The buzz is immense regarding LG V20 smartphone these days. The interesting part of this buzz is that despite no one the has seen a proper image of this gadget yet they are going berserk. But before the phone comes out you should protect it with best LG V20 screen protectors and feel absolutely safe about its screen from scratch or dirt.

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We have tried to give you best out of the best and also with variety in price too. These screen protectors are made from top quality material and will always guarantee you the best protection you can ever want.

Best LG V20 Screen Protectors – Tempered Glass

Best LG V20 Screen Protectors


tempered glass for lg v20

This is another specially fit for LG V20 screen protector which is made from PET Film. IT has 99.99% HD clear it which ensures maximum resolution for superior display on your high-valued smartphone. The bubble-free adhesives used in this protector will allow you easy installation and removal. The hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating will keep all the dirt and sweat away from your screen.

Price: $7.99
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lg v20 screen protector glass

This is one of the simplest screen protectors for LG V20 from DISAU will give your smartphone a complete display protection against any nicks or scratches. It has a transparent foil which will ensure a unique reflecting effect when the display is off and a clear picture when the display is on. It comes with a bubble free technology so it is very easy to apply. With perfect cuts, it will fit your phone’s shape relatively easily.

Price: $11.80
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#3. TechFilm

lg v20 tempered glass

One the most aptly designed screen protectors for LG V20 smartphone is designed by TechFilm. It has been cut so precisely that it will just align with your phone’s screen perfectly. Made out of a tempered glass of the top most quality, the Techfilm screen protector also has the bubble free adhesive so you can install it with relative ease. This screen protector has got its strength from the 9H quality and that ensures every safety from all the impacts and scratches your phone may encounter in future. With hydrophobic and oleophobic technology at the disposal, this screen protector will not allow any harm to your LG V20 handset from any sweat or smudge or even a fingerprint.

Price: $29.99 ($3.49 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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lg v20 tempered glass full coverage

MIKVON has made a special screen protector for LG V20 and it has been considered as one of the best screen protectors you will ever come across for this particular gadget. To remove dust or fingerprint from this MIKVON screen protector is very easy. Its surface is extremely transparent and hence it gives a perfect view of the screen presentation and contents displayed by it. Because of the bubble free adhesives you can easily apply or remove this screen protector at any point in time.

Price: $12.05
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#5. Supershieldz

lg v20 tempered glass protector

If you are looking for a maximum clarity and resolution even after applying a screen protector, then it is better to go for this Supershieldz screen protector because it gives you HD transparency. This piece is so thin that it can give you the best and natural feel of the sensitive screen. Along with these features, it also is completely flawless. The material used in the Supershieldz screen protectors is made from top quality Japanese PET and it also has the bubble free residue so that you can install the protector fast on your LG V20 screen. This screen protector gives the best protection to your mobile’s screen because it is perfectly coated and also its cuts are extremely precise.

Price: $24.99 ($1.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#6. Ringke

lg v20 tempered glass screen protector

Ringke is one of the most trustworthy names in mobile accessories. For your LG V20, Ringke has brought an entire kit of screen protectors. This screen protector has 4 films, fiber cloth, smoothening card and dust removal sticker. The best thing about this screen protector is, that it also has a user manual which can be very helpful at the time of installation. All four films are having a very high definition clarity hence you will get the maximum experience on HD display. While keeping your phone’s screen safe from any scratch it also able to give you the vividness and original clarity as well. This Ringke case is designed to give you a compatible and adjustable experience because it has been cut perfectly and it can fix on the screen exactly as it should be. It is made out of top quality Japanese PET film hence over here too there is no chance of any compromise.

Price: $18.00 ($6.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#7. ArmorSuit

screen protector for lg v20

The screen protector made for the LG V20 by ArmorSuit is called MilitaryShield Kit. This screen protector also comes in a shape of a complete kit, which includes, squeegee, Lint-free cloth, installation guidelines, solution for installation and of course the screen protector as well.  The unique thing about this Armorsuite screen protector is that it will give you clear visibility even when you are surrounded with bright light and glares. The material used for this piece is extremely flexible and it can cover the entire screen and thus it will give the maximum protection which includes edges and corners as well. The material used in this screen protector is yellow resistant as well and it is very tough against any scratch. The ArmorSuit screen protector is made from military grade material hence it can resist any fingerprint, smudge or even dust and oil.

Price: $19.95 ($7.85 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#8. Spigen

protector glass for lg v20

This is one of the most trusted brands for the screen protectors for LG V20. This screen protector comes in 2 numbers and it has the quality 9H hardness. This tempered glass screen protector has rounded edges so you will always have the comfort while using your fingertips on the edges. Spigen being the leader among the smartphone accessories is also providing lifetime replacement warranty.

Price: $39.99 ($10.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.)
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So, this is it! As we have pointed out already that we have tried to bring the best among the best screen protectors for LG V20 currently available in the market. Tell us which one you choose from the above and purchased it, and how it is working in the comment section given below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.