few of the best ways of eliminating those clutter, but one of the best ways from all those is having smartphone wallet case. Those are excellent at providing portable wallet along with carrying your cell phone. Just because besides only holding your LG V30 phone it can also bring your essential things such as credit or debit card, cash, and a few other things as well.

Hence to solve the issue regarding carrying tons of things in your pocket, we have made a list of best LG V30 wallet cases. Over here you will find extensive choices to pick the perfect case for LG V30. Have a look at all of them.

Best LG V30 Wallet Case

Best Wallet Cases for LG V30

#1. Feitenn

Let’s start with the elegant model from one of the well-known brand. This LG V30 wallet case is made with a top grade material to offers professional look along with the style factor. With precise cuts for the camera, speaker, and finger sensor it offers quick and easy access to those functions with removing the case.

Feitenn LG V30 Flip Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • The outer layer of this case is made with the premium PU leather, and the inner layer of this case is built with the soft and clear TPU.
  • The inner shell won’t let your phone scratch from any substances because it offers anti-scratch and protective function.
  • The case provides decent protection because it surrounds each of the edges so that it can provide full body protection to the front and back of your phone.
  • The unique and creative design of the soft, sensitive silicone slide bars is good at answering the calls without opening it.
  • It also used as a kickstand case for hands-free viewing of videos and movies.
  • The magnetic closure offers auto-lock functionality to the case, and even the front cover can magnetize to the back of the case while entirely flipped open.

Price: $12.99
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#2. Belk

The list of wallet cases for V30 is incomplete without listing the wallet case from this brand, Belk. The name Belk is the king in the market of wallet cases because it never steps back when it comes to offers excellent wallet case for any of the smartphone which is available in the market right now. The best thing is that the brand has many satisfied customers which is great.

Belk LG V30 Leather Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This case is built in two different layers in which the outer layer is made from the PU leather, and the inner case is made from the PC inner shell.
  • The PU leather at the outer layer offers the Velvet-like look, and the case comes with needlework on the sides of the case.
  • The case covers the phone completely with the beautiful texture and great look and the vibrant color as well.
  • It offers sensitive magnetic closure that keeps the case closed with the front flap.
  • It provides only one card slot that offers you to store essential ID card and other cards as well.
  • It provides fully accessible precise cut-outs for the perfect access to the ports and functions.

Price: $13.99
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#3. JD

Made out of the synthetic PU leather this wallet case for the LG V30 smartphone that is available in four different colors which will make you confuse which to pick because it offers excellent color options. However, you don’t have to get confused about the protection that this wallet case provides for your LG V30 smartphone.

JD LG V30 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • The wallet case here is packed with multi-functions such as covering the smartphone entirely for the all-around secure protection for your smartphone.
  • The inner shell is made of rubberized TPU material that offers snap-on installation on the phone.
  • The outer shell is equipped with the stitching that provides professionalism for this wallet case, so there is no chance to tear up of this case.
  • You can also use this case as kickstand case as it can be used as a kickstand case for the hands-free comfort.
  • The case also offers three card slots and cash sleeve for the extra space.

Price: $9.95
Buy it from Amazon

#4. LK

Want to give your valuable smartphone LG V30 a retro look? Then you here you go because we have picked one of the best cases from the reputed brand LK that offers excellent retro look to your smartphone. Besides that, the case is available in three more color combination as well, but those are not for the retro look style.

LK LG V30 Leather Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This excellent cover case is also packed with multi-functional design to leverage more from this case.
  • This case is made with the durable PU leather that is resistant to wear and tear as well.
  • The inner skin is made of top quality soft TPU material that protects the corners of your phone very well.
  • It is equipped with the automatic magnetic closure that holds the wallet well and keeps everything secured in it.
  • Besides that, there are three card slots and one sleeve to store cash or bill.
  • The hands-free design of this case offers you to watch a movie and videos on your phone with all ease.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#5. NageBee

If you are a lover of floral design on your phone case then without any doubt this case is for yours. This case is one of the favorite brands that is very reputed for offering the best and protective wallet case for most of the smartphone which is available in the market. Besides only floral design it contains glitter wallet cases as well.


