LG G6 has stunning 5.7 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. As the screen size is long, there are chances to get scratches or damages. Well, since it has Gorilla Glass 3, most of the users are wondering does LG G6 need screen protector. Yes, for sure it needs a right screen guard and case & cover as well to keep it protected and look sparkling.

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We have elected some of the best LG G6 screen protectors that provide utmost safety along with best HD clarity and high touch responsiveness. Alongside, they will always keep your device’s screen clean from smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. Let’s find out which LG G6 screen protector will match your varieties.

Best LG G6 Screen Protectors

10 Best LG G6 Screen Protectors

#1. Spigen

Spigen LG G6 screen protector is the first choice on our list. Well, Spigen is one of the most popular US-based mobile phone accessory makers. They always offer durable and good-looking cases, screen guards, and other accessories. This tempered glass is exceedingly superior, and one can believe that it will not need any replacement ever.

  • This LG G6 tempered glass screen protector comes world-class 9H standard so apart from getting the tough protection from scratch.
  • It comes with helpful wings to do installation task easily.
  • It provides absolute clarity with original screen brightness.
  • Once you install it on your device, there is no rainbow effect.
  • Despite being protective, it also maintains touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness.

Spigen LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $7.99
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AILUN LG G6 screen protector is brand 100% brand new which realm the way of amazing HD display with ultimate security. It is one of the best case-friendly screen protectors so you will not face any difficulty while installing any case.

  • The cuts on this protector are just perfect for LG G6 smartphone because they are well thought out in the first place.
  • This tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness protect the screen from scratches, scrapes, and other unseen impacts.
  • The Oleophobic coating keeps the screen clear from smudges, fingerprints, and dust.
  • It also provides high response and transparency along with original HD clarity.

Ailun LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $4.98
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Supershieldz

If you apply this LG G6 screen protector from well-known brand Supershieldz, you will get three side protections. One is it is anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and also bubble free so with easy installation, you can feel free about the protection. What’s more, the company also offers lifetime replacement warranty!

  • If in future, you wish to remove this film and replace it with another, then you should not worry because this film will leave no residue behind after you remove it.
  • The screen protector from Supershieldz will not only give you the best 99.99% HD clarity, but it will also maintain the original touch experience as well.
  • The oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings will always keep the screen clean from dirt, dust and fingerprint impression and it will make it easy to clean it as well.

Supershieldz LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Dmax Armor

You will get the highest quality tempered glass for LG G6 if you install this screen protector on your LG G6 smartphone, which also means that your smartphone’s screen will always remain free from any scratches. What makes possible through this material is that even a high impact drop will not able to break it.

  • You will get the bubble-free installation with this screen protector, so the clarity will not be compromised at all at any point in time.
  • While you are installing this screen protector, you can also take help of installation instructions, dust remover, screen wipe, and lint-free dry cloth which are also part of this package.
  • Like any top class screen protector, you will get the real HD quality and original touch experience with the Dmax Armor screen protector.

Dmax Armor LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $5.99
Buy it from Amazon


You just can’t leave OMOTON screen protectors for LG G6 behind when you are talking about protecting a screen of a very special smartphone like LG G6, and here we are with OMOTON screen protector. It also gives you the best protection available right now in the market.

  • This screen protector is cut with a precision laser cutting technology so that it will fit only LG G6 smartphone and not to another smartphone.
  • Get the best HD retina clarity with this screen protector as it provides the high transparency to get the clear viewing even when you are in direct light.
  • If you purchase one or more screen protector, then you can get extra 10% discount. Mind well; this is a 2-Pack screen protector on offer.

OMOTON LG G6 Screen Protector

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Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Ringke

Ringke is using a special anti-scratch technology for this screen protector, and it has also designed it just for LG G6. So now you can understand how Ringke is giving special attention to this smartphone from LG. Once you install it, you will find the difference between a Ringke screen protector and the others.

  • The difference between this screen protector and others is the touch sensitivity it gives. With just 0.33 thickness screen protector for LG G6 keep on improved by Ringke to give you the best product.
  • The ultra-high and world-class 9H hardness will give extra strength to prevent more scratches, breakage, and dents.
  • It fits perfectly for the LG G6, and it will be very easy for you to install this film on your favorite smartphone.

Ringke LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. ArmorSuit

The screen protector we are now offering is extremely and amazingly thin, so you will get the ultra-HD clear images and also you will get the real touch feeling after the installation. With this extraordinary screen protector, you will also get a lifetime warranty from ArmorSuit.

  • The screen protector is known as MilitaryShield protector so you can just trust the level of protection it will provide your LG G6’s screen.
  • The design is such that it will cover the maximum area of your smartphone and thus there will be almost no area left for scratches.
  • The self-healing technology will help to eliminate minor scratches on the film all by itself, and it reduces the dust, oil and fingerprint smudges significantly.

ArmorSuit LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $7.85
Buy it from Amazon

#8. amFilm

What makes this screen protector different than the others is that it has 2.5D rounded edges and that means that you will get a smooth fill on your fingertips from the corners. This amazing screen protector also has ultra-thin 0.33 mm thickness which is reliable and resilient and also promises full compatibility with the touchscreen.

  • You will get two screen protectors along with micro-fiber cleaning cloth, squeeze card and installation guide in one pack.
  • The film is highly durable and scratch resistant along with the best surface hardness of 9H and also the oleophobic coating to keep the fingerprints impressions away.
  • For an optimal and natural viewing experience, it will give you the 99.9% transparency always.

amFilm LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $6.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. TechFilm

Get all the best possible protection for your LG G6 smartphone from this screen protector. It is made from a super hard tempered glass which will keep your screen intact from any high impact drops, and it will also not shatter from them.

  • 100% bubble free adhesives present in this high quality tempered glass screen protector, and hence you can install it without facing any problem.
  • Get the best 99.9% high-definition quality so that you will get the original feel of pictures and movies always from your smartphone.
  • This screen protector has the quality to face daily wear and tear and dust amicably so you can use it without worrying about it too much.

TechFilm LG G6 Screen Protector

Price: $2.99
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Skinomi

Finishing this great list of best LG G6 screen protectors with another piece of protective film by Skinomi, which is also a market leader. Skinomi is taking care that you get the maximum protection, so the cuts are precise and thus along with the security you will also get easy access to all the ports and buttons.

  • To get the maximum screen coverage, this screen protector is cut by precise laser cutting technology, and that will help every part of your screen remain safe.
  • There is a self-healing technology which will make sure that if there is any scratch on the film by chance, it will heal on its own.
  • The liquid solution will allow you to adjust the film while installation and the film will reduce the dust, oil and fingerprint impressions significantly.

Skinomi LG G6 screen protectorPrice: $6.28
Buy it from Amazon


So this was our list of top 10 best LG G6 screen protectors. Which one would you like to buy? Use the product and do not forget to share your reviews in the comments and on the Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.