Charging a smartphone like LG G6 is quite an easy job for a good charging dock, but finding a good charging dock is not an easy task. So, we are presenting a list of the best LG G6 charging docks which will make your charging problem look less from now on.

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These charging docks are universal charging docks (Type-C), so you can be not only able to charge your LG G6 but also all other smart devices at your home with them. We have also taken care about the looks and compact design, so you get more flexibility while choosing a great charging docks for your smartphone.

List of Best LG G6 Charging Docks

Best LG G6 Charging Docks

#1. wellci

Have a look at this sharp looking charging dock from wellci. The design is also compact so you can take it anywhere you want to. The black color of this dock only increases the value of this dock along with your smartphone as well when it is on charging mode.

  • You can easily synchronize your device with your computer and charge it.
  • You can even put this on a table near to your bed at night, and it will give you the most comfortable viewing at night.
  • There is no problem even if you wish to use it at your workplace as it looks perfect on your table.
  • Any Type-C devices apart from LG G6 smartphone can be charged with this charging dock.

wellci LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Sfmn

The charging dock from Sfmn is a universal charging dock, so not only your LG G6 smartphone but lot many other Type C devices are also compatible with it. So, if you got any other such device at home, you can use this dock as well without expensing for another one.

  • The length of the coiled cord is just 1m so you can easily avoid the tangles and problems arising from it.
  • The compact design of this dock can encourage lot many students and people in business who travel a lot.
  • You can charge your smartphone from laptop or PC USB port or even from wall charge.

Sfmn LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $13.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Dretal

An exquisite looking charging dock from Dretal is very easy to move around while you are traveling. What makes this charging cradle different than the others; is that you can even watch long videos and movies when you are not charging it by placing it in the charging space.

  • Because of the flexible nature of this piece you can get the viewing angle as per your wishes always, anywhere.
  • It is also de-clutter so if you are using it on your workstation then also this dock will only increase the value of your desk.
  • The company also is ready to make a fast replacement if you don’t like the product.

Dretal LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $15.98
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Monoy

Just look at this round shape charging dock from Monoy. It looks cute because of its different shape but being round shaped device it also keeps a tiny space on your desk as well as in your travel bag. Very easy to take everywhere, this charging dock costs very less than some of the other docks available in the market.

  • The design of this unique charging dock allows you to watch videos and movies for a longer period with hands-free comfort.
  • Another unique and plus point of this dock is that one can rotate it at 360-degree so that one can use it in different conditions at more convenience.
  • You will find a 3M sticky pad on the bottom of this dock which you can use if you want to fix the dock on your desk or the center console in the car.
  • One more unique feature of this charging dock is that there are two slots available in it where you can store your credit or debit cards easily.

Monoy LG G6 Charging Dock

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Price: $9.88
Buy it from Amazon

#5. AnoKe

We are now presenting a multipurpose and multi-device compatible charging dock from Anoke for you. This charging dock is not only compatible with your LG G6 smartphone, but it is compatible with other Type C devices as well. So, if you want to purchase charging dock with such flexibility, then this one has the answer for you.

  • Charging is not the only thing this dock can do for you, you can even use it for your data synchronization and can also make it as your phone holder.
  • What makes this dock more of a ‘utility charging dock,’ is its ability to charge the LG G6 smartphone with or without the best LG G6 protective case.
  • Watch your favorite movies in a standing position without using your hands while using this charging dock.
  • The design is small and portable, so it is the most suitable for those who travel a lot.

AnoKe LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $14.58
Buy it from Amazon

#6. iTALKonline

The iTALKonline charging dock is another great looking, timeless and elegantly designed charging dock which has a smooth and shiny gloss finish. The finishing will certainly catch many eyeballs if you fix this charging dock on your work table. Not only is the look great it works even

  • Just synchronize your LG G6 smartphone with your PC or laptop at the same time and charge it without any trouble at all.
  • The material used here is of top quality, and it has an excellent phone desktop viewing angle.
  • The company also offers a USB charging cable and also 1000mAh mains plug with this pack for an instant and direct charging.

iTALKonline LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $18.38
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Rivero

The USP of this charging dock is its attractive and eye-catching color. This Rivero charging dock for LG G6 is one of the most beautiful charging docks you will ever see. The best part of this product is that you can choose different colors like black, blue, gold, rose gold and

  • The stand’s design is very easy to operate, and it will also allow you the most comfortable angles all the time.
  • The comfort level the Rivero charging dock provides is just amazing; you can quickly check your messages, browse content or watch slideshow while stationing your phone in it.
  • The three-pin wall plug charger is CE approved, so your phone is always safe while in charge.
  • The compact design, lightweight and portable nature of this charging dock will make it easy for you to travel around with it anywhere.

Rivero LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $12.50
Buy it from Amazon

#8. ONX3

ONX3 is known for producing some of the fabulous accessories for smart devices, and it is now presenting a great looking charging dock colored with beautiful rose gold. It is perfect for any Type C devices including LG G6 for a great and safe charging.

  • The charging dock will allow you to synchronize and charge your smartphone in one easy process.
  • The design of this charger will make it extra-compact for increased portability, and it will make your other phone accessories attractive as well.
  • You can charge your smartphone on your desk or tabletop by just slotting it into the dock.

ONX3 LG G6 Charging Dock

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

Hope you liked this exclusive list of the best LG G6 charging docks. These docks will not only charge your smartphone but will also add some value to its surroundings as well.

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