When LG G6 smartphone was launched, the main attraction was its wireless charging feature. We all know that compared to conventional wall charging, wireless charging is much more secure, and it is faster as well. So, to give you further comfort and quicker to charge here are the best LG G6 wireless chargers.

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As we said wireless chargers are one of the essential accessories for LG G6, and thus we took extra care to select a perfect wireless charger. All these products we are providing are made from the highest quality material which you can always trust. You can be assured of a faster charging compared to any other conventional charging with these wireless chargers.

If you are worried about the safety of the smartphone while charging it then just forget them because these wireless chargers are equipped to tackle the overheating or overcharging possibilities. Many of these wireless chargers will stop charging when a smartphone is fully charged. So, all in all, you will get the safe charging all the time.
Best LG G6 Wireless Chargers

Best LG G6 Wireless Chargers


Starting this exclusive list for the best LG G6 wireless charger with the product of one of the leading brands CHOETECH. This wireless charger is equipped with the latest technology, and hence it is entirely safe for charging your high-end smartphone with it. Let us know more about this product.

choetech lg g6 wireless chargerFeatures of CHOETECH Wireless Charger

  • Being a Universal wireless charger, this charger can be used by any Type C compatible smartphone.
  • Certified by CE, RoHS, FCC which means your phone is secure from overheating, overcharging and short circuit, while charged through this wireless charger.
  • There is a LED indicator but it is sleep-friendly, so it will not irritate your eyes if your phone is on charging while you are sleeping.
  • Compact design, portable and it is also very easy to use.

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PASONOMI is another trusted name in smartphone accessories, and it has brought one of the fastest charging wireless chargers for your LG G6 smartphone. Apart from being the fastest wireless charger around, this device has an excellent design, and you just need to put your smartphone as if you are placing it on a stand to charge it.

pasonomi lg g6 fast wireless chargerFeatures of PASONOMI Wireless Charger

  • The 2-in-1 design of fast wireless charging pad and also aluminum stand holder.
  • From zero to full battery, this wireless charger takes only 2 hours which is double faster than the conventional wireless chargers available in the market.
  • The holder stand also allows you to answer your phone while it is on the charge or you can even watch movies and videos.
  • Extremely portable design and can fit at your home and also on your job desk.

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#3. TechMatte

Generally, You find wireless chargers have round shape design, but this wireless charger from TechMatte which is compatible with your LG G6 smartphone as well also has an oblong design which makes this wireless charger quite a unique one. There are few more benefits of this wireless chargers as well, let’s check out.

techmatte lg g6 wireless charging padFeatures of TechMatte Wireless Charger

  • Three internal charging coils which provide a larger surface area and hence to charge LG G6 smartphone wirelessly.
  • Works well with all the Qi-enabled devices so you can charge those devices as well apart from your LG G6.
  • No need to plug in your smartphone, just lay it on the wireless charger, and it will start charging automatically.
  • The LED light display will keep you informed about the current charging status.

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Check this extremely slim Qi wireless charger from BEZALEL which is a universal charger and hence you can charge any other Qi enabled smartphone at home or the office along with your LG G6. Because of its slim design, it’s easy to move this charger around and use.

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bezalel lg g6 qi wireless charging padFeatures of BEZALEL Wireless Charger

  • Apart from charging your LG G6 this wireless charger also looks elegant and hence it will only increase the value of your desk.
  • Sleep without any worry: You can keep the LG G6 to charge on this wireless charger, and the LED light will not disturb you because it will go to sleep mode after a first full minute of charging.
  • Get the fastest possible charging with safety against overcharging and short circuit.
    BEZALEL offers one year warranty with this purchase.

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#5. Tonyhoney

The compact design of this Tonyhoney wireless charger for your LG G6 will surprise you because at the first look it doesn’t sound like a wireless charger, but let us promise you it is one of the best wireless chargers around and that too with some of the top quality features inbuilt.

tonyhoney qi wireless charger for lg g6Features of Tonyhoney Wireless Charger

  • 7 USB ports and 1 Type C port can provide 2.4A maximum fast charge for nine devices simultaneously.
  • It auto shuts off if it gets wet and also can prevent short circuit or fire.
  • The charging will stop automatically once your device is fully charged.
  • Smart auto-detect technology enables the charger to decide how much charging is needed and that too at what speed.
  • Stylish UFO shape hub with rubber coating and the other premium quality materials.

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#6. Fonesalesman

Get ready to awestruck with this incredibly great looking wireless charger from Fonesalesman with a wooden design made to charge your LG G6 wirelessly. Not only the looks the main ingredient of this wireless charger is wood, but that also is bamboo, and you can keep this fantastic wireless charger on your desk.

fonesalesman wireless charger for lg g6Features of Fonesalesman Wireless Charger

  • Robust and sturdy build with wireless charging inbuilt gives you faster and secure wireless charging.
  • The WoodPuck hides your micro-USB socket and plugs making the Qi technology inside even more discreet.
  • There are indicators not only to show you the current charging status but you can even get notified if you have not placed the phone perfectly.
  • Compatible with all the Qi-enabled smartphones.

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#7. LaoTzi

Another wireless charger for LG G6 which can easily be used as a smartphone stands as well. With such a design you can receive the calls and also you can watch your favorite movies or videos while your smartphone is in charging motion. All in all, it is a good option for you to get your smartphone charged wirelessly.

laotzi lg g6 qi wireless charging standFeatures of LaoTzi Wireless Charger

  • One of the fastest wireless chargers. Charge device 1.5 times faster than many other chargers.
  • Now no need of wires and problems occurring due to them, just place your smartphone, charge it and forget it.
  • No problem at all, if you put your LG G6 horizontally or vertically the LaoTzi wireless charger, will start charging without losing a second.

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So, this is it! These are the best LG G6 wireless chargers we can offer you right now. Hope you have liked our selection of the products above.

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