For the best music experience on your favorite smartphone, you need one of the best LG V20 Bluetooth headphones we are presenting here. These headphones are made in such a way that you will ultimately feel that you are not wearing anything. The range of each of the headphone is good enough for you to move around your smartphone with utmost ease.

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Apart from comfort, all these headphones are well equipped with some of the best sound qualities available right now. So all-in-all you will get the best value for your money as these headphones are technically well equipped and also give you complete comfort. So, are you picking one of them or not? Let’s check the complete list first.

Best LG V20 Bluetooth Headphones

Best LG V20 Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Deep Fish

Deep fish LG V20 Bluetooth HeadphoneHere comes very different Bluetooth Headphone from all the other headphones here on this list. This LG V20 compatible Bluetooth headphones are versatile for all kinds of activities whether at your home, while you are driving, at work or even while you are resting. It lets you keep your hands free to do other tasks. It provides you 6 hours of longer music play time and 7 hours of talk time as it has built-in 50 mAh lithium battery. With magnetic USB charging any cable, it lets you charge them more conveniently with no fuss of wires. It takes 1-2 hours of charging time. With 4.1 Bluetooth technology, it makes this easy for you to sync them with LG V20 faster than ever.

Price: $20.99
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ANGGO LG V20 Bluetooth EarbudsThis headphone from ANGGO is just like Deep Fish’s headphone. This ultralight wireless headphone offers 4.1 Bluetooth technology that can not only work with LG V20 but even can pair with the iPad, Laptop, other Android devices and iPhone as well. The mini invisible design of this Bluetooth headphones makes it very easy for you to carry it even in your pocket as it comes with its carry pouch. This headphone even offers 7 hours of talk time and 6 hours of music playtime. With the range of 33 feet, it also supports echo cancellation and noise suppression while providing the stable signal.

Price: $16.69
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#3. Tomplus

Tomplus LG V20 Bluetooth Headphone

The Tomplus Bluetooth headphones have magnetic adsorption design. What it means is that both the earbuds can be attached to each other back-to-back and hence they can be spotted and collect easily. The headphones also have CVC noise cancellation technology which reduces outside noises, and you can enjoy only crystal clear sound. With a long loop wire, it is very easy to put it around the neck for the maximum comfort. Get the perfect HiFi stereo music with great sound quality and strong Bluetooth signals always.

Price: $59.99 [$13.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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4. Jarv Sports Wireless Earbuds

Jarv LG V20 Sport Wireless EarbudsThe Jarv brand is very popular brand in the market of headphones and other accessories. This brand provides one of the attractive looking Bluetooth headphones that can easily pair with the LG V20 as it supports latest Bluetooth technology 4.1 A2DP. Besides only that this headphone is water and sweat resistant and features tangle-free flat cable. It also lets you wear it securely so that it offers stable fit in your ear. With the HD sound, it reduces the background noise and even onboard controls with an in-line mic that lets you have control over the music. This is a package of headphone that adds some accessories related to headphones.

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Price: $12.99
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#5. OupsTech

OupsTech LG V20 Bluetooth HeadphoneOupsTech is one of the best waterproof rated Bluetooth headphones for LG V20. It does not matter you are enjoying music in the rain or during the workout; Its Advanced Nanotechnology keeps you headphone away from water damages. It is equipped with CVC 6.0 technology to provide better sound by avoiding background noise.

Its Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology allows you to keep listening music even if your device is 33 feet away from you. It’s 1-2 hours recharge can be used up to 8 hours of playing time and 250 hours sleep time mode. Its comfortable fit design easily fits in your ear without worrying about falling out while listening.

Price: $14.90
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#6. Mangix

Mangix LG V20 Bluetooth Headphone

Imagine you are watching a movie with hands-free comfort getting from best LG V20 kickstand cases and you paired with this Mangix Bluetooth headphone set, and the result will be awesome. The reason behind it that these Bluetooth headphones have its highest CVC6.0 version so get the best signal strength and hence a total hands-free enjoyment is what you will achieve. The headphones also have noise reduction technology and it also intelligently can recognize the noise and sound, so you will always get a clear sound of your favorite music.

Price: $69.99 [$19.99 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#7. Jarv

Jarv LG V20 Bluetooth HeadphoneHere comes another gem from the same brand Jarv. This quality sports headphone can be used while you are running, jogging and even working out. This headphone is just like the before discussed wireless headphone from this brand this headphone even sweat-proof and splash-proof. Besides that, it offers onboard in-ear functions lets you track control over music seamlessly. This headphone is compatible with LG V20 as well as this is also compatible with other Android and iOS devices as well. Hence, this is universal Bluetooth headphones.

Price: $29.99
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#8. WAM LG

WAM LG V20 Wireless Bluetooth HeadphoneIt is a unique designed sports in-ear earphone for your LG V20. Its built-in magnet let you a convenient way to carry around and significantly minimize weight from your ears when you do not want to listen to music. It offers stable pairing with your Bluetooth speaker.

It provides the best quality dynamic sound even if you are 10 meters far from the phone. Its high-quality inline microphone allows you to make or receive calls without touching your phone easily.

Price: $21.99
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We are sure that after getting information about these best LG V20 Bluetooth headphones you can easily choose the one which you feel fits your needs. Do let us know your feedback here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.