In this post, I will take you on a tour and acquaint you with some tips and tricks that you might not have noticed on your LG G5. So just sit tight and read the post till the end and learn something new about your device.

Best LG G5 Tips and Tricks

Best LG G5 Tips and Tricks:

#1. Smart Settings for smart people:

Every Android device has a Settings menu pre-installed on the device. But here, LG has offered Smart Settings on their G5. The Smart Settings LG G5 facilitates a user to create a specific profile depending on his/her location. This indeed is very useful for users, instead of heading to Settings app a bunch of time in a day.

The Smart Settings option is present at the top section of the Settings app. The basic function of the Smart Settings is to activate Sound profile, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth automatically by getting your location. In addition, you can also use this section to define a particular app to be launched when you plug in the headphones.

#2. Volume buttons to issue commands:

You might be thinking that volume buttons on the LG G5 are to control volume levels and click pictures. But the fact is that their job is way better than these basic things. You can use the volume buttons to issue commands even when the LG G5 is turned.

To configure volume keys for commands, head to Settings app and tap on “Shortcut Key” tab. By default, the shortcuts are enabled, but the point of taking you there is to acquaint you with the shortcuts. Just read the manual so that you can use it like a pro.

#3. Customize Always On display:

If you are using LG G5, then you are probably aware of the Always On feature. What you might not know is that you can actually customize it to suit your needs. On a side note, the Always On display keeps using your battery. Back to business, to customize this feature, head to Settings app.

Under Display tab, you’ll have the option to enable/disable Always On display along with a configuration option. In the configuration section, you can add a custom text line apart from the regular clock time.

#4. Capture beautiful images easily:

LG G5 sold like a hot cake and that’s because of its dual camera. Every photo freak definitely loves this piece of hardware as it facilitates to capture wide angle shots pretty neatly. In addition, switching between two lenses is also quite simple. To capture a wide angle shot, you’ll need to switch to the 8MP lens, which has a 135-degree viewing angle.

To switch to it, you’ll just need to tap on the on-screen icon located at the top of the viewfinder. This little trick comes in handy when you are in a hurry to capture a shot and need to shift from lens to another.

That’s all for tonight folks! Do let us know if we have missed any awesome tips and tricks of the LG G5 by commenting below or getting in touch with us on our social media pages.