You must have gone through our suggestions on the best LG G6 cases and covers; now we are presenting the list of the best LG G6 wallet cases. We are aware that wallet cases have this unique capability to give all-round protection to your smartphone and also enhancing their looks.

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So, by keeping these qualities in mind, we picked up the best wallet cases for LG G6 and by doing that we also cared to give you full range to choose from as well. You will also find one wallet case designed especially for ladies!

Best LG G6 Wallet Cases

Best LG G6 Wallet Cases

#1. Spigen Wallet Case for LG G6

There can’t be a great starting for this extensive list of best LG G6 wallet cases than with one of the leaders in smartphone accessories, Spigen. Just look at this posh looking leather wallet case with shining black color, who will not fell in love with this one?

  • The wallet case from Spigen is a product of premium synthetic leather with an embedded PC casing so that you will get a complete protection for your LG G6 smartphone.
  • There are three spaces for cards where you can not only carry your credit cards and debit cards but also licenses and ID or visiting cards as well.
  • There is a special sleeve where you can carry some cash, and the cuts are so precise that you don’t have to open the flip to call or answer.
  • The magnetic strap will keep everything intact and will keep your smartphone scratch free.

Spigen LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $17.99
Buy it from Amazon

#2. LK LG G6 Wallet Case

Made out of the luxury PU leather this wallet case for LG G6 is available in four colors which will make you confuse which to pick and which to skip. But there is no confusion over security measures. Your smartphone is completely secured once it is locked in with this excellent wallet case.

  • The wallet case here is made for multi-functions like covering the LG G6 smartphone entirely so that it gets secure and also to allow carrying three credit cards and some cash.
  • The inner skin which is of TPU is stretching till the four corners of this case, and hence it will absorb any shock which might occur from sudden drop or fall.
  • The outer is of hard PU, and the stitching of this case is of the highest quality, so there is no chance of your phone and all other things falling out of it.
  • You can even use this case as kickstand case as it can open like a book and then you can fold the flip to get hands-free comfort.

LK LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Belk LG G6 Wallet Case

Want to give your LG G6 a retro look? Then you got not one but six choices in hand as Belk is presenting retro looking wallet cases in six different colors. The case is meticulously crafted for LG G6 smartphone only, and hence it will not fit on any other smartphone.

  • The PU leather which is the main component of this case passed through every harsh test, and that is why this case is tough on scratch and dirt.
  • The genuine premium PU leather will feel superb on your fingers and also all the six colors, retro look and printed brand logo on the corner will never let you down if you pick this one as your choice.
  • The inner side of this wallet case is having ‘throw and wear’ resisting PC material which will protect your device from fingerprints, scratches, stains and dirt.
  • The book folio style magnetic closure will lock the case quickly and keep your phone, cards and everything else intact.

Belk LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $12.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. ProCase LG G6 Wallet Case

The wallet case we are offering here is incredibly stylish, and if you wish a choice, then you have four vibrant colors to choose. The design of this case is made for LG G6 only so no other smartphone can fit with it. Despite being a wallet case, the overall look of the case is slim which will score over many cases around.

  • ProCase is not only offering style here, but it is providing a fully functional wallet case for you which is perfect for daily use.
  • There are two inbuilt card slots where you can carry your cards and also some cash in the side pocket. Do not feel surprised if you find a mirror function.
  • The cuts are so precise that you will get full access to all the features like cameras, speaker, ports, and buttons.
  • The magnetic closure will keep everything safe and will only add to the smart looks of this case.

ProCase LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#5. NageBee LG G6 Flip Fold Wallet Case

The want to buy best LG G6 wallet case which is more like a utility wallet case rather than talks about style then you will certainly like this case from NageBee. It doesn’t mean that this wallet case is not good looking, it is, but the primary focus is on facilities and comfort of the user.