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  • This case from NageBee kept your smartphone safe and secured while it is placed in it.
  • This case is made of top grade material that built superior quality of the wallet case which is unbreakable.
  • The inner shell of soft microfiber material is excellent at holding the smartphone well even while it meets accidental drops and falls.
  • This wallet case offers two card slots and in a large compartment underneath to keep the bill or cash inside.
  • It protects against the scratches, drops, dirt, grime, and fingerprints while offering snap-on lock.
  • The brand provides 30-days warranty as well.

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Galaxy Wireless

Here comes another designer wallet case for your high-end smartphone LG V30. If you are one of those who doesn’t like plain or simple wallet cases, then take a look at this wallet case from Galaxy Wireless brand. This wallet case adds some fun factor to your smartphone along with some colorful tree design on it.

GALAXY WIRELESS LG V30 Wallet Case CaseFeatures:

  • This precise case for the LG V30 is made from the premium synthetic leather that offers complete protection to your phone.
  • This stylish and slim wallet case even don’t add that much bulk to your smartphone.
  • The inner skin provides excellent protection to your smartphone.
    With the magnetic closure, it also offers access to all the external ports.
  • There are two card slots and one money sleeve to store extra money.
  • The built-in kickstand provides hands-free viewing of your favorite movies and videos.

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Nokea

This brand is quite an established brand that offers another wallet case that provides the retro look for your smartphone LG V30. With the excellent retro looking case it also offers four other color pops in its different wallet case. This is another wallet case that gives multi-functions that you can leverage from this case.

NOKEA LG V30 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This wallet case is made of top grade PU leather material in which is also equipped with stitching around all the sides of the case.
  • With using the soft-touch interior material, it offers excellent protection to your phone.
  • Besides all the other cases here in this list it provides five slots for essential card storage and one cash sleeve.
  • The kickstand for the hands-free viewing of your smartphone.
  • The detachable wrist strap for an easy to carry and magnetic snap closure for the excellent protection.

Price: $8.48
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#8. Oeago

The wallet case which we are offering here is one of the incredibly professional and stylish, so if you wish an option, then you have two professional colors to choose. The design of this case is made just for the LG V30 smartphone so it will offer you the perfect fit with your smartphone along with the precise cuts for the functions.

oeago LG V30 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • The Oeago offers not only the professional case here, but it also provides an entirely functional wallet case for you that is perfect for your regular use.
  • There are three built-in card slots where you can carry your credit or debit card and another case along while carrying some case inside pocket.
  • The cuts are perfectly precise so that you can get complete access to all of the functions like speakers, cameras, and even the buttons.
  • Along with excellent built, it offers you the best kickstand functionality for better watching.
  • The magnetic closure will keep everything secure and will only include the professional look of this case.

Price: $6.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Tauri

Want to purchase best wallet case that is much like utility wallet case that also offers style factor for your smartphone hen you will undoubtedly find this wallet case handy from the reputed brand Tauri. It means that this case will enable you to enjoy the factor the style along with the utility function of this wallet case.

TAURI LG V30 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • The design of this wallet case is just like a stylish wallet design so you can easily carry them in your hand that offers an elegant look.
  • With this wallet case, you can take specific cards like credit or debit card, business card and other essential card and some case in a separate space the resides underneath the cards slot.
  • To keep everything secure inside the wallet case the brand offers snap-on lock. That makes it easy to carry while you are on-the-go.
  • The flip cover is also can fold and use as a kickstand case so that you can enjoy the hands-free watch.
  • You will have black, purple and rose gold color options in it.

Price: $9.99
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#10. Toru

Besides all the other wallet cases into this list of the wallet cases for the LG V30 smartphone, this wallet case stands out of them all. So because this looks like a massive duty case but besides that functionality, this case offers wallet at the back of it. Yes, it is! There is nothing to get shocked about this case.

TORU LG V30 Wallet CaseFeatures:

  • This wallet case is dual layer case, and that is made of flexible soft rubber TPU and hard plastic cover.
  • The hard plastic cover on the outer side comes with screen bezel lip to protect the screen of the phone as well.
  • The cardholder compartment at the back of the case holds around two cards and one Micro USB adapter as well.
  • It protects the phone from the shock, drops, and scratches.
  • The included adhesive mirror sticks into the back compartment to protect the camera as well.

Price: $15.99
Buy it from Amazon

With this exclusive list of wallet cases for the LG V30 hope you have might pick the best protective wallet case for your LG V30 smartphone. Don’t forget to let us know about your favorite pick from the above list by leaving your comment in the comments section. Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.