LG’s Q6 model is undoubtedly the best smartphone features 5.5-inch IPS full HD display, secure face Unlock, 100-degree wide angle selfie & square mode, high-speed downloader, and more impressive features. Well, you can even get more from your Q6 if you have a best LG Q6 accessories with you.

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So if you are interested in improving the functionality of your latest smartphone, then you must go through this list of best LG Q6 accessories. Every product that you will go through now are the best collected and well build and made from the top quality materials. You will get here the best case, car mount, lens kit, dock station, headphone and every useful accessory you would like to use with your LG Q6. Let’s improve the functionality of these LG Q6 accessories.

Best LG Q6 AccessoriesBest Accessories for LG Q6

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#1. As-Guard Ultra-Thin Case

For any smartphone, it is always good to be worried about its protection because protection for any handset is a must. However, some people don’t like to compromise with the look of their smartphone. So for that reason here we’ve collected case from As-Guard brand that is very well known brand in the market right now. The brand offers an excellently made a case for LG Q6 that provides a professional look to your LG Q6 while adding minimal bulk.

As Guard Case for LG Q6Features:

  • This case will fit only on LG Q6 as it precisely made for it and it is constructed from the scratch-resistance and shock absorbent gel TPU material.
  • Protects the phone from the bumps, scratches, and even from minor drops.
  • The case offers exclusive dot textured pattern interior that protects the form and color of the phone by avoiding air bubbles from a form on your phone’s back.
  • With precise cuts it lets you access headphone jack, camera lens, microphone, and speakerphone.
  • It allows you to charge your phone without removing it.
  • It is durable and very light-in-weight while providing extra durability from any harm and impact.

Price: $7.98
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#2. Dmax Armor Screen Protector

With body protection of your valuable smartphone, we have also taken care of the screen protection as well. Here we are presenting the screen protector of LG Q6 from Dmax Armor. The best part of this screen protector is you will have six screen protector in one pack which makes it worth to purchase this screen protector pack. The price of this screen protector is also very low. The installation and removal of this screen protector are very easy while providing the excellent protection of the screen from scuffs, scratches, and scrapes.

Dmax Armor Screen Protector for LG Q6Features:

  • The screen protector is made from top-quality glass.
  • The screen protector can offer high definition transparency that also makes sure about maximum resolution.
  • Apart from HD quality, it provides the highest quality multiple layers that even gives self-adhering surface.
  • The self-adhering prevents the oil residue at the time of removal.
  • The precise cut around the corners fit the screen very well that offers scratch-resistant coating.
  • The brands also offer risk-free and hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty.

Price: $7.99
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#3. Melop Armband

If you are a fitness lover and love to do your workout with your valuable smartphone, then check out this Armband from Melop. This armband is well to keep your LG Q6 smartphone. It offers transparent layer so that you can easily operate any of the apps easily. Besides that, the material used in this armband is skin-friendly that lets you enjoy your workout for a longest hour. At very low-cost this armband offers incredible functionality.

Melop Armband for LG Q6Features:

  • The armband is made from premium quality and skin-friendly diving cloth that won’t scratch out from the shape.
  • It is hand-washable while using gentle soap but make sure to air dry it.
  • It is equipped with two slots that can adjust the size and fit different size of the arm such small or big arm size.
  • The Velcro on the armband protects and stabilizes your LG Q6 from slipping or constricting.
  • The material is waterproof and sweatproof that is very useful to protect your phone from sweat and wet moisture.
  • You can even have a portable pocket like one key holder, and two slots for cards.

Price: $9.99
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#4. VMAE Heavy Duty Case

VMAE is a very well-known brand for providing best Heavy duty cases and some other accessories too. This complete body Heavy duty case is one of the gems that we have brought here just for you. This Heavy duty case is an excellent combination of sturdy kickstand case. Hence you can have a 360-degree protection of your smartphone. Overall it offers body protection and screen protection too of your LG Q6 smartphone.

VMAE Heavy Duty Case for LG Q6Features:

  • The case is made of premium quality TPU and PC material.
  • The four corners TPU airbag design provide ultimate armored protection to the LG Q6.
  • Its internal design of heat radiating groove protects the phone against shocks and heat flow.
  • It offers precise cutouts that allow easy access for charging port, microphone, headphone jack, camera, speakers and for all the buttons.
  • Its slim design perfectly fits on your device without adding bulk and provide perfect protection to your device.

Price: $7.99
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#5. ReadyPlug Car Charger

Do you love to travel a lot then you might run out of the battery life of your smartphone? Don’t worry we have also grab here a gadget that will never let you run out of the battery life of your smartphone. So keeping the speed and security of LG Q6, here we have listed ReadyPlug Car Charger. This small car charger that can sense your smartphone and deliver the efficient power to juice up your device as quickly as possible. With this car charger, there is no need to worry about short circuits, over voltage and overheating too.

ReadyPlug Car Charger for LG Q6Features:

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  • This car charger is precisely made for LG Q6 smartphone.
  • This car charger is packed with USB 3.1 Type-C cable, car charger, and wall charger.
  • The cable is very flexible that is perfect for eliminating the mess and clutter for an organized and clean look.
  • The cable can even use a data transfer cable to sync the data while charging your device.
  • Both the chargers come with inbuilt IC chip that provides high-quality power.
  • The brand also offers a lifetime warranty.