  • The design of this wallet case is a smart pocket design so you can easily carry the case in your pocket and can use it as your regular wallet.
  • You can carry several credit cards, debit cards along with licenses, ID and visiting cards in separate space available in the case.
  • To keep everything safe and secure, there is a snap-lock button. So just put everything in, including your smartphone and move on.
  • The flip cover is foldable so you can use it as a kickstand and enjoy movies and videos with hands-free comfort.

NageBee LG G6 Wallet Case

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Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Abacus24-7 Folio Wallet Case for LG G6

Another specific wallet case for LG G6 we are presenting and this one is from Abacus24-7 one of the well-known brands in smartphone accessories. There are two color choices available with this wallet case, one is black, and the other is purple.

  • The best and different feature about this wallet case than the others we are presenting is that this is a handmade wallet case and the process makes it look smart.
  • There are two credit card sleeves you will find in this case along with one clear window for ID and a hidden pocket beneath for cash.
  • The interior of this case is PC, and that has two layers, so your smartphone will get full protection against impacts.
  • The front flip and the rest of the case will always keep your LG G6 away from dirt and scratches.

Abacus24-7 LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $24.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Tauri Wallet Leather Case for LG G6

The Tauri wallet case for LG G6 is a product of premium leather, and because of that, it is very soft to touch. The design of this wallet case is exclusive for LG G6, so it will always be comfortable for you to carry this case anywhere you want to, and it can fit in your pocket comfortably.

  • There are three slots for carrying cards, IDs, licenses and visiting cards. The front slot has a transparent window where you can put your license or ID card.
  • There is also a sleeve just underneath the card slots, and here you can carry some cash as well.
  • The flip is flexible and that you can use it as a kickstand for watching movies and reading ebooks.
  • The smooth leather finish will prevent any damage occurring from dust, dirt, and scratches.

Tauri LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Caseen Women’s Wallet Purse Case for LG G6

Presenting the first ‘ladies only’ wallet case from caseen! This case is available in two sizes, large and regular so you can pick anyone of them according to your needs. There are six different color and design choices as well so ladies can have plateful to think.

  • You can carry as many as four credit cards with this case along with cash in a special pocket. There is a coin holder as well in this case.
  • The main ingredient of this case is durable synthetic which is treated more in two tones.
  • The wrist strap with polished details will make the clutch into an essential and easy to carry a wristlet.
  • Because of the significant size apart from cards, smartphone and cash ladies can take their beauty accessories as well.

caseen LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $10.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. FYY Wallet Case for LG G6

FYY is giving us unique and probably the safest wallet case for LG G6 smartphone. This wallet case is having the RFID technology, which means you need not to touch your credit or debit card while using it. RFID technique will allow the usage directly from the case itself.

  • You can carry three credit cards in the three allotted slots in this wallet case. You can also take your visiting cards or license in this beautiful looking wallet case.
  • There is a sleeve available just under the card slots where you can carry some cash, and thus you can use this case as your regular wallet.
  • The material of this wallet case is premium PU leather which is soft to touch, and the product is 100% handmade to give it a personal touch.
  • You can also use the flip of this case as kickstand if you wish to watch movies or videos or even want to read an e-book.

FYY LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon

#10. SoGa LG G6 Design Wallet Case

If you want to decorate your LG G6 smartphone with different designs, then SoGa wallet case can be the perfect choice for you. Get the colorful and attractive designs from SoGa and that too in 14 various options. We are sure you will fell in love with one.

  • The case has a perfect design for LG G6, and it fits the smartphone well too. Because of the perfect fit design, your LG G6 will get the total protection.
  • The cover is a product of best faux PU leather, and that is why it has great finishing and design which looks very attractive.
  • You can carry four credit or debit cards, license, IDs and visiting cards along with your smartphone in this case.
  • The company offers 90 days replacement warranty.

SoGa LG G6 Wallet Case

Price: $9.98
Buy it from Amazon

This is a perfect list of the best LG G6 wallet cases, hope you have liked our collection. Give your shout about this article here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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