If you are one of those enthusiasts who has already decided to purchase LG V20 soon after its launch, then wouldn’t it be advisable to think about its protection right now? That’s why we are here with best LG V20 cases because no matter how your new phone is with strong features inbuilt, but it needs to have a stronger protection from outside as well. We never know when we will experience a sudden fall, bump or even scratch for your phone. So just relax and go through eight of the best cases we are providing you information about and choose the best-fit case for your next valuable gadget called LG V20.

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Just recently LG has announced that its flagship device LG V20 will debut in soon. It is known to everyone that this LG V20 will have some extraordinary features which will certainly leave you spellbound. Although there is nothing much been revealed because of the strategy which we can even understand, but one thing is sure that it will certainly create a benchmark for the most of the upcoming Android phones. LG V20 will have the latest Android Nougat and can serve you some outstanding multimedia capabilities.

Best LG V20 Cases


10 Best LG V20 Cases

#1. Spigen

Spigen LG V20 Cases

This is probably the best heavy duty case for LG V20 and that is coming from the market leaders Spigen. The glossy look of this case will give a different dimension to your smartphone. It is completely shock-proof and it completely covers your phone. The flexible TPU used in this case will make sure that your phone remains scratch-free and it also helps easy installation and removal. The case as passed the MIL grade drop case and also the Air Cushion Technology helps to distribute the shock in all four corners.

Price: $19.11 [$11.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#2. Ringke

Ringke crystal clear case for LG V20

A crystal clear case for your LG V20 phone from one of the most popular brands for the accessories, Ringke is the best fit according to us. If you have your own taste and choice then you can choose from different color styles it is offering too. Fitted with bumpers precisely where they are required and that makes this case one of the safest cases you can ever come across for your LG V20. What’s more is that it has passed the military test of MIL-STD 810G – 516.60, so you probably will need nothing more to consider about the safety aspect. This case also has an Active Touch Technology which allows you an easy access to all of its ports and buttons.

Price: $30.00 [$11.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this] Buy it from Amazon

#3. NZND

NZND case for LG V20

Out of all the 8 different cases, we are offering here, this is probably the best-fit case for your LG V20 because it is light weight and ultra slim. NZND case is really effective to protect your gear from different kind of damages one can expect and also from bumps and falls. This case is perfectly cut at headphone jack, speakerphone, microphone and camera lens and that makes it even more desirable. You may also like to buy this piece because it gives you comfort to charge your mobile phone without removing the case.  With UV coating the complete shock absorption is guaranteed.

Price: $7.98
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Poetic

Poetic LG V20 Case

Poetic smartphone cases are known for having rugged, yet colorful and full protection designs. This case is not different as it is one of the best bumper cases available for LG V20 right now on the market. These bumpers are situated at all four corners of the case and they are raised too. So apart from absorbing any shock, the raised bumpers will also save your screen from any scratch. The slide grip pattern will not let the phone slide down from your palms. The case is extremely thin but it doesn’t compromise with your smartphone’s protection.

Price: $12.95
Buy it from Amazon

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#5. NZND Combo Case

NZND Combo Case for LG V20

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This is the second product we are offering you from NZND, not because for the sake of it, but because it is really worth looking at. This case comes with two different pieces one is, of course, the hard back case and the other is swivel holster which will able to fit into the locking belt clip. This belt can rotate 180 degrees which should allow you to carry your LG V20 relatively easily. This is not it; this belt is also extendable so it can fit any size as well. The inner side of this case is made out of the hard shell and the overall body is made out of tough polycarbonate and then it is further enforced with silicon so it will be resistance against any impact, will absorb any shock and will give a soft feel at one go. Plus it has precise cuts for all the ports, speakers, camera and other sensors.

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon


SPARIN Case for LG V20

Another option among the LG V20 cases is here to protect your next smartphone. This piece comes from SPARIN one of the leading brands which also makes wonderful cases for iPhones and Samsung phones as well. Made out of high-quality TPU, this case is also environment-friendly too. It will protect your phone with its flexible and soft design. With utmost protection guaranteed the SPARIN case will also help to make the back panel appearance look good as well. If you want a stylish case for your LG V20 without adding much to its weight then you must prefer this case only.

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon


JATEN hybrid dual layer kickstand Case for LG V20

If you want to give a rugged look to your next LG V20 phone, then this JATEN hybrid dual layer kickstand holster combo is a perfect match to your choice. Despite having a vigorous look this case guarantees a perfect protection for your valued phone. This case is made out of hard polycarbonate outside and silicone sleeve inside so this two layered protector is also apt for an appropriate grip for you as well. This is not it; it also has kickstand which will give you a completely hands-free experience. With detachable holster clip, this JATEN case allows you a portable carrying when you are on the move.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

#8. NageBee

NageBee case for LG V20

When you will see this NageBee case specially made for your future LG V20 phone, all you will say is “wow”! This case is not just made to protect your valuable gadget only, but it is also meant for your other needs as well. It has different pockets which can take care of your license, business cards and even credit cards. With prominent snap-lock button, it will hold everything tight together along with your phone. With lightweight, it is also sized perfectly for your LG V20 phone.

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Zizo

Zizo LG V20 Case

If you are looking for a different kind of kickstand case for your LG V20 smartphone then this is the one for you. Zizo has raised its brand in recent time because of the top quality of its cases and also because of vibrant colors it offers. This kickstand case to comes in not less than 8 different colors. The case has passed Military Grade 810.1-G compliance test which means the safety is guaranteed. With this attractive looking kickstand case, you can also watch your favorite movies with the ease of hands-free comfort.

Price: $39.99 [$17.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.] Buy it from Amazon

#10. Suensan

Suensan LG V20 Case

If you adore leather for your adorable LG V2 phone then how about this leather case from Suensan? The leather used in this case is having simple texture and it is light and thin, hence no weight will be added to your phone. The soft interior lining will always keep your phone’s screen protected. Not only that the leather will charm others and at the same time the feel will be so great in your hands. Classic flip will also give your phone an all-side protection.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon


Hope you are absolutely satisfied with the choices we have offered in these best LG V20 cases, for the ultimate protection of your next big phone, LG V20. We have taken care of everything like looks, security and the most important thing, the price factor. Once you buy one of the above cases, do let us know in the comments section given below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.