Price: $12.99
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#6. JEOTECH Car Mount

The JEOTECH Car mount makes your driving and simultaneously viewing on your smartphone. The brand is very trusted names in smartphone accessories. The car mount from this brand offers flexible and adjustable LG Q6 car dock equally. However, this is a universal car mount so if you have any other handset you can also use this car mount that holds your device well. It will not let your device fall or drop once you set it on this mount. This car mount is available in two color choices that are Black and White. You can make your choice from it.

JEOTECH Car Mount for LG Q6Features:

  • It is made of ABS plastic, hardware, and silicone chassis.
  • This is a 2-in-1 car mount that holds all type of phones and tablets very safely and securely while keeping it convenient and comfortable to reach to your device.
  • This car mount is very easy to install, and you can install it under a minute.
  • The sticky suction pad is solid that holds your device superbly.
  • It provided padded and cushioned side grip arm that maintains the device securely.
  • With 360-degree rotation offers adjustable and suitable angle for comfortable watching.
  • This car dock even lets you charge your smartphone with charging port.

Price: $17.49
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#7. SNHDIGITAL Selfie Camera Lens Kit

The lens from SNHDIGITAL is compatible with LG Q6 smartphone. This lens kit contains more than just a fisheye lens for your LG Q6 cell phone. It an ideal for shooting unique and high-detailed pictures. Its protective sides fit your LG Q6 phone perfectly. What else do you want? Well here are some of the best features of this lens kit those are listed below.

SNHDIGITAL Camera Lens Kit for LG Q6Features:

  • It provides 140 degrees super wide angle with low distortion and 0.4X Magnification to take perfect pictures.
  • It has nano high penetrability, low reflection coating technique, and no Vignetting, so there is a not chance of dark corners.
  • The wide-angle lens is incredible at taking group photos, building, and landscape photos as well.
  • The installation of this lens is straightforward just because it contains the clip-on installation.
  • Since it is lightweight and portable, you can easily carry it and take pictures whenever you want.

Price: $8.99
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#8. iTALKonline Charging Dock Station

iTALKonline sleek looking charging dock station can become an ideal companion for your LG Q6 smartphone to charge your phone as well as at night when you leave your smartphone alone. It is compatible with the latest Type-C functionality, and that makes sure about the safe charging of your device always.

iTALKonline Charging Dock for LG Q6Features:

  • The dock station has a timeless and exquisite design that also offers smooth gloss finish.
  • With this dock, you can charge as well as synchronize your smartphone with laptop or PC simultaneously.
  • Whether you use your LG Q6 for personal use or work than this charging dock is perfect for you.
  • You can find it in five different color options, so there are many options for your choose from.

Price: $13.58
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#9. CIKOO Type-C Cable

We have listed almost everything on your LG Q6 smartphone. Now, we are bringing that mostly anybody LG Q6 smartphone users want that is Type-C cable. Hence, we have here a bundle of three Type-C cable that comes in one pack at a quite low-cost. All of them are 10 feet long and offers the durable and sturdy performance of charging and data transferring. You will get three color choices in this Type-C cable too such as Gold, Grey, and Pink. Even this pack is worth to purchase because at the lowest price it offers three sets of Type-C Cables.

CIKOO Charging Cable for LG Q6Features:

  • The cable is ten nylon braided cable with 10 feet in length.
  • It comes with aluminum connectors with a metal spring sheath that prevents damage.
  • It packed with reversible 24 pin terminal C Type connector along with 56k Ohm resistor.
  • It makes sure about safe charging at 2.4A maximum that quickly charges your device.
  • It also helps to sync your data, and the speed of data sync is up to 480 Mbps.
  • The brand offers one year of warranty and offers friendly and easy to reach customer support.

Price: $13.99
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#10. Ohpa Bluetooth Headphones

If you are a fan of wireless headphone/earbuds, Ohpa Bluetooth Headphones is the one that you actually should look at. At an affordable price, Ohpa brand brings a lot of features to the table. These wireless earbuds give an excellent experience of sound and music along with its comfortable wear.

OHPA Bluetooth Headphone for LG Q6Features:

  • With your smartphone, you can quickly pair this headphone as it equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
  • It offers 33 feet means 10 meters of wireless range of your earbuds.
  • With its DSP noise-canceling technology, you could make clear calls to your friend and family.
  • Its built-in high-performance lithium polymer battery only takes 1-2 hours to charge and standby time up to 150 hours, and you can use it to 4-6 hours of talk time and playback.
  • It also features a mic for you to make calls clearly and use it hands-free.

Price: $9.99
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While there is no doubt that LG Q6 is the best phone from the LG at an affordable price, these best LG Q6 accessories can easily enhance the capabilities of this new flagships from LG.

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What accessories from this list do you think you might find useful? If you know some other cool accessories that you do think that deserve to be on this list, then do let us know. You can use the comment section down below, and even you can leave your comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